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June 1, 2006

Promotion Extended Until June 11th

In This Issue:

Promotion Extended Until June 11th

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Great News! Due to popular demand, we've extended this very special offer, but only until June 11th. So if you've been holding back, the right time is NOW!

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Some the benefits of subscribing to OneGreatFamily are:

  1. OneGreatFamily automatically matches and merges identical individuals in its database to remove duplication and to allow opportunities for collaboration.
  2. OneGreatFamily offers free, powerful software for viewing, organizing, and saving your family tree. OneGreatFamily does what no other family tree service or software program can do by letting you see your entire family tree at one time.
  3. As a subscriber to the OneGreatFamily service, you can view the details on every ancestor who is added automatically to your family tree.
  4. OneGreatFamily's ability to preserve each person's view of the family tree is something that makes OneGreatFamily unique.

These are just a few of the benefits your receive as a OneGreatFamily subscriber. OneGreatFamily is continuously finding ways for our subscribers to recognize the value available to those who subscribe to this excellent genealogy service.

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Refer a Family Member or Friend to OneGreatFamily - Get Free Time

OneGreatFamily's Refer-a-Friend Program

We just updated our policy to allow guests to take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend Program. As a guest, you can receive one FREE month for every subscriber you refer to OneGreatFamily!

Doing genealogy without cooperating with your family is like being the only player in a team sport. Genealogy was meant to be a team effort. Now you can use the most advanced “team” tools for doing genealogy AND be rewarded for it!

OneGreatFamily Rewards is our way to say “Thank You” for something you are already doing…sharing!

Let your family and friends know if they sign up by June 11th, they will be able to take advantage of our promotion right now - "Sign up for a yearly subscription, get 3 months free."


When you refer family or friends to OneGreatFamily, simply tell them to enter YOUR username (created at sign-up) into the “Rewards Program” field when they subscribe.

After they subscribe, you will receive an email to confirm your free month.

Check your account to see your new expiration date. After you login, click on “My Account ” to view your account. One of the boxes provides you with your Subscription Information. You will see below the space that will inform you whether or not you have received credit for a referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions about OneGreatFamily Rewards:

1.Is there a limit to how many FREE months I can receive?
No! Your number of months is unlimited!

2. Do I get a free month if I refer someone who signs up as a Guest or provides an email address only?
No. The person you refer must be a paying subscriber, even if it’s only for one month.

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Lisa Lights the Way

Recording Dates from Gravestones

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

The following article was written in the May 13, 2005 OneGreatFamily newsletter. Since Lisa is no longer writing for us, we are featuring some of our favorite articles written by her.

My husband and I have trekked many graveyards locating and recording information found on tombstones. We've done it at night with flashlights. We've done it with babes in arms, and we've done it at the risk of having to buy out all the Chigger-rid the local stores had in stock - and it's always been worth it!

Many graveyards have been canvassed and the information has been put on the internet. This is a real boon to genealogists; yet, if at all possible, it is still better if you can actually go to the cemetery yourself. When someone else copies the information from a tombstone, there is always the possibility of error. Also the way the tombstones are laid out is often a clue to family relationships. When you copy information from cemetery headstones, you should always also include a simple map or description indicating the physical placement of the graves. Another good reason to visit the cemetery yourself is that it gives you the opportunity to copy information from the tombstones close to the one you've been looking for, especially if it appears to be a family plot. This information can give you clues about family relationships which you may have been missing.

You can extract the information from a gravestone, but of course that makes the document less valuable because it is a copy. Photographs of the tombstone are considered an original of the source (for information about evaluating a source see "How to Evaluate Genealogy Documents" in OGF archives). You should never put anything on the stone that could damage it, nor should you try to dig out the letters to make them clearer. Before taking the picture you can wash it off with water and if necessary brush gently with a soft brush. Many sites will suggest that you put shaving cream on the tombstone and scrap it off with a soft scraper before taking a picture. Although this does make the stone much easier to read, shaving creams contain chemicals that will damage the stone. Even if you wipe or rinse off the cream, harmful residue may still remain.

Some people like to make grave rubbings of the tombstone. There are many places where grave rubbings are illegal and you could receive a stiff fine, so be sure to make inquiries. A good grade of paper large enough to cover the tombstone, 100% cotton rag drafting vellum, or butcher paper all work well. You can rub with a lumber crayon from a lumber yard, brass rubbing wax, or even a large 1st grader's crayon.

The first step in tombstone rubbing is to brush the stone. Using a soft bristle brush, gently brush away anything that would interfere with the rubbing. Do not scrub! Place paper over the tombstone. Having two people is the easiest - one to hold the paper in place and one to make the rubbing. You can also make one large rubber band out of regular rubber bands (the way you did when you were a kid) and hold the paper on the tombstone with the "giant" rubber band. Rub carefully so that you do not tear the paper or damage the tombstone. After completing the rubbing and removing it from the stone, you can spray the paper with a spray fixative to prevent it from blurring.

ALWAYS treat the grave with respect and completely clean up the area before leaving.

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Genealogy Today has been committed to keeping genealogists informed of the latest resources and research techniques. Year after year, the site has expanded the information in its searchable databases and local genealogy directory.

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