Margaret De Quincy
Birth date:
Birth place:
Winchester, Hampshire, , England
Death date:
  BEF 12 MAR 1284
Death place:
  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, , England

De Quincy Family

Father: Roger 2nd Earl of Winchester De Quincy
Mother: Helen De Galloway
Spouse: William 5th Earl of Derby De Ferrers
Margaret de Quincy
Margaret DeQUINCY
Elena De Quincy
Thomas de Quincey
Elizabeth Isabel De Quincy
Anne deQuincy
Margaret de Quincy
Elena DeQuincey
Elisabeth De Quincy
Elizabeth De Quency
Helen\Ellen Quincy
Ela Quincy
Margaret Quincy
Robert Iii de Quincy
Helen (Ellen) De Quincy
Roger De Quincy
Helen Elena La Zouche De Quincy
Margaret De Quincy
Margaret De Quincey
Margaret De Quincy
Robert de Ferrers
William de Ferrers
Elizabeth de Ferrers
Joan de Ferrers
Agnes de Ferrers