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April 19, 2007

Watch Your Family Tree Grow At OneGreatFamily

In This Issue:

Springtime Promotion Extended Until April 29th

Plant Your Family Tree At OneGreatFamily And Watch It Grow

Great News! A lot of you are asking if you can still take advantage of our April Springtime Promotion. We decided to extend your opportunity to save up to 33% until April 29th.

Before you get busy outdoors, plant your family tree at OneGreatFamily - the best way to grow your family tree during the busy spring and summer months when you don't want to spend time indoors doing research.

The OneGreatFamily community is continuously growing and helping people further their genealogy. Subscribing is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer. We want you to take advantage of everything OneGreatFamily has to offer by subscribing today!

Your OneGreatFamily subscription lets you:

  • See all of your ancestors who are already part of OneGreatFamily
  • Leverage the work of others to automatically grow your family tree more quickly.
  • Meet and work with distant family around the world
  • View unlimited generations of your family tree at one time
  • Make new discoveries over time - new families and information are added daily
  • Save $5 to $15 when you subscribe before April 29th.

OneGreatFamily would like to thank our many guests for supporting us and our service. We hope you have come to appreciate the unique service provided by OneGreatFamily and are now interested in subscribing. OneGreatFamily is continuously growing and helping people further their genealogy.

So act now, and save. Remember, this offer ends on April 29th.

OneGreatFamily Tip: What Is A 'Group' At OneGreatFamily?

At OneGreatFamily You Can View Your Family Tree From Your Own Perspective

OneGreatFamily allows each member to view the human family tree from his or her perspective.  Most importantly, users are able to see one another’s unique perspective.

This is accomplished in OneGreatFamily through “Groups”.  Each group has its own unique perspective of the family tree.  If two people from different groups look at the same person in OneGreatFamily, they may view things quite differently, depending on what has been verified and accepted within each group. For example, one group may only have three children listed for someone, while another group has found and accepted five children for the same individual.

Groups (or unique perspectives) are the key to the strength of OneGreatFamily.  By preserving all discrepancies and variations in its family tree, Groups allow us all to work on the same tree at the same time without having to agree 100% of the time on everything. In other systems without Groups, endless one-upmanship cycles play out where one user changes the family to 5 children, then the other comes along and changes it back to 3.  Back and forth they go, because we all know sometimes even experienced genealogists have debates over the evidence.  In OneGreatFamily, this never happens because each will see the tree the way they accept it at the same time.

The strength of groups comes from the ability of any group member to allow any other OneGreatFamily user to join his or her group.  So if I join a group that includes my sister-in-law, I can continue to look at the family tree through my own group, or I can look at it through her group.

This means that members have the ability to collaborate with others from around the world who are also viewing OneGreatFamily’s family tree information from their own perspective. Users have access to view the arrangement of other members’ genealogical information right from their own computer!

OneGreatFamily lets each group view the information the way they prefer and lets each group know when conflicts occur with information provided by other groups. You may delete information others have in their family trees from your group, but the others in the group will still see their information the next time they visit OneGreatFamily.

However, OneGreatFamily is far more than just a shared family tree! OneGreatFamily employs proprietary technology to match and merge family trees, a process that allows further collaboration and saves time and effort by reducing duplication.

OneGreatFamily is a genealogy architecture, database, and software program all combined into one service. Don’t miss out on the extended features that make it the superior genealogy product on the market.

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Success At OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily Brings Families Together

We enjoy hearing about the success our members have in building their family trees at OneGreatFamily. We appreciate Darlene for sharing her success with us.

I have to tell you that I was skeptical about your claims that I could add generations to my family line when I signed up for the free trial. I have been working on my genealogy for years and was certain I was making fair progress on my own.

However, a few hours after uploading my own GED file, I had added a new family line with generations of information. Since then, I have been adding data regularly and am finding new members of my ancestry right and left. I have a few lines that I have been stuck on for some time, but I am now hopeful that I will finally be able to crack some of these mysteries. Thank you for your efforts to bring us all together.



You can view more success stories by visiting:

If you have had success using OneGreatFamily, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us either by visit our Contact Page or by emailing Thank You.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award

Roots & Routes

Roots & Routes is about family history, heritage travel and more. Our idea is to use the cultural connections, great migrations, settlements and symbolic landscapes of North America to inform these popular avocations and make them more meaningful.

ROOTS & ROUTES offers:

  • "do it yourself" heritage theme tour maps and links
  • public history events listings
  • cultural connections
  • family history "how to" info
  • educational resources
  • conservation and preservation success stories
  • grassroots reportage and contributions
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