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  • OneGreatFamily Video Tutorials On The 'Get Started' Page

    If you are new to OneGreatFamily or if you want to increase your knowledge of the many unique features of OneGreatFamily, you can visit the "Get Started" tab when you login. 

    At the bottom of the page you will see a section with over 30 video tutorials that explain how OneGreatFamily works! Here is a capture of the page and you can see the enormous video section at the bottom of the page:

    Some videos explain how OneGreatFamily is unique. Other videos are tutorials that walk you through how to use a feature in Genealogy Browser.

    OneGreatFamily is a very unique and revolutionary genealogy service. No other website today does for you what OneGreatFamily does. Some members and guests of OneGreatFamily sometimes have a hard time understanding all that OneGreatFamily has to offer. This is the reason why we created a series of videos that quickly highlight and explain how to use OneGreatFamily.

    We encourage you to use these videos so you can better understand all that OneGreatFamily has to offer to you.

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  • How to Use the Top Birth and Death Countries Widget

    The Top Birth and Death Widget located on Family Dashboard will show you the Top 10 countries that have the most births and most deaths in your family tree.

    Once you see the widget on your dashboard (as shown on the left) click "View larger map."

    This will bring up a separate window that will have a large map with pink and yellow tags over various countries on the map.

    The yellow tags have a picture of a rattle on them and this symbolizes the birth countries. They will have a number 1-10 on them, which indicates where it falls in the Top 10 counties.

    The pink tags have a picture of a headstone on them which symbolizes the death countries. Like the birth countries these have numbers that rate them in the Top 10 countries.

    The numbers at the bottom of the page correspond with the tags and list the Top 10 birth and death countries for your ancestors.

    When you click on the county it will give you a list of all the people that were born/died there, the date, and the exact location.

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  • What Do The Various Buttons On Genealogy Browser Toolbar Do?

    Genealogy Browser has very unique buttons that we would like to feature.

    Common Ancestors -Common Ancestors are indicated by individuals (stars) that are colored blue. Common Ancestors are individuals who show up multiple times in your genealogy because they are connected to you in more than one genealogical line. If you mouse over a Common Ancestor, a line will appear connecting you to the other place in your genealogy where the same person exists. You will also find a button of a blue tilted line in the toolbar of Genealogy BrowserT. By clicking on this button, all of the lines between your common ancestors will appear in your StarfieldTM. Here is what a common ancestor will look like:

    Hints -OneGreatFamily continually works for you as we try to find possible matches to your genealogy. When new information for your ancestors is found, a Gen-BulbTM icon will appear next the name of the individual in your pedigree. Simply click on the Gen-BulbTM, verify the new information, and your pedigree will automatically be updated. 

    Conflicts -This feature makes the verification of genealogical information possible by notifying you with the image of a yellow lightning bolt, called a Gen-Bolt when another OneGreatFamily user has conflicting information with your data. You can then collaborate with the source and work out your differences. If, in the end, you can't resolve the conflict, you agree to disagree and each view the data as you believe it to be correct.

    Tracer -This feature allows you to see how you are related to anyone in your pedigree. The trace to anchor displays a blue line from you to the ancestor, highlighting each individual in the direct lineage in between.

    View Descendants -Allows you to view siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc., of any individual in your genealogy.

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  • Forgot Your OneGreatFamily Username or Password?

    When you first subscribed or signed up as a guest, it was required that you enter a username and password. Once this was completed, we sent you a welcome email with your registration information, which included your password and username. If you are not a frequent user of OneGreatFamily, it's possible that you have forgotten your username or password.

    Check your old email to see if you still have our welcome letter containing your registration information. If not, we can send your username and password to you again. If you have forgotten your username or password, use the Remind Me! feature. All we need is your username or email address. If the information you submit matches the information associated with your OneGreatFamily account, an email will be sent to you with your login information.

    If you have changed your email address since you created your OneGreatFamily account or do not receive your login information by email within a few minutes (when using the "Remind Me!" feature above), you may contact OneGreatFamily Customer Service by filling out the Contact Form. OneGreatFamily Customer Support will ask you a few questions to verify you are the owner of the account, and then supply you with your login information.

    As always, we are happy to help if you have additional questions, so don't hesitate to call 1-877-643-8733 or email if you need assistance.

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  • Share & Store Photos, Video, And More About Your Ancestors

    OneGreatFamily allows you to go beyond just names and events and allows you to share photos, scanned documents, videos, and more. Finding a picture of a distant ancestor can sometimes feel like discovering gold. Pictures, audio clips, and movies make for a very rich family history experience.

    Instructions for Uploading Multimedia:
    From the Individual Details window, open the Multimedia window by clicking the Multimedia icon (). You will be presented with a list of media (or a blank list if media has not yet been added for this individual). You can upload, view, rename, or remove media associated with individuals.

    The buttons in the upper-right corner of the Multimedia window (shown below) allows you to add, display, rename, or remove multimedia files.

    Media List
    Multimedia files can include pictures, audio, text, and movies in the following formats:

    • Images: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif
    • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .au, .rm
    • Video: .avi, .asf, .mpe, .mpeg
    • Text: .rtf, .html, .txt

    View the selected media file in the associated program. This requires that you have software on your computer capable of viewing the file type. Most files can be viewed by software included with your operating system, though you may need to update to the latest version of the software (Windows Media Player, for example), depending on how the media was created by the person uploading the file.

    Add Media File
    Add a new media file associated with the individual. This option will open a window for finding the file on your computer. Once this file is chosen and uploaded, a copy of the file resides on OneGreatFamily and does not affect the file on your computer.

    Change the title of the selected media file.

    Remove the selected media file from OneGreatFamily. (This will not affect a media file on your own computer.)

    We hope you will find OneGreatFamily's Multimedia section to be useful. Sharing photos, documents and scanned videos is one of the best ways to collaborate on OneGreatFamily with Distant Cousins. Upload and share today!

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