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January 4, 2007

Last Chance For Free Gift With Purchase

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Last Chance For Free Gift With Purchase - Offer Ends January 7th.

A $10 Gift Is Yours Free With Purchase Of Subscription to OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily feels that documentation is so important that we have partnered with to give you a free gift when you purchase a subscription (monthly, quarterly or annual) to OneGreatFamily.

Sign up now for any plan, and you will receive as a special FREE gift “Quicksheet: Citing Online Historical Resources” (a $10 value), by noted author Elizabeth Shown Mills.

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  • Search over 130,000,000 submitted ancestors
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  • OneGreatFamily automatically merges two family trees when it finds the exact same person in both
  • Access your family tree anywhere you have internet access
  • Genealogy Browser™, a full featured PC software program for entering, storing and surfing your family tree
  • Much, much more...
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Success at OneGreatFamily

Learn About Some Members Who Have Had Success Using OneGreatFamily

Have you had success using OneGreatFamily? Please let us know! Email us with your success story to be featured on our website.

You can view more success stories by visiting:

We have had fabulous experiences with We went from a few hundred people in our PAF program to over 10,000 each in
Mark & Betty Stilwell has been a tremendous help to me in my family research...I have discovered several dates that had eluded me, as well as finding some unknown ancestors that I didn't know existed. I also found 2nd & 3rd cousins that I never knew prior to my experience with OneGreatFamily.
Gwen Reid Adams

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Recording Religious Events at OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily Supports Religious Events in Genealogy Browser™

As you research your family, you will find that your ancestors belonged to many different religions. Religious events are important to genealogists because they provide detail about the beliefs of their ancestors and because these events can be important evidence leading to primary sources for vital records, or at least provide a basis by which other information can be inferred or estimated. For example, a christening date and place can narrow your candidates for an ancestor’s birth certificate, or at least provide a basis for an estimate.  The same is true of burial dates for death dates.

OneGreatFamily allows you to honor special dates and events specific to your religious beliefs as a part of your genealogy. OneGreatFamily's Genealogy Browser offers four unique religious tabs for recording, displaying and researching the religious events in your ancestors' lives. These preferences can be turned on or off using the Settings tab on the User Preferences box (See image below). You can access the Settings tab by selecting [User Preferences] from the [File] menu in Genealogy Browser. Currently available religious tabs include Catholic, LDS, Jewish, and Protestant.

After selecting one or more religious preferences, a tab for each religion selected will become visible when editing an individual's information in Genealogy Browser. The edit screen is activated by clicking on the selected individual in the Handprint View or by double-clicking on any other individual in the family tree.

The Catholic tab offers text fields to record event information for baptism, first communion, confirmation, and last rites. The proper naming of these events will help others know where additional information may be found.

The Jewish tab features information for barmitzva/batmitzva, circumcision (for males), and religious name information. A check box also allows you to highlight if the ancestor was a holocaust victim or survivor.


The Protestant tab contains date and place information for the baptisms and confirmations of your ancestors.

The LDS tab makes temple ordinance information available to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These events include baptism, child sealing, and endowments. A "Busy in Temple" marker allows you to alert other members that you are actively doing the temple work for a given ancestor.

Selecting the LDS preference also provides a user with new icons in Genealogy Browser's toolbar.

Clicking on the "Qualified for Temple" icon will display temple icons next to ancestors with enough information for processing through TempleReady. Clicking on the "Ordinance Indicator" icon will display green lines where ancestors have been sealed together and square boxes around ancestors whose individual ordinances have been completed. Clicking on the "Export Individuals to GEDCOM" icon will allow you to export a GEDCOM file that only contains those individuals for whom temple work can be completed.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award

Many of us have been caught up in the world of blogs. How many of you have found If you haven't come across this site, created by, you should check it out. It has fun and informative information for genealogists. There is also a nice list of categories for the archived blogs.

  • Visit
  • See Past Award Recipients
  • Recommend A Site Award Recipient

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