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August 31, 2006

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OneGreatFamily Appreciates All Your Efforts To Create The Unified Global Tree

Guests And Subscribers Have Made OneGreatFamily The Active, Growing, And Dynamic Service It Is Today

The last couple of months the OneGreatFamily Unified Global Tree has seen some amazing growth. Our members are really benefiting from all the collaborative activity and using the many resources and tools we offer to expand their family trees. We appreciate all the contributing information that so many of you have shared that have helped others have success in finding their ancestors.

OneGreatFamily has become known as a great tool for doing genealogical research. The system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year to search and then sift your entire family tree against the family trees of all the other OneGreatFamily Members. The system does this work in order to save you from performing endless searches resulting in thousands of obvious non-matches.

However, all this technology and all our efforts would be of little value without your support and participation. It is the hundreds of thousands of family history enthusiasts contributing their personal research that keeps the OneGreatFamily engine running. These guests and subscribers have made OneGreatFamily the active, growing, and dynamic service it is today.

Furthermore, unlike other services, EVERYONE benefits from new discoveries or corrections that are made to our human family tree. We have an active community working on a common global pedigree. New information is available at OneGreatFamily every day to help you in your research. Many users have found that, even with no recent activity, all of a sudden they may benefit from a file just uploaded that day by a new member half way around the world.

Remember that you can always submit your family tree to OneGreatFamily, whether or not you are a subscriber. You can also subscribe to OneGreatFamily to gain unlimited access to the research others may be doing on YOUR family tree. Your participation has made OneGreatFamily the best framework for genealogy content.

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Success At OneGreatFamily

Family Reunited After 33 Years Of Questions And Curiosity

We enjoy hearing about the success our members have in building their family trees at OneGreatFamily.

I would like to take a second to thank all the people who made a family reunited after 33 years of questions and curiosity. From the Jerry Jerde family thank you for joining 2 sons and 4 grandkids together. We couldn’t have done it without you.” ~ Brian R. Jerde & family has been a tremendous help to me in my family research...I have discovered several dates that had eluded me, as well as finding some unknown ancestors that I didn't know existed. I also found 2nd & 3rd cousins that I never knew prior to my experience with OneGreatFamily.” ~ Gwen Reid Adams

Thank you for supporting this monumental effort in genealogy. OneGreatFamily continues to grow in value with each passing day, increasing your chances of finding new ancestors and discovering new information about your family tree.

OneGreatFamily wants to hear your success story! If you would like to share your story of how OneGreatFamily has helped you in your genealogy quest, please send an email to

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Lisa Lights The Way

Using Newspapers In Genealogy

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

The following article was written in the August 26, 2005 OneGreatFamily newsletter. Since Lisa is no longer writing for us, we are featuring some of our favorite articles written by her.

My husband handed me a family record and scribbled to the side were the words “Joe Atkinson died mine explosion, McCalister, Oklahoma, April 30, 1905.” My first thought was “how can I get my hands on a copy of an old McClaister newspaper?”

Newspapers are very valuable in family history research. They can be used to:

1. Advertise for genealogical information. This is particularly helpful in small communities.

2. Locate an obituary once a death date has been established.

3. Obtain a copy of any pertinent newspaper article(s). Many newspapers have a column called 50 years ago, or 100 years ago or something similar. I found a fascinating account about my 2nd great-grandmother in such an article. If something newsworthy occurred to your ancestor, such as my husband’s Joe Atkinson, newspaper research is definitely indicated. Birth and marriage notices should be checked. I even remember an article in the local newspaper when I visited my grandmother, so be sure to check out the “gossip” columns.

Three good references to help locate newspapers are:

1. The internet – old newspapers are being put on the Internet daily.

2. Gale’s “Directory of Publications of Broadcast Media” gives addresses for newspapers in each state. This directory should be available at any public library.

3. Clarence Brigham's “History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820” lists where old newspapers are located.

Libraries, historical societies and State Archives are often repositories for old newspapers.

The McCalister newspapers I was searching for were on microfilm at the Oklahoma State Library. Day after day the tragic story of the search for my husband’s great-great grandfather and twelve other trapped miners unfolded. It was difficult reading, but this ancestor who was only a name scribbled on a piece of paper has now become very real to us.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award

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Founded in 1903 as a non-profit organization, the National Genealogical Society is a dynamic and growing membership of individuals and other groups from all over the country—and the world—that share a common love of the field of genealogy. Whether you're a beginner, a professional or somewhere in between, NGS can assist you in your research into the past.

The rich melting pot of ethnic diversity that is the United States includes countless personal histories just waiting to be re-discovered. NGS can be your portal to this endeavor with its ever growing selection of research services, educational offerings, premier annual conference, member services, and numerous books and publications. NGS has something for everyone!

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