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 OneGreatFamily Update - October 22, 2004

In This Issue:

Family History Month: Promotion Extended For Our Guests!
  OneGreatFamily extends Family History Month Promotion until Oct. 31st
Family History Month: Clean Up Your Family Tree - Resolve Conflicts
  Have more success and help others by resolving conflicts.
Tip: Fixing Errors - The Beauty of OneGreatFamily
  How go about fixing errors I find in OneGreatFamily?
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily

Site Activity Summary

  • 207,284 new individual merges!
  • 69,105 new individual hints!
  • 68,740 new family merges!
  • 23,686 new family hints!
  • 123 average individual merges per group
  • 39 average individual hints per group
  • 39 average family merges per group
  • 5 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.

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  •  Family History Month Promotion Extended For Our Guests!

    OneGreatFamily extends Family History Month promotion until the end of October

    OneGreatFamily has decided to extend the Family History Month Promotion until the end of October. We do this for two reasons:

    First, feedback from you, our guests, about these savings has been amazing. With all the new OneGreatFamily subscribers we are seeing incredible growth to OneGreatFamily.

    Second, we had a lot of email problems in letting our guests know about the promotion. And we don't want anyone to miss out because they got their email notice too late.

    So, as a guest, if you have not taken advantage of our Family History Month Special we encourage you to do so. We want to make sure that all our guests get their chance to see how powerful OneGreatFamily will be to their family tree.

    Our prices for subscriptions through October 31st are the following:

    1 Year (billed annually) $74.95 Now only $59.95!
    3 Months (billed quarterly) $29.95 Now only $19.95!
    1 Month (billed monthly) $14.95 Now only $9.95!

    This promotion will end October 31st.

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     Family History Month: Clean Up Your Family Tree! - Resolve Conflicts

    Have more success and help others by resolving conflicts.

    In honor of Family History Month, we are continuing on our quest to get everyone to clean up their family tree. Remember, not only will this help your success at OneGreatFamily but it will help others find success as well. In our last newsletter we wrote about hints and how to clean up hints. Now we would like to address how to resolve conflicts in your family tree.

    What are conflicts and how do I resolve conflicts?

    OneGreatFamily alerts members if there is a conflict in information. Conflicts are highlighted by a lightening bolt (). After two records are merged, any differences in information is never lost, but instead become conflicts for the new single record. Most conflicts occur when two different members have the same person in their family tree but the information is different. However if you submit information more than once, you may receive conflicts from yourself.

    There are two different types of conflicts depending on what information is conflicting. One type of conflict is an Information Conflict and the other is a Family Conflict. When you have a conflict you have four choices:

    1) Accept the information on the right as your own by clicking Accept. (This will erase the information on the left.)
    2) Reject the information on the right by clicking Clear.
    3) Postpone making a decision by clicking the button labeled "Close".
    4) Choose to collaborate with the another OneGreatFamily user by clicking the "Collaborate" button. We'll talk more about collaboration in a future newsletter.

    Information Conflicts:

    When you click on a lightning bolt, you will notice two boxes containing information (The "Details For" box on the left and the "Individual Conflicts" box on the right). The information on the left is yours and the information on the right belongs to another OneGreatFamily User. The following are different types of Information Conflicts:
    • Name/Birth/Death: These conflicts are simply a date or place dispute.

    • Individual's Spouse: These conflicts state that there are two family records for this individual as a spouse/parent. Look to see if the names in these families look similar. If they are, press Accept and then Merge Families. This will bring up both of the family records so that you can examine them further. Press Merge again, if you believe them to be the same family.

    • Child's Biological Family: These conflicts state that there are two family records for this individual as a child. They can be examined in the same manner as the Individual's Spouse conflicts.
    Family Conflicts

    Just like Individual Records, Family Records can contain conflicts after a merge. There are different types of Family Conflicts depending on what information is conflicting. When you click on the lightning bolt icon for a Family record, you will notice two boxes. (The Family Information box on the left and the Family Conflicts box on the right).
    • Marriage: These conflicts are simply a marriage date or place dispute. If you want to accept the information on the right as your own, click Accept. (This will erase the information on the left.)

    • Child: These conflicts state that some child record is being left off the child list because a different record is listed in their slot (A slot is the order of that child in the family. For example, the third child in the family is in slot 3). If you would like to add the child to the list in the left box, click Accept and Add Conflict. If you want to merge the conflicting child with the child listed in the left box in the same slot, press Accept and Merge Individuals. If you want to have the child in the right box replace the child in the left box in the same slot, press Accept and Accept Conflict. If the child in the right box should be merged with a child in a different slot in the left box, press Accept, then Add Conflict, and then Merge the duplicate children.

    • Child Order Conflict: The left box will show which slot your information states for this child, while the right box will show the conflicting slot. Press Accept and Accept Order to accept the order in the right box.
    Note: If you believe that you have the correct information and that the conflicting information is incorrect, use Collaboration.

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     Tip: Fixing Errors - The Beauty of OneGreatFamily

    How go about fixing errors I find in OneGreatFamily?

    OneGreatFamily often receives requests from site visitors to fix the errors they find within the OneGreatFamily database. While we love accommodating such requests, we feel that many people don't fully understand "the beauty of OneGreatFamily."

    Please let me take a moment to provide this "beauty" some expression. OneGreatFamily is a single, shared family tree and database, which means that everyone has access to the same informaiton. It also means that everyone in the world is collaborating on the same family tree.

    The collaborative nature of OneGreatFamily has two major implications when it comes to fixing errors:
    1. When you fix an error in one place within OneGreatFamily, everyone else benefits from your effort
    2. Fixing errors in OneGreatFamily doesn't affect how other people view their family tree
    With these two facts in mind, you can more fully understand the beauty of OneGreatFamily. You can also gain comfort and confidence as you find and correct errors that have been perpetuated within OneGreatFamily. Your corrections will then be available to everyone else within OneGreatFamily. You can also let others know more specifically about the corrections you make by using the collaboration feature within OneGreatFamily.

    Someone recently found an error in OneGreatFamily that showed an ancestor who lived in the 1500s had been given a father who lived in the 1700s. Of course, this was an error. They submitted the error to us to correct, not understanding perhaps that they could have easily made the correction themselves.

    They could have simply deleted the incorrect information from their view of OneGreatFamily. In this case, that would mean deleting the father and mother of the individual in question. This would not affect the displayed information for the person who originally submitted the data. Rather, it would create a conflict for that person to now accept or reject. Upon seeing the correction, the conflict would likely be resolved quite quickly.

    Upon making the correction, the person who made the correction could also contact the other groups who were linked to the erroneous information to explain to them why the correction was made.

    By someone taking the time to fix an error in one place, everyone else who is interested in that piece of information can now see the correction. This demonstrates how the quality of the information found at OneGreatFamily improves with each passing day. This is part of the beauty of OneGreatFamily as a genealogy service.

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