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March 1, 2007

You Decide What Comes Next At OneGreatFamily

In This Issue:

What Features Do You Want To See At OneGreatFamily?

OneGreatFamily Enhancements Survey Let's You Decide

Our ongoing goal at OneGreatFamily is to help you build your family tree as fast, as accurately, and as easily as possible. Whether you are a seasoned genealogist or a beginner just starting to find your family's place in history, we have an amazing genealogy program for you.

We are always looking for ways to improve OneGreatFamily and Genealogy Browser™. We have decided to listen to our members so we know what enhancements you want to see us implement next.

This is the first time we have surveyed you, our users, to determine our next enhancements. In the past we have used feedback that came through technical support to make these decisions. And we will continue to use that input as well.

Just click on to participate in the OneGreatFamily Enhancement Survey.

In putting together this survey, we were faced with a decision. We had 72 items gathered from various sources. 72 is a lot for you to consider, so we thought about cutting down the list ourselves. In the end, we decided instead to give you all 72. That way our own biases don’t eliminate something that you might feel is very important.

Thank you in advance for your time and providing us with feedback.

Success At OneGreatFamily

This Is The Best Genealogy Program I Have Used

We are always looking for great Success Stories from our users, and in the past couple of weeks we have received two that really stand out.

This week we received the following story from Greg:

I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for my family. Today after much search on my part, I was able to locate just the right ancestor that opened up a vast store of names for me to investigate. I believe it is going to take me to the beginning.

It is uniting my family in a special way. One cousin who was not involved with us from birth was found and is now united with us again.

Thank You,

Greg Johnston

Another success email we received was another follow up email from Jim Walker:

I would like to explain how this site has helped. I finally learned my Great Grandmother's Maiden name and entered it into OneGreatFamily. Within 2 weeks the family had grown to the 1252 range and then it linked to others. Now I have a family line traced back to Adam and Eve. Wow! It is exciting looking through the ancestors; I have kings and queens from almost every country in Europe. Thanks to all of the staff at OneGreatFamily - they are helping me constantly.  If you haven't taken the opportunity to join this site I strongly encourage you to. It is the best one I have used.

Jim Walker

You can view more success stories by visiting:

If you have had success using OneGreatFamily, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us either by visit our Contact Page or by emailing Thank You.

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"Making Genealogy Magic"

World War II - A Second Look

by Mandy Mathews, Family Historian

When utilizing the internet to assist in your genealogy research, it is important to regularly check for new information. Since writing the first article about WWII military records for the United States, I have found some additional information. There are several websites, maintained by volunteers that are constantly being updated. Whenever utilizing volunteer-based websites, please note the information is secondary. What you are able to view is typically an index compiled by volunteers who have a vested interest in genealogy. While the information is generally reliable, remember to allow for a margin of transcription error.

I recently found a new WWII military record database available at The name of the website is I Dream of Genealogy. The database available is a surname index of U.S. military service units who served in WWII. The index was compiled and submitted by Dianne Kiyomoto. It is organized alphabetically by surname. The index includes different information for each individual. Some of the items mentioned are:

  • Name – last, first and middle initial
  • Rank
  • Class
  • Company
  • Awards
  • Killed in Action information

This index is an excellent source for finding out if your ancestor served during WWII. While specific detail information is not available about how many individuals this index covers, I have found names in this database that I have not been able to find in other WWII record collections.

Another valuable research tool is available through veteran locaters. These websites are set up to help veterans and their families find friends and fellow servicemen. They cover all branches of the U.S. Military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. This research method is specifically beneficial for WWII because you may be able to speak to someone who actually served with your ancestor. There are many websites devoted to helping veterans find each other. One well known such website is:

The internet presents a vast field of possible resources for research. No matter how thoroughly you believe you have searched a specific topic, you need to keep checking for new information. The internet has opened many resources previously not available. When researching records that include living individuals, like WWII, the internet is one of the best ways to help you find the information you are looking for.
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