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 OneGreatFamily Update - January 22, 2004

In This Issue:
OneGreatFamily is a Living,Growing,Dynamic Family Tree!

New at OneGreatFamily:
  Just a Reminder for our Guests!
Q&A: OneGreatFamily is Growing!
  How can the growth of OneGreatFamily benefit me?
Technical Support: The Handprint Concept
  What is the handprint concept and how does it benefit me?
One Great Genealogy Site Award
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily . . .

Site Activity Summary

  • 205,028 new individual merges!
  • 116,546 new individual hints!
  • 70,419 new family merges!
  • 42,074 new family hints!
  • 129 average individual merges per group
  • 47 average individual hints per group
  • 40 average family merges per group
  • 9 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.
    OneGreatFamily wants to hear from you. Please send us your success stories and your recommendations for new features.

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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Just a Reminder for our Guests!

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    OneGreatFamily would like to thank our many guests for supporting us and our service. We hope when using OneGreatFamily that you have come to appreciate the service we offer and are now interested in subscribing to OneGreatFamily. OneGreatFamily is continuously growing and helping people further their genealogy, but remember that with growth comes cost. Subscribing to OneGreatFamily is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer. We would like to help you expand your family tree, so take advantage of our helpful service and subscribe today!

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     Q&A: OneGreatFamily is Growing!

    How can the growth of OneGreatFamily benefit me?

    by Chelsea Beattie - Marketing Manager

    OneGreatFamily would like to thank YOU for helping our service grow to where it is today. OneGreatFamily has been developed over the course of five years to become an outstanding architecture for genealogical data and community research because of all the data you have submitted. Here are some statistics that show how OneGreatFamily has grown:

  • Nearly 70 million names have been submitted to OneGreatFamily
  • Between 1 and 3 million names are submitted to OneGreatFamily every month
  • More than 380,000 registrants have used OneGreatFamily to further their family history research.
  • More than 450,000 people visit OneGreatFamily each month
  • is among the 7,000 top sites on the Internet for unique monthly visitors

    From the graph you can see the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past three years. How have we grown to the size we are now? By listening to you! We try to stay focused on providing the best collaborative family tree service available. We are continuously improving our service and are committed to continuously provide you with more value and a better experience. Unlike other services, EVERYONE benefits from new discoveries or corrections that are made to our human family tree.

    Remember that anyone can submit their family tree to OneGreatFamily. Most of the improvement in our service has been made possible by our subscribers. Our subscribers have made OneGreatFamily the best framework for genealogy content. We would also like to thank our guests for supporting us and our service. Please remember that growth comes at a cost. Subscribe to OneGreatFamily today to see your family tree grow and expand!

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  •  Technical Support: The Handprint Concept

    What is the handprint concept and how does it benefit me?

    Today many genealogy sites are able to give you names of your ancestors and statistical information about your family; however, few are able to show you how you are related to each of your ancestors. OneGreatFamily is able to show how you are related to each of your ancestors by providing a "handprint." What is a handprint? The handprint, like a fingerprint, is a way to uniquely identify people. However, the concept of a handprint concept is based on relationships rather than patterns made by the ridges of your skin.

    In the past, genealogists have primarily focused on dates and places as evidence to identify ancestors. Dates and Places are valuable, but focusing on family relationships is better for identifying an ancestor as a unique individual.

    The following describes the concept of a genealogy handprint: if you were to place yourself in the palm of your hand and then use each finger to uniquely identify who you are, your fingers would represent your father, mother, siblings, children, and spouse. Those relationships provide the best information or evidence to uniquely identify you among the billions of other people who have lived on the earth.

    You are able to view your handprint through Genealogy BrowserTM. Selecting any individual in OneGreatFamily gives you access to that individual's unique handprint. You can see the relationships that identify who that person is. The handprint view lets also see details for the individual you have selected or for that individual's family, as either a parent or a child. The handprint view allows you to see details for the selected individual his or her father, mother and spouse. You also see the names and birth information for siblings and children.

    Clicking on the selected individual opens the individual details, which lets you edit the record and view additional information, such as biographies, photos, notes, and sources. The handprint view also includes buttons to view family information. Buttons that say "Family Info." can be clicked to view the details of the selected individual's immediate family. You can choose to see the family in which the individual is a child or the family in which the individual is a parent (if the individual had children). The family view provides marriage/divorce information and access to additional information that applies to the entire family.

    OneGreatFamily uses a handprint for more purposes than showing an individual and their relationships in Genealogy Browser. OneGreatFamily also uses the handprint and other available information when constantly searching for ALL of your ancestors. The handprint is useful when finding matches in the OneGreatFamily database and showing you where more information is available on your family tree.

    While OneGreatFamily searches for matches for everyone who has submitted their family trees to OneGreatFamily, only subscribers gain unlimited access to the new relationships and information that results from the matching and merging process.

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