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 OneGreatFamily Update - July 2, 2004

In This Issue:
Solve Your Genealogy Challenges at OneGreatFamily!

New at OneGreatFamily: Record Growth
  Millions of new records every month! Growth helps you find ALL your ancestors!
Q&A:OneGreatFamily - Three Products in One
  How does OneGreatFamily compare with other products?
Technical Support: Seeing Your Entire Family Tree
  I'm sure I have more ancestors on OneGreatFamily, but all of my lines seem to stop at the seventh generation. What can I do?
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily . . .

Site Activity Summary

  • 68,596 new individual merges!
  • 32,225 new individual hints!
  • 24,472 new family merges!
  • 6,567 new family hints!
  • 75 average individual merges per group
  • 28 average individual hints per group
  • 24 average family merges per group
  • 2 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.

    Having Success?

    OneGreatFamily wants to hear from you. Please send us your success stories and your recommendations for new features.

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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Record Growth

    Millions of new records every month!
    Growth helps you find ALL your ancestors!

    Between one and two million names have been submitted to OneGreatFamily each month for several months. Additionally, researchers add more than 1.5 million citations, 250,000 notes, and tens of thousands of new sources each month. Those who use OneGreatFamily also share hundreds of new photos and other multimedia files on a monthly basis. This growth assures you that more information will be available for more of your ancestors over time. The ultimate goal of OneGreatFamily is to help each customer find ALL of his or her ancestors and learn as much as possible about them.

    But the growth in names and data available at is only part of the story. The hundreds of thousands of people who use OneGreatFamily each month also help achieve this goal through ongoing collaboration. New records let OneGreatFamily identify where ancestral lines intersect and converge. Where common ancestors are found, relationships between researchers can also be identified. These relationships between researchers allow for further collaboration and further growth in the common ancestral tree that is OneGreatFamily.

    Please look for new opportunities to make additional contributions to OneGreatFamiliy as you make new genealogical discoveries. You never know how many other people will benefit from your contributions to OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily is grateful to its solid subscriber base for helping to finance the continued growth and development of this remarkable service. We encourage you to visit OneGreatFamily often to further your research and make new connections to the work that others have already done.

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     Q&A: OneGreatFamily - Three Products in One

    How does OneGreatFamily compare with other products?

    People have asked us in the past what makes OneGreatFamily unique. They have also asked us a similar question, which is how OneGreatFamily compares against other genealogy products. OneGreatFamily provides an enormous amount of value because it successfully combines three products into one. OneGreatFamily is an online database of lineage-linked data, a genealogy records management software program, and a collaborative environment for sharing and working on family history. The following is a list to consider when comparing OneGreatFamily against other genealogy products:
    • OneGreatFamily is creating a combined database for the human family
      Last week's newsletter discussed the benefits of tying family trees together. These benefits include the removal of duplicate records, easily identifying others who are researching your family lines, discovering how you are related to other researchers, tracing collateral family lines, seeing how you are related to famous relatives, and gaining instant access to updates, conflicts and new information on your ancestors.

      Other services will search multiple databases for instances of a name, but no other service makes finding information on your ancestors easier by matching and merging family trees.
    • OneGreatFamily is searching for ALL of your ancestors ALL the time
      Some family tree programs and online services search for matches in their databases based on names and dates, but only OneGreatFamily searches for ALL of your ancestors ALL the time. Other programs require you to enter names and dates of specific ancestors or require you to be using their software at the time potential matches are found. OneGreatFamily, on the other hand, is always searching for any possible matches based on the individuals and families in your family tree OneGreatFamily only notifies you when matches have been found for YOUR ancestors (not just anyone with the same name).
    • OneGreatFamily does not sell your family tree
      OneGreatFamily sells a subscription service to provide users with a system that matches and merges their family trees and provides new opportunities for collaboration. You can search OneGreatFamily and submit your own family tree for free. A subscription is only requred to access the features that provide additional value by saving you time and effort in researching your family tree. Free services that provide you with access to millions of names in family trees do llittle to add value to the data provided. Other services actually charge people to access family trees that have been freely submitted. They charge access fees to search their family tree databases or sell the records on CD-ROMs. Many people who have purchase family trees on CD-ROMs express dismay when they realize they have actually purchased the very same data they submitted!
    • OneGreatFamily is a living, dynamic family tree that is always growing!

      OneGreatFamily is continuously updated by thousands of subscribers. Everyone who uses OneGreatFamily is working on a shared database, but enjoys the beneifit of seeing the family tree from his or her own perspective. Any additions or changes in OneGreatFamily can be seen instantaneously by everyone around the world without any waiting or additional processing. While working on your family tree in OneGreatFamily, you may suddenly receive a notificaiton that new ancestors have been added to YOUR family tree.

    Visit OneGreatFamily to use this remarkable service
     Technical Support: Seeing Your Entire Family Tree

    I'm sure I have more ancestors on OneGreatFamily, but all of my lines seem to stop at the seventh generation. What can I do?

    To change this preference, follow these simple instructions:
    1. Log into OneGreatFamily
    2. Choose your group and launch the Genealogy Browser
    3. Select "User Preferences..." from the File Menu
    4. Select "Settings" and increase the Max Generations setting to a higher value - up to 512! (You will want to be careful with this setting, since each generation will take more time to display.)
    5. Click the "OK" button
    6. Make sure the temporarily limit Starfield icon (located in the toolbar in the Genealogy Browser above the Starfield) is not selected.

    After changing this preference, you may have to wait some time for the Starfield to build. The time you will wait depends on the number of generations you choose to display and the amount information available at OneGreatFamily.

    Everyone can see the size and shape of their family tree on OneGreatFamily; however, only subscribers will be able to see the names of anyone who has been added to their family trees through the matching and merging process.

    Send your technical support question to our team
    Visit OneGreatFamily to view your entire family tree today!

     One Great Genealogy Site Award is a resource for family history research using newspapers and are made available to you free of charge. It is composed of over 12,000+ news items, ranging in size from a single entry to an entire newspaper. All items within this site have been submitted by individuals like you who are interested in helping others in the search for their ancestors. This database continues to grow with the daily submission of news items by site visitors.

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