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July 12, 2007

Make Your Family Reunion A Genealogy Success

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Make Your Family Reunion A Genealogy Success

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Family Reunion

Summer is a popular time for family reunions. This year at your family reunion make it mean so much more by working together on a gift for future generations: your family tree. Enrich your family gatherings by sharing your family history. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Collaborate with OneGreatFamily members: You probably have ancestors in your family tree that you know nothing about but names and dates. Other members of OneGreatFamily might have stories or other interesting facts about your ancestors. Collaborate with other members to find more details to share when your family gets together.

2. Work on Your Family Tree: Try to find information on an ancestor that is a brick wall in your genealogy. Visit other websites to see if you can take a line back to the next generation. Adding more information will increase your success at OneGreatFamily and give you interesting information to share with your family when you get together.

3. Email Your Family Tree to Family Members: Get other family members excited about genealogy by emailing all the hard work you have done.


1. Collaborate with Your Family: Talk to your family members about your family tree. Get them to open up and share stories and facts about your ancestors. Be sure to write down the information your gather or, better yet, with their permission you might video or audio tape the discussions.

2. Invite Other Family Members to Join Your Group: Personally invite other family members to join your group. The more the merrier! Having their help will accelerate your genealogy quest. When other family members join your group, each will see the family tree from their own perspective. This means that each group member can see their own individual efforts to the family tree. It also means that each member has the ability to accept hints and conflicts on behalf of the entire group. Working within a group is an excellent idea for any small circle of people who are sharing the same genealogy records. Group work is ideal for family organizations who want to assign different family members to work on different parts of the family tree.

** If any of the individuals you invite choose to become subscribers, you will get a free month added to your subscription as our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the word about our great service. Those you invite only need to enter your username in the space provided when signing up for their own subscriptions


1. Enter the information you gained into OneGreatFamily. That way the information is available for access by distant family members around the world. Also, it will be safe and secure and available to future generations as well.

At OneGreatFamily we have strong feelings about the joy and family unity that can come from working together on your family tree. Invite your family and friends to join you as well at OneGreatFamily to get excited about their genealogy.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: Where Can I Store Multimedia In Genealogy Browser™?

Share Photos, Video, And More

OneGreatFamily allows you to go beyond just names and events and allows you to share photos, scanned documents, videos, and more. Finding a picture of a distant ancestor can sometimes feel like discovering gold. Pictures, audio clips, and movies make for a very rich family history experience.

Instructions for Uploading Multimedia:

From the Individual Details window, open the Multimedia window by clicking the Multimedia icon (). You will be presented with a list of media (or a blank list if media has not yet been added for this individual). You can upload, view, rename, or remove media associated with individuals.

The buttons in the upper-right corner of the Multimedia window (shown below) allows you to add, display, rename, or remove multimedia files.

Media List
Multimedia files can include pictures, audio, text, and movies in the following formats:

  • Images: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif
  • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .au, .rm
  • Video: .avi, .asf, .mpe, .mpeg
  • Text: .rtf, .html, .txt
View the selected media file in the associated program. This requires that you have software on your computer capable of viewing the file type. Most files can be viewed by software included with your operating system, though you may need to update to the latest version of the software (Windows Media Player, for example), depending on how the media was created by the person uploading the file.

Add Media File
Add a new media file associated with the individual. This option will open a window for finding the file on your computer. Once this file is chosen and uploaded, a copy of the file resides on OneGreatFamily and does not effect the file on your computer.

Change the title of the selected media file.

Remove the selected media file from OneGreatFamily. (This will not affect a media file on your own computer.)

We hope you will find OneGreatFamily a useful tool to trace the descendants of your ancestors.

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Success At OneGreatFamily

I Was Amazed At The Progress Once I Joined OneGreatFamily

We are pleased with the high praise we at OneGreatFamily continue to receive from our members. We enjoy hearing about the success our members have in building their family trees at OneGreatFamily.

I had hoped to someday make a family tree to preserve what there was of our history. A few names that my husband's father remembered were all I had to start with.

I was amazed at the progress made once I joined One Great Family. The information I found also reshaped what we thought was the history of our family. So many interesting lives!

What was most unexpected though, was the impact of the research on a stranger.

An elderly lady in poor health visited our little church with her granddaughter. She thought that she and an older brother were about the last of their generation. They were orphaned and raised separately by relatives in distant states. The loss of family was very hard on her.

When we met, she told me that my name was also her grandmother's name, and some weeks later brought me papers her mother made for her, detailing all the family names, dates, relationships and places that she knew.

I copied it and then got to work. I found one woman from the early 1800s that led me to tie all the family together. Our family is huge! We had no idea!

Best of all, we both have something we have not had . . . family right nearby. What a blessing!
- Mrs. Victoria Fahringer
OneGreatFamily is looking for success stories! If you have a story of how OneGreatFamily has helped you in your genealogy quest, please send an email to
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One Great Genealogy Site Award

A picture is worth a thousand words. is a free, searchable database containing thousands of identified and mystery photos for genealogy enthusiasts looking for long-lost family. Anyone who finds a photo of a direct ancestor that is owned by the archive will receive the photo for free.

  • Visit to see if you can find photos of your ancestors.
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