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January 18, 2007

Genealogy Is More Than Just Names And Dates

In This Issue:

Genealogy Is More Than Just Names And Dates

Discover Your Ancestry Plus So Much More!

When you research your ancestry, you will find more than just a family tree. Besides finding the names, dates, and records of your ancestors, you'll find the stories of your family - the real lives of people that will give you perspective on your own place in history.

Many people find a great deal of emotional satisfaction in tracing their ancestry. They also discover that genealogy is a great way to bring together all the generations of the family.
Everyone can help as you begin to document your family history. The oldest family members can share memories of the good old days; these stories become fascinating when younger people realize the link between their grandparents and more distant ancestors. Younger children can help do the research by asking questions. Older children can discover the connections between the genealogical research and their history and geography lessons.

Your family will find additional benefits as you trace your lineage. Your shared heritage will come alive when family members understand how customs from the old country influenced their present-day lives. Additionally, you can revive old customs to discover how your relatives lived. Stories from your family history can add more meaning and joy when your families get together.

The fastest way to discover your ancestry is to share with others who are tracing the same ancestry. You may also be able to share the fruits of your research with others who are researching the same lines., the world's largest online family tree, continues searching even while you're asleep. You'll get the information you want about your ancestry while spending the bulk of your time doing other important activities.

Success at OneGreatFamily

Thanks To OneGreatFamily Dan Riley's Family Tree Is Now A Family Forest

Last week we received another Success Story from one of our members. We appreciate Dan Riley for sharing his success story with us:

When I joined OneGreatFamily about 8-9 months ago, I had just begun to have an interest in genealogy. I discovered a diary that my paternal grandfather kept about my father, who was born in 1925 and died in 1968. The book had entries for most of my father's first few years, along with birth dates, marriage dates, etc. for many relatives.  (Up until that time, I did not even know my father's place of birth, or my grandmother's name or anything about her). I also was given a small genealogy of my mother's side of the family, but it stopped when her ancestors immigrated from Wales in the mid to late 1800s.

I had about 40 relatives entered into  For the next several months, I received no updates and was about to give up on OGF.  In doing some additional exploration, I discovered that I had been given a misspelled name for my paternal great-grandmother's maiden name.  I entered the correct spelling and logged off.  2-3 days later, when I logged back onto OGF, it took much longer to bring up my family history.  When It finally updated, I had 32,000+ ancestors in the site.

WOW!!!  Some dated back to the birth of Christ. There were over 100 generations. I discovered how to include the "notes" for each person, found that a great deal of research had been done by others in Salt Lake City, and have been totally fascinated in reading the biographies of many of my ancestors (some are several pages long).

Thank you One for helping me to complete a MAJOR portion of my "Family Tree". I feel like it is now a family forest.

All of that was just on my father's side of the family.  I am now looking forward to going back further on my mother's side.

Dan Riley

You can view more success stories by visiting:

We would love to hear if you have had success at OneGreatFamily. Please email us at or click here for our contact page.

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"Making Genealogy Magic"

Civil War Records

by Mandy Mathews, Family Historian

When discussing Military records, it is best to list them by war. Each war brought unique documents, enlistment and draft records, as well as pension records. This article will address the most prominent wars with mass records easily accessible. Please note there are many military records available for other wars. There are records existing for the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, and the Mexican – American War. The best known sources for access to these records are the United States National Archives and the LDS Family History Library.  Both of these resources have websites available, and respectively. Currently, the records are not available for viewing online from the websites mentioned, but you can obtain information about the records and order copies. The LDS Family History Library has Family History Centers all over the world. If you find records you would like to view, you may request a copy of the microfilm to be sent to the center closest to you.

The next war with mass records available is the Civil War. There are many websites available for searching information from the Civil War. One of particular interest is the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System created by the National Park Service. The web address is: There is no charge to search information on the website. You may search regiment histories, enlistment lists, medals of honor, prisoner of war records, and more. The actual documents are not available via the website. It is useful to search this website for information before ordering records from the National Archives because it may save you time and money. The historical information available is excellent for adding information to your family histories or just helping you create a better mental image of what conditions may have been for your ancestor.

There are many, many other websites available for Civil War records. Many states have websites dedicated to war records specific to their state. I encourage you to search the internet and find new websites specific to your research. If you have searched before, please search again. New information presents itself on the web every day.
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One Great Genealogy Site Award

A website for collecting stories of how people came to the United States.

Almost all of our citizens have roots in other countries. If you know anything about you or your family's story of how they immigrated to the United States, I would love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be fully documented. You don’t even have to know much more than a phrase or two that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Visit and read inspiring stories in the Stories Shared section or add your own personal story.

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