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  • Customer Service Corner: The Relationship Calculator Widget

    How exciting would it be to find out if you were related to someone famous like Albert Einstein or Walt Disney? Using the Relationship Calculator widget on the Family Dashboard can help you find out! If you have not customized your dashboard widgets, the Relationship Calculator will be the second box down in the first column, and looks like this:

    The top part has your name and the bottom part allows you to scroll through many noteworthy people and find the one you wish to see your relationship to. Once you have found someone you would like to try, simply press the "Show Relationship" button at the bottom of the widget.

    Please be patient while the new screen loads, as it can take a few moments before the relationship can be calculated to see if there even is a relationship. Once the relationship shows, you can have fun seeing how closely related you are to a famous person. Be sure to check out other important people on the dashboard as well!

    As always, we are happy to help if you have additional questions, so don't hesitate to call 1-877-643-8733 or email if you need assistance.

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  • OneGreatFamily Tip: 'Did You Know?' Sidebar Tells You More About Your Ancestors

    Learn More About Your Ancestors At OneGreatFamily

    For most of our ancestors we know only names, dates, and places of important events. OneGreatFamily has created a way to expand your knowledge of your ancestors life. When you login to OneGreatFamily and come to the Family Dashboard page, click on the "Family Tree" tab:

    A pedigree chart showing 3 generations will be shown on the page. You can also select a different anchor by clicking on the "Change Anchor" link under the tab.

    If you click "Edit" on any ancestor, a box will pop up:

    The gray "Did you Know?" sidebar will give you several very interesting facts about your ancestor and what life was like while they were alive.
    Information will include:

    • Popularity of their name
    • Worldwide events that occurred on their birthday and death date
    • Famous people born on their birthday and death date
    • Average cost of gas, home, car, milk, income, etc. the year they were born and also the year they died
    • Entertainment news (movies, music, sports, etc.)
    • And much more!
    We hope by providing this information it will help you to see what life was like for your ancestor. The more we can learn about our ancestors the more connected we will feel to them. Explore the "Did You Know?" sidebar today to learn more about your ancestors.

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  • OneGreatFamily Tip: The General Statistics Widget On Family Dashboard

    Information About Your Family Tree In One Easy Place

    On Family Dashboard there is a box that has General Statistics about your family tree at OneGreatFamily. As you enter information about your ancestors and you gain access to information through OneGreatFamily, this box will tell you some very interesting information.

    Some of the information it will update you on is: number of generations, total individuals, ancestors that OneGreatFamily has found for you, individuals with no names, merges on your tree, and hints for possible new ancestors found though OneGreatFamily. You can click on each category to get more information and specific names.

    As always, we are happy to help if you have additional questions, so don't hesitate to call 1-877-643-8733 or email if you need assistance.

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  • Online Tutorial Videos Explain How OneGreatFamily Works

    OneGreatFamily is a very unique and revolutionary genealogy service. No other website today does for you what OneGreatFamily does. Some members and guests of OneGreatFamily sometimes have a hard time understanding all that OneGreatFamily has to offer.

    This is why we created a series of videos that quickly highlight and explain how to use OneGreatFamily. These videos are ALWAYS available for you to view. You can find them by visiting the "More" tab at the top (see the image below).

    The videos and tutorials available to you are:

    • A Single, Shared Family Tree
    • Input or Import Your Family Tree
    • Our System Searches for Connections
    • Explore and Discover Family Heritage
    • Genealogy Browser Overview
    • Using the Handprint View

    View these videos and tutorials by visiting the More About OneGreatFamily Page:

    We know that these 6 videos will be helpful in learning how to use OneGreatFamily and you will see the benefit being a member of OneGreatFamily will have on your family tree.

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  • How to Use the Top Birth and Death Countries Widget

    The Top Birth and Death Widget located on Family Dashboard will show you the Top 10 countries that have the most births and most deaths in your family tree.

    Once you see the widget on your dashboard (as shown on the left) click "View larger map."

    This will bring up a separate window that will have a large map with pink and yellow tags over various countries on the map.

    The yellow tags have a picture of a rattle on them and this symbolizes the birth countries. They will have a number 1-10 on them, which indicates where it falls in the Top 10 counties.

    The pink tags have a picture of a headstone on them which symbolizes the death countries. Like the birth countries these have numbers that rate them in the Top 10 countries.

    The numbers at the bottom of the page correspond with the tags and list the Top 10 birth and death countries for your ancestors.

    When you click on the county it will give you a list of all the people that were born/died there, the date, and the exact location.

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