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May 3, 2007

OneGreatFamily Is Giving You One More Chance

In This Issue:

OneGreatFamily Is Giving You One More Chance To Save On Subscriptions

Springtime Promotion Extended Until May 6th

Usually we offer our OneGreatFamily guests the Springtime promotion only during the month of April. However, there were some visitors to OneGreatFamily who came to our site on Monday, April 30th hoping to still get the discount. So due to confusion we decided to extend the promotion through the first week of May - a OneGreatFamily first!

Now you have until Sunday night to save $15 on an annual subscription, giving you unlimited access to OneGreatFamily for less than $5 a month!

If you aren't ready to become an annual subscriber, you can also save $5 on a monthly subscription or $10 on a quarterly subscription to our service.

Consider all that you will get when you become a OneGreatFamily member:

  • See all of your ancestors who are already part of OneGreatFamily.
  • View the names and information of your ancestors who have been added to your family tree though OneGreatFamily's unique matching and merging system.
  • Leverage the work of others to automatically grow your family tree more quickly.
  • Meet and work with distant family around the world.
  • View unlimited generations of your family tree at one time.
  • Make new discoveries over time - new families and information are added daily.

Plant your family tree at OneGreatFamily - the best way to grow your family tree during the busy spring and summer months when you don't want to spend time indoors doing research.

Remember, this offer ends on Sunday, May 6th - Only 4 Days Left.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: Include The Stories Of Today In Your Family History

Make Your Genealogy Experience More Rich By Involving Your Family

All of us that have taken on or been given the task of completing their family's genealogy have been given a great amount of responsibility. When we believe the task has become too great, it is important to remember that we are carrying out a great and priceless service for our family.

Many think that the result of completing your genealogy is only a finished document of gathered records of your ancestors. When completing your genealogy, many other positive consequences can result, such as bringing your family closer together and creating an opportunity for constant learning throughout one's lifetime. Genealogy work is a task that is ongoing. New members are born into your family continually, and there are always unknown stories from the past that have yet to be told.

It is very important to preserve not only the stories of the past, but also the stories of those that are alive today. Make your genealogy experience more enjoyable by involving those around you! Ask family members to tell stories or thoughts about their past. Ask them what treasures are most important to them.

Involving all age groups in the process can help to close the gap between generations and create a stronger sense of family. OneGreatFamily is a great program for those that are just beginning, such as children because it is a user-friendly program that produces great results when only a few names are submitted.

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Genealogy Tip: How To Date Old Family Photographs

Basic Techniques Of Dating Pictures

Great-Grandma's family collection of antique pictures can be a treasure trove for you, the genealogy researcher, especially if you can establish when an antique picture was taken.

Dating a photograph can help you identify the subject(s) (in early photography the subjects were referred to as sitters) and can provide additional information as you piece together your family tree.

There are some basic techniques to begin the process of dating an antique picture:

What is the print made of? Is the image printed on metal, glass, card stock, or paper? Daguerreotype (early tintypes) and ambrotypes (printed on glass) were often mounted in double wooden frames that opened like a book. These were the most common types of early photographs and date back to around 1839. By 1870, almost all antique pictures were printed on heavy paper or card stock. The heavier stock was much more common in early photographs; by the 1930s even studio portraits were printed on thin paper.

Is the antique picture printed in black and white or color? Some images were being hand-tinted as early as the 1850s. Although color still photography was introduced in 1906, it was an expensive process that only professionals could afford to use. Color antique pictures did not become common for home use until the late 1950's and early 1960's.

How are the people in the photograph posed? Very early antique pictures showed people in rigid poses and usually without smiles, partly because exposure times could be as long as twenty seconds. Many portrait photographers even used braces to help sitters stay in position during the process. Candid pictures and then snapshots became more common in the 1920s.

How are the sitters dressed? The straight tunic dresses and bobbed hair of the 1920's are easy to distinguish from the cinched waists and luxuriant chignons of the late 1890's.

What other objects are visible in the antique picture? A Model T car is absolute proof that the picture was not taken before 1908. Furniture, toys, brands names, logos - all these things can provide clues, and thus, invaluable assistance in identifying previously unidentified photographs.

Additional information on dating family antique pictures is available from this list of links.

Tracing a family resemblance through the generations with antique pictures can give you a warm sense of connection to your family's past.

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