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May 10, 2007

Learn How Your Family Tree Grows At OneGreatFamily

In This Issue:

Learn How Your Family Tree Grows At OneGreatFamily

Discover Two Ways OneGreatFamily Helps Your Family Tree Grow

OneGreatFamily's service is designed to help people extend their family trees as they discover how they are related to others. This discovery often takes place as new relationships are discovered through matching and merging. This matching and merging takes place through two processes: 1. Automatic matching and merging performed by OneGreatFamily, and 2. Manual matching and merging performed by members.

Automated Matching and Merging

Every individual entered into OneGreatFamily is automatically comprehensively compared to every other individual in our database. This comparison goes beyond names, dates and places to include relationships, including parents, siblings, children, spouses, etc. If two compared individuals are identified as being the same person by our patented technology then the two records are merged together.

Merging is the process in which two separate and distinct individual records are combined into one. In OneGreatFamily merging never results in the loss of data. Instead, any differences are maintained within the single combined record, and those differences are marked as Conflicts. You will retain the value you had prior to the merge, and any other values will be kept, marked as conflicts. If, for example, an ancestor of mine who I have with a birth date of July 15, 1853 was matched and merged with someone else who had a birth date of July 19, 1853, both values would be maintained. When I look at the ancestor, I will see the birth date of July 15, 1853. However, it will be marked with a Conflict, and if you look at the Conflict you will see the date of July 19, 1853.

Merged records are marked with an exclamation mark in the Starfield (). When two records are found to be similar, but not similar enough to be considered a sure match, a Hint is created. A Hint is displayed as a light bulb in the Starfield and signifies a possible duplicate ().

A list of merged records and hints is sent out in our periodic email, known as GenMail.

Matching and Merging Performed by Members

Individuals within OneGreatFamily that are similar, but who aren't identified as being the same person by our patented technology are often marked as Hints. These Hints, which are indicated by light bulbs in Genealogy Browser, should be carefully reviewed and, if appropriate, accepted. Often a Hint occurs because, even though all the information present is identical, there simply aren’t enough pieces of information for our system to consider them a match. This frequently happens with wives, where perhaps there is only a name, a husband and children, but no parents, siblings, birth and death information, etc.

Accepting a hint will merge the two records in question and provide the same opportunities for collaboration as an automated merge. Accepting relationship conflicts often results in the merging of families in OneGreatFamily as well.

With any merge, you will likely discover new individuals who are also working on your family tree. Working with others from around the world will help you verify and expand your family tree over time.

Any merge can also result in the addition of new information to your family tree. Individuals who are added to your family tree will appear in gray boxes. New information that is added may result in new hints and conflicts as well.

OneGreatFamily is pleased to be helping millions of people research and expand their family trees as they become part of OneGreatFamily. With between one and three million names being added to OneGreatFamily each month, you are sure to find new information for your family tree and meet others who are researching your family lines.

The automatic matching and merging process is only available to OneGreatFamily subscribers. Become a subscriber today and watch your family tree grow over night.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: Merging Children Together

What To Do When You Have Duplicate Children Records

Recently we received the following question from a OneGreatFamily member that we would like to share with you:

I've noticed on some of my ancestors that someone or somehow they end up with 102 to 130 children. Is there an easier way to correct this besides merging all the different names. On one of mine the husband and spouse seems to be almost the same but the children dates and place of birth really differ. What should you do?

Some of you probably have run into this same issue. Please be aware that OnegreatFamily's automatic matching and merging process is strongly cautious about merging siblings. This is because of two realities unique to siblings: 1) Twins will share much identical information: mother, father, birth date and place, etc, especially if they died in childbirth. 2) Historically parents that lost a very young child tended to give a subsequent child the same name. Again, much identical information would be shared.

Because of these reasons, our system today usually does not automatically merge duplicate children together, even if their information is the same. Instead, that needs to be done manually by users.  This improves the data for everyone who sees that family. .

We are currently working to improve the handling of these situations in the future, but we are very cautious when applying our automatic matching and merging process to your ancestors.

In the second case, where a husband and spouse seem to be almost the same but the children dates and place of birth really differ I would not merge those records, but leave them separate. Continue to use the husband and wife you believe to be correct, as well as the children, dates and birthplaces that you accept, and leave the other records alone.

How to merge duplicate children

You can merge two siblings by doing the following. Click on the Family Info button between the two parents’ names so that the Family Information box opens.

Highlight both children’s names. Click on merge on the right and it will have you compare records to see if they should be merged.

A box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to merge the records as one. If want to merge the records, click on “Yes.”

Please contact OneGreatFamily's Customer Service if you have any other questions.

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Genealogy Tip: Earn Up To 35% Commission As A OneGreatFamily Affiliate!

What is the OneGreatFamily Affiliate Program?

If you have a website, a newsletter or even a list of friends and relatives, you can join the OneGreatFamily Affiliate Program and share the success you have had with others. When you do this you will earn a commission on all the new subscriptions you bring to OneGreatFamily. It an easy way for you to start generating income for free by simply putting up a banner, text link, search box or even just a description of OneGreatFamily on your website

Why Should You Join the OneGreatFamily Affiliate Program?

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How Much Can I Earn With the OneGreatFamily Affiliate Program?

The commission rate is broken down into 3 tiers, based upon volume of subscription sales per month:

  • 20% Rate for 1-15 Subscriptions per Month
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  • 30% Rate for 30+ Subscriptions per Month

We also send out Affiliate Newsletters with details about promotions that may give you the chance to earn more.

Visit the OneGreatFamily Affiliate Program page to learn more!

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