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June 28, 2007

OneGreatFamily Can Help You Get Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls

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OneGreatFamily Can Help You Get Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls

In what ways does OneGreatFamily help me get through my genealogy brick walls?

OneGreatFamily was created to help genealogists get through their "brick walls" with the help of genealogists from around the world. With OneGreatFamily you are able to identify others who are researching your family lines, perform live collaboration with them, match and merge information, and verify and expand your family tree.

Do you ever wonder if others are also researching and working on your family tree? OneGreatFamily can help you answer this question and can let you know if others are available to collaborate on your family tree. Using Genealogy Browser, you can select an ancestor on whom you would like to collaborate. You can then click on the "collaborate" button to find groups that have the same individual in their family tree. You can view the user's name and email address, so you can send them a message. Even if you do not want to communicate through email, you can still collaborate by adding names to your tree. By doing this you can provide hints and merges for others.

You can feel comfortable letting OneGreatFamily match and merge people together in your family tree because OneGreatFamily uses all available information to determine if the two individuals are actual matches with certainty before they are merged together. Matching and merging takes place automatically in the OneGreatFamily database to remove duplication and allow for more collaboration.

OneGreatFamily differs from other genealogy services by allowing each individual to collaborate with others while maintaining their own, personalized view of their family tree. When a conflict arises between the information you have submitted and that supplied by another person, you can choose to accept or reject the conflicting information. Working with others will help you verify and expand your family tree.

OneGreatFamily is always looking for ways to help you break through your genealogy "brick walls." Feel free to send us any suggestions on how we can help you move forward with your genealogy work.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: How Can I Search For My Ancestors At OneGreatFamily?

OneGreatFamily Provides Three Ways For You To Manually Search For Your Ancestors

The most effective way to find your ancestors is to let Genealogy Browser do the work for you. Simply put as much information as you have into Genealogy Browser, wait a few days, and then check back to see what additional information we have found on your ancestors. If, for some reason, you do not receive any matches at first, don’t despair. The information that you enter will be continually searched for possible matches against each and every record that is submitted to OneGreatFamily.

However, OneGreatFamily also provides our members three other methods of finding your ancestors manually:

1. You can search for individuals in OneGreatFamily by using the search options on the OneGreatFamily website by clicking Here. You will see the following search box that will allow you several search options. In the future, you can access this search box from your "My Home" page.

2. You can search for individuals in OneGreatFamily by using the using the Surname Indexes by clicking Here. On the page you will browse through the Surnames. Once you find the surname you are searching for, clicking on it will show you the following results where you can see individuals in OneGreatFamily with that surname and also you can search through the Social Security Death Index.

3. You can search for individuals in Genealogy Browser if you have created a group. To search using Genealogy Browser, press the Search button on the toolbar, or go to View, OneGreatFamily Search View.

This will open the search section on the right side of your screen.

Type in the information about the ancestor that you are looking for and press “Search OGF.” Genealogy Browser will then search to see what matching information is found in our system. If you press “Search Web,” Genealogy Browser will use the information that you entered to search through other resources, such as,, and the Social Security Death Index.

We hope you find these Search features helpful when trying to find more ancestors to add to your family tree so OneGreatFamily can find more ancestors for you!

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Success At OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily Brings Family Together

Some people have had some bittersweet experiences while looking for their ancestors, but the final result is typically positive. The following story demonstrates how using OneGreatFamily can bring families together and solve family mysteries:

I had been looking for my grandmother, Ella Mae McLeran, for four years since the sudden death of my father in 1998. I knew that she was in a nursing home somewhere in Georgia, but I could not find her. I finally found her last October when I saw her death notice in the Social Security Death Index.

Through some more tracking on the Internet, I located an attorney in Georgia who had her remains in a cardboard box on a shelf in his office! When I tried to claim her body, he told me that I did not have enough evidence to prove that I was her granddaughter - and I had birth certificates, death certificates, etc., all the way back to my grandfather, her husband. When I ordered her death certificate, I realized why he told me that. All of her pertinent family information was marked "unknown"!

My parents were divorced for years and as my dad was from Florida, I knew that there had to be some relations there who could help me. I received an email message advertising OneGreatFamily and took a 7-day trial subscription. On my first search, I located our family tree, and the administrator was a cousin! Through contact with her, I finally was able to claim my grandmother's ashes and bury her in the family plot in Florida.

Thanks to OneGreatFamily this story had a happy ending!

April Tanner

OneGreatFamily is looking for success stories! If you have a story of how OneGreatFamily has helped you in your genealogy quest, please send an email to
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One Great Genealogy Site Award is FREE genealogy database of scanned and transcribed documents containing ancestor's names for your genealogy research. While these are not official genealogical records, or even records that prove relationships, they are documents that provide insight into the everyday lives of your ancestors to enhance your genealogical research.

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