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April 27, 2007

Only 2 Days Left to Take Advantage of the Springtime Promotion

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Only 2 Days Left to Take Advantage of the Springtime Promotion at OneGreatFamily

Plant Your Family Tree TODAY at OneGreatFamily and Save

OneGreatFamily would like to thank our many guests for supporting us and our service. We hope you have come to appreciate the unique service provided by OneGreatFamily and are now interested in subscribing. OneGreatFamily is continuously growing and helping people to further their genealogy.

Subscribing to OneGreatFamily is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer. We want you to take advantage of everything OneGreatFamily has to offer by subscribing today!

Subscribing in the next two days lets you save $15 on an annual subscription, giving you unlimited access to OneGreatFamily for an effective price of less than $5 per month!

If you aren't ready to become an annual subscriber, you can also save $5 on a monthly subscription or $10 on a quarterly subscription to our service.

Your OneGreatFamily subscription lets you:

  • See all of your ancestors who are already part of OneGreatFamily.
  • View the names and information of your ancestors who have been added to your family tree though OneGreatFamily's unique matching and merging system.
  • Leverage the work of others to automatically grow your family tree more quickly.
  • Meet and work with distant family around the world.
  • View unlimited generations of your family tree at one time.
  • Make new discoveries over time - new families and information are added daily.

Before you get busy outdoors, plant your family tree at OneGreatFamily - the best way to grow your family tree during the busy spring and summer months when you don't want to spend time indoors doing research.

The OneGreatFamily community is continuously growing and helping people further their genealogy. Subscribing is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer. We want you to take advantage of everything OneGreatFamily has to offer by subscribing today!

Remember, this offer ends on April 29th - Only 2 Days Left.

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OneGreatFamily Tip: What Does Plant Your Family Tree Mean?

See What Happens When Your Plant Your Family Tree At OneGreatFamily?

What do we mean by "plant your family tree at OneGreatFamily?" When you become a subscriber and then put the information you have on your family tree into OneGreatFamily, it is like planting a sapling in fertile ground. It can grow and grow, all on its own, because OneGreatFamily is a single, unified, global family tree. When ANYONE works on OneGreatFamily, they are also working on your tree and when you work on your tree you are collaborating with others.

As OneGreatFamily members add to the global family tree, the system searches to see if any of the names submitted could be your ancestors. It never stops searching-if we find some of your ancestors today, we may find more in a week, a month, or a year. Just think; while you're concentrating on a maternal line, OneGreatFamily may identify a breakthrough on your paternal side! Your next step forward could come when you are sleeping, making dinner or - enjoying an evening out with friends - all thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of OneGreatFamily members.

A subscriber named Diane had this very experience. She wrote us the following:

I entered a new ancestor on August 6. I checked my tree…the next day. It had grown from this 1 new ancestor (which was generation # 17 and a total of 126 ancestors) to generation 118 and 1443 ancestors!!!

I am so boggled, I don't know where to start! Just looking at all the names, the unbelievable antiquity, the history, and the famous people -- it is incredible and so exciting. I never dreamed it would work like this.

Thank you so much for your wonderful program and site. It has brought so much pleasure to my family and myself. Much more researching to go on other family lines! Happy researching!

Kind Regards,


Isn't it time you planted your family tree at OneGreatFamily?

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Success At OneGreatFamily

I Was Amazed At The Progress Once I Joined OneGreatFamily

We enjoy hearing about the success our members have in building their family trees at OneGreatFamily. We appreciate Victoria for sharing her success with us.

I had hoped to someday make a family tree to preserve what there was of our history. A few names that my husband's father remembered were all I had to start with.

I was amazed at the progress made once I joined One Great Family. The information I found also reshaped what we thought was the history of our family. So many interesting lives!

What was most unexpected though, was the impact of the research on a stranger.

An elderly lady in poor health visited our little church with her granddaughter. She thought that she and an older brother were about the last of their generation. They were orphaned and raised separately by relatives in distant states. The loss of family was very hard on her.

When we met, she told me that my name was also her grandmother's name, and some weeks later brought me papers her mother made for her, detailing all the family names, dates, relationships and places that she knew.

I copied it and then got to work. I found one woman from the early 1800s that led me to tie all the family together. Our family is huge! We had no idea!

Best of all, we both have something we have not had . . . family right nearby. What a blessing!
- Mrs. Victoria Fahringer

You can view more success stories by visiting:

If you have had success using OneGreatFamily, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us either by visit our Contact Page or by emailing Thank You.

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