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October 26, 2007

Only 3 Days Left For The Family History Month Promotion

In This Issue:

Only 3 Days Left To Grow Your Family Tree For Only $5 A Month

National Family History Month Promotion Extended Until October 28th

If you have not taken advantage of our Family History Month Promotion we encourage you to do so. The promotion will only be available at OneGreatFamily until October 28th which means you only have 3 days left!!

Act now to experience OneGreatFamily for less! This promotion will not be available until next October.

Consider how much more you get from OneGreatFamily by becoming a subscriber:

  • View the ancestors who have been added to your family tree because of our unique matching and merging process
  • See all of your ancestors who are already part of OneGreatFamily
  • Meet and work with distant family around the world
  • See how you are related to your famous ancestors
  • View unlimited generations of your family tree at one time
  • Make new discoveries over time - new families and information are added daily
  • NEW! Family Dashboard™, a whole new way to explore your family tree

So, as a guest, if you have not taken advantage of our Family History Month Promotion we encourage you to do so. We want to make sure all our guests get their chance to see how powerful OneGreatFamily will be to their family tree.

Our prices for subscriptions through October 28th are the following:

1 Year (billed annually) $74.95 Now only $59.95!
3 Months (billed quarterly) $29.95 Now only $19.95!
1 Month (billed monthly) $14.95 Now only $9.95!

We encourage you to subscribe to OneGreatFamily to more fully enjoy the benefits of this expanding service. This promotion will end October 28th.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: How Does OneGreatFamily Compare With Other Genealogy Products?

OneGreatFamily is Four Products in One

People have asked us in the past what makes OneGreatFamily unique. They have also asked us a similar question, which is how OneGreatFamily compares against other genealogy products. OneGreatFamily provides an enormous amount of value because it successfully combines three products into one. OneGreatFamily is an online database of lineage-linked data, a genealogy records management software program, a collaborative environment for sharing and working on family history, and with the release of Family Dashboard you will find a whole new way to explore your family tree. The following is a list to consider when comparing OneGreatFamily against other genealogy products:

  • OneGreatFamily is creating a combined database for the human family

    There are several benefits of tying family trees together. These benefits include easily identifying others who are researching your family lines, discovering how you are related to other researchers, tracing collateral family lines, seeing how you are related to famous relatives, and gaining instant access to updates, conflicts and new information on your ancestors.

    Other services will search multiple databases for instances of a name, but no other service makes finding information on your ancestors easier by matching and merging family trees.
  • OneGreatFamily is searching for ALL of your ancestors ALL the time

    Some family tree programs and online services search for matches in their databases based on names and dates, but only OneGreatFamily searches for ALL of your ancestors ALL the time. Other programs require you to enter names and dates of specific ancestors or require you to be using their software at the time potential matches are found. OneGreatFamily, on the other hand, is always searching for any possible matches based on the individuals and families in your family tree. OneGreatFamily only notifies you when matches have been found for YOUR ancestors (not just anyone with the same name).
  • OneGreatFamily does not sell your family tree

    OneGreatFamily sells a subscription service to provide users with a system that matches and merges their family trees and provides new opportunities for collaboration. You can search OneGreatFamily and submit your own family tree for free. A subscription is only required to access the features that provide additional value by saving you time and effort in researching your family tree. Free services that provide you with access to millions of names in family trees do little to add value to the data provided. Other services actually charge people to access family trees that have been freely submitted. They charge access fees to search their family tree databases or sell the records on CD-ROMs. Many people who have purchase family trees on CD-ROMs express dismay when they realize they have actually purchased the very same data they submitted!
  • OneGreatFamily is a living, dynamic family tree that is always growing!

    OneGreatFamily is continuously updated by thousands of subscribers. Everyone who uses OneGreatFamily is working on a shared database, but enjoys the benefit of seeing the family tree from his or her own perspective. Any additions or changes in OneGreatFamily can be seen instantaneously by everyone around the world without any waiting or additional processing. While working on your family tree in OneGreatFamily, you may suddenly receive a notification that new ancestors have been added to YOUR family tree.
  • NEW! Family Dashboard™, shows you a whole new way to explore your family tree

This year we have added the new, powerful, unique Family Dashboard™ to allow you to explore and work on your family tree in ways no other program provides. Family Dashboard makes exploring your family tree a lot of fun while aiding your genealogy research. Family Dashboard , which is fully integrated with Genealogy Browser™, allows you to analyze your family tree from a variety of unique aspects, and then drill directly into a specific ancestor you are working on. Family Dashboard provides 18 drag-and-drop widgets designed to provide interesting information and insights into your family tree. Example widgets include Relationship Calculator, Migration Calculator, Time Capsule, Top 10 Birth and Death Countries, etc.

  • Subscribe to OneGreatFamily and see how many ancestors will be added to your OneGreatFamily tree.
  • Email OneGreatFamily and let us know about the success you have experienced while using OneGreatFamily
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    Military Records

    By Kimberly Brown, Family Historian

    To effectively use military records for genealogy, you have to understand the different kinds of records that are available. Draft cards, service records, and pension files can all provide different information about your ancestor who served in the military.

    During World War I, all eligible men were required to register with the government and fill out a draft card, whether they actually ended up fighting in the war or not. These draft cards list a man’s name, birth date, nationality, physical description, and citizenship status. These records are available from the Family History Library or the National Archives.

    If your ancestor actually did serve in the military, whether in wartime or peacetime, you can look up his service record. Service records list what unit or regiment your ancestor served in, making it easier for you to find him in pension records and unit histories. Service records also list your ancestor’s age, place of birth, physical description, and rank, although they rarely provide information about a soldier’s family.

    Pension files are the best military records to use for genealogy purposes. Pensions were provided by the federal or state governments to disabled veterans, widows and orphans of veterans, or veterans who had served for a certain amount of time or achieved a certain rank. In order for a family to receive pension benefits from the government, they had to prove their relationship to the veteran, so many pension files include marriage certificates and other vital records. Pension files always list the veteran’s surviving spouse, and they often list his children as well. If you have found your ancestor in a service record and know what unit he served in, it is relatively easy to find his pension file.

    When you know an ancestor’s unit, you can also find his regiment history. These histories are available for many regiments, and they provide information about where soldiers enlisted, what battles they fought in, where they traveled, who the officers were, where veterans died, and where surviving veterans lived after the war.

    Most communities were fiercely proud of their men who had served in the military, so if you know your ancestor’s hometown, you can find him in the county or town history. All county and town histories published biographies of prominent citizens, and military veterans were included there. You can find published county and town histories for your locality in the Family History Library Catalog, in your local library, or on

    If your ancestor served in the military in early American times, you can find him in bounty land records. After the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War, the federal government did not have money to pay its soldiers, so it paid them in land instead. Veterans were given bounty land warrants, or deeds to pieces of land in separate military districts in Ohio and other Midwestern states. A veteran could either settle the land himself or sell his deed, but either way you can look up his bounty land application and view the information there. Start by identifying your ancestor’s unit in service records, and then you’ll have access to the wealth of information that military records can provide.

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