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Thanks, I really enjoy this program, I spend hours working on it, OneGreatFamily is the best, can't wait till I can get another group going, thanks so much.
Kathy S - August 9th,2000

Thank you for your email. I must say, you are most likely the best company I have ever met as far as responding to emails of ANY FORM! Well Done.
Minerva -July 3, 2000

This site is bringing together my extended family from Arizona, Texas, and Florida that I haven�t talked to in years. They had jealously guarded many rare ancestor pictures and diaries. But now they can upload them for everyone to see. This is a dream come true.
Thanks OneGreatFamily!

Dave G. - 6/26/00

I like OneGreatFamily.com! Cool, cool use of the Internet and Genealogy! I can't wait for "light bulbs" to light up on my family tree!!
Scott H. - 6/18/00

Very excited about your web site, and what it has to offer. Also it helped me to get my mother on the net. She has pursued her genealogy over the years and has spent thousands of dollars.
Scott A. - 6/15/00

Whoever is in charge of your site could you please tell them how efficient and kind and knowledgeable everyone is that returns my messages, I appreciate that. I knew this would be a good site coming recommended from the Donnie and Marie show. Have a nice day.
Mary Ann - 6/10/00

I want to add my kudos to a top-notch site. I think it will become a very popular site. I hope you guys finally got a chance to get some sleep.
Dave - 6/15/00

I am really finding this easy to work with, I have used several other programs and like this one.
Chuck - 6/14/00

Thank you for your personal reply to my request asking that my subscription be cancelled. I have changed my mind. I was indeed frustrated that I couldn't load the browser, however I did manage to get it up and going night before last. I can see that this application has great promise and I will continue in light of your personal request that I continue. I am also a businessperson and understand what it's like to get things "up and going". I look forward to watching this site develop to its fullest.
Linda - 6/15/00

Many thanks for all the support that you have provided me in getting setup. I would like to report to you that I am now having NO problems with connecting with either browser. I first started with my Netscape browser and couldn't seem to be able to get on line, so I tried the Microsoft browser and connected without any problem. Today I used the Netscape browser and no problem with it either.

Congratulations on a fantastic program, the more that I use it, the more I can see what a powerful program that you all have developed. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again.

Don 6/15/00

This site is way overdue, I am from a very big family and without this type of help would take years for me to put this together and now that I too have added three more to the Estrada family tree would like to see them on it. Great site and wishing you many years of sucess.
Jim - 6/21/00

I really like the site. Please pass the word on to everyone that everything looks great. Everybody I showed it to was impressed.
Daron - 6/13/00

This will be a very powerful and fun program.
Rodney - 6/13/00

Great product and excellent programming!
Aaron - 6/13/00