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OneGreatFamily Guest Newsletter

September 8, 2006

Interested In Being A Beta Tester?

In This Issue:

OneGreatFamily Is Looking For Beta Testers To Help Improve Our Product

How can I become a OneGreatFamily Beta tester?

OneGreatFamily is a powerful and unique system that provides real value to people who are trying to grow their family tree.  We are constantly looking to enhance the system, and we would like your help in making it an even more powerful genealogical tool.  To do that, we are initiating a Beta Test program wherein interested OneGreatFamily users can provide direct feedback to us of new and existing features.

We are currently seeking founding members of our new beta tester program for several new features under development right now for the site. We are looking for all types of genealogists – from beginner to expert. We are also looking for those who are experts at using a computer and those who are beginners.

You will be required to spend at least 3-5 hours a week testing new features on OneGreatFamily during our best test period. The period is expected to last 3-6 weeks, and should start around mid-October. You need to apply in order to become a Beta Tester. 

Visit where you can complete and submit your application. 

We will review your application along with all other applications we receive. If you are chosen we will notify you by email. Additional instructions, schedules and logon information will be included in that email.

Beta Testing will being mid-October

Asking feedback from our members has resulted in some of the most useful features we have at OneGreatFamily. We appreciate all members who are willing to help us out.

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Q&A: The Privacy Of OneGreatFamily Members

OneGreatFamily Does Not Sell Data

Some customers have a hard time understanding what OneGreatFamily is and what is included in a subscription to OneGreatFamily. Some people erroneously believe OneGreatFamily is in the business of selling family tree data.

Some of this confusion is created by competitors that charge fees to access their family tree collections or that sell family tree data that has been freely submitted back to customers on CD-ROMs. OneGreatFamily does not engage in either practice.

Can I Trust OneGreatFamily With My Genealogy?

Even with all the benefits an online genealogy service can provide, most researchers are still hesitant to subscribe because it is a decision filled with questions and uncertainty about trust and credibility. Trust is an important concept whenever you provide any information to any commercial entity.

OneGreatFamily takes your family tree research seriously. OneGreatFamily always provides you with access to any information you submit to OneGreatFamily, even if you are not currently subscribing to the service.

OneGreatFamily will never sell your information on CD-ROM or prevent you from updating your family tree at your convenience. As explained in previous articles, OneGreatFamily sells access to a Genealogy System rather than selling genealogical data.

OneGreatFamily continues to make improvements to its online service and to the overall health of the company. OneGreatFamily is one of the few success stories of online subscription services. With a growing subscription base, the company has created a solid foundation on which it will build for years to come.

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Lisa Lights The Way

Using Tax Records

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

The following article was written for the September 1, 2005 OneGreatFamily newsletter. Since Lisa is no longer writing for us, we are featuring some of our favorite articles written by her.

Even though most of us complain about taxes, as genealogists we are certainly glad our ancestors had to pay them! Many early tax records have been used to replace lost census records and are a valuable tool for locating where our ancestor lived. Information contained in real property tax records normally included the amount of land, its location, the person in whose name it was originally entered (which sometimes gives clues to relationships) and it's value.

There are many types of tax records but most of these can be divided into three groups:

1. Real property
2. Personal property (usually livestock and, it hurts me to say it, slaves)
3. A combination of both of the above

Both personal and real property tax lists should be checked because the personal property lists can pick up people who did not own land. People who did not own much, however, may not be found in either of these records.

Tax records are usually available at the county courthouse. Many of them are on microfilm and are available through inter-library loan at Family History Centers of the LDS Church.

Tax records do not answer a lot of genealogical questions but help to lead the researcher into other records such as deeds, probate, marriage etc. When we find all these available records, we can usually learn quite a bit about an individual.

Even if our ancestors couldn't pass down the money they paid as taxes, at least we can benefit richly from finding out more about them and their lives.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award

GenealogySpot is a free resource center that simplifies the search for the best online genealogy resources for beginners and experts alike. Sites featured on are hand-selected by our editorial team for their exceptional quality, content and utility.

You can quickly and easily find the best resources to perform ancestor searches by state, country, ethnicity and religion, browse historical records, access reference tools, locate lost family members, join genealogy communities and much more.

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