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July 20, 2006

Watch Your Family Tree Grow Overnight

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Another OneGreatFamily Member Finds Success

Thank You, One Great Family, For Giving Me A Family I Never Knew I Had

Dear One Great Family,

What a terrific program- and I love the new upgrades! I never knew my mother's family history, because her mother died early and didn't pass along much of anything. I only had a few family members left to help me get on the right track.

After slugging through various libraries, other online sites, etc., I come here and wow, do I find my mother's family- and every single one of them can be documented by my own research (which is important to my genealogy work.)

I love that others are following suit and documenting their own relationships with historical documents, as well as stories about family members being added to the research, as well as the Notes boxes. Some are even adding JPEGs of their relatives, which is really terrific. Finding photos of people who are related to you is the frosting on the cake! Thank you, OGF members.

Thank you, One Great Family, for giving me a family that I never knew I had. I thought all that was left of my mother's family was one second cousin, her children, and one old aunt. I have tons of family members I would love to one day meet, although I will wait for an invite first.

Keep up the good work and keep improving the program.


Have you had success using OneGreatFamily? Please let us know! Email us with your success story to be featured on our website.
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Genealogy Tip: Documenting Your Family Tree

It's Simple Adding Documentation To Your Family Tree At OneGreatFamily

Just like Lynn, most genealogists today feel it is very important to document your family tree. In the Genealogy Browser™, it's quite simple to add documentation to your own family tree. This will not only help others, but it will make you feel confident that in the years to come, you will remember where you discovered information. This is particularly important if, years from now, you come across another document containing conflicting information. The strength of your documentation will be the key to determining which information to use.

To add documentation to an ancestor's record, simply open an Individual Record in Genealogy Browser. On the left side you will see buttons for the different types of documentation features:

Citations: Citations are references to the specific evidence that you have found on an individual during your research. Citations are very important for establishing the credibility of information, but they can also help others in their research. The information you save in the citations becomes part of OneGreatFamily and is available to others to help with the collaborative effort.

Citations are stored with each specific individual's information. When you click the citation button, you are presented with the citation window containing listings for Individual Sources, Birth Sources, Death Sources, Christening Sources, and Burial Sources. These five categories help to group citations for quick access. Be sure you name your citations with a title that is explanatory and easy to understand at a glance.

Biography: Open the Biography window by selecting the Biography icon. This section allows you to insert files of three different formats: text (txt), rich text format (rtf), or hyper-text markup language (html). By allowing these different file types, biographies on individuals can be simple or stylized. You are also not limited to just one file; you can make as many files as you would like to include.

Notes: The Notes section is where you store those extra bits of information that don't seem to fit anywhere else, but are important enough to keep. When editing an individual's information, click on the notes button on the right, represented here in the spot shadow. The notes window will display, and you can add information as needed.

Research Log: Research notes can be extremely helpful to you and others working on the same areas of genealogy. While doing your research, leave yourself memos on recent information you have found, where you have left off, or anything that will help in the process. These memos will be helpful for you, others in your family group, and any others in OneGreatFamily that are trying to further the collaborative effort on research for that person.

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Q&A: Where Can I Store Multimedia In Genealogy Browser™?

Share Photos, Video, And More

OneGreatFamily allows you to go beyond just names and events and allows you to share photos, scanned documents, videos, and more. Finding a picture of a distant ancestor can sometimes feel like discovering gold. Pictures, audio clips, and movies make for a very rich family history experience.

Instructions for Uploading Multimedia:

From the Individual Details window, open the Multimedia window by clicking the Multimedia icon (). You will be presented with a list of media (or a blank list if media has not yet been added for this individual). You can upload, view, rename, or remove media associated with individuals.

The buttons in the upper-right corner of the Multimedia window (shown below) allows you to add, display, rename, or remove multimedia files.

Media List
Multimedia files can include pictures, audio, text, and movies in the following formats:

  • Images: jpg, bmp, tif, gif
  • Audio: mp3, wav, au, rm
  • Video: avi, asf, mpe, mpeg
  • Text: rtf, html, txt
View the selected media file in the associated program. This requires that you have software on your computer capable of viewing the file type. Most files can be viewed by software included with your operating system, though you may need to update to the latest version of the software (Windows Media Player, for example), depending on how the media was created by the person uploading the file.

Add Media File
Add a new media file associated with the individual. This option will open a window for finding the file on your computer. Once this file is chosen and uploaded, a copy of the file resides on OneGreatFamily and does not effect the file on your computer.

Change the title of the selected media file.

Remove the selected media file from OneGreatFamily. (This will not affect a media file on your own computer.)
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One Great Genealogy Site Award

A picture is worth a thousand words. is a free, searchable database containing thousands of identified and mystery photos for genealogy enthusiasts looking for long-lost family. Anyone who finds a photo of a direct ancestor that is owned by the archive will receive the photo for free.

  • Visit to see if you can find photos of your ancestors.
  • See Past Award Recipients.
  • Recommend A Site Award Recipient.

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