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February 16, 2006

New Tutorials Explain Genealogy Browser™

In This Issue:

See What's New at OneGreatFamily: New Tutorials Help You Become an Expert at Using Genealogy Browser™

First Tutorial: An Overview of OneGreatFamily's Genealogy Browser™

OneGreatFamily is a truly unique and revolutionary service. Because it is unique and so different from all the other genealogy sites on the web, one challenge we often face is simply explaining how to best get the most out of OneGreatFamily.

For example, OneGreatFamily's Genealogy Browser is a very powerful tool that offers truly unique functionality. From surfing your family tree to resolving conflicts, there are many things in Genealogy Browser that no other product can do. Even though Genealogy Browser is actually quite easy to use, many people still feel a little overwhelmed the first time they use it.

To help with thi,s we are happy to announce that we have created a series of tutorials to help you learn how to use Genealogy Browser. These tutorials show Genealogy Browser in use with a narration explaining what you are seeing on the screen. Each tutorial is about 3 to 4 minutes long.

Our goal is for all members to feel comfortable with our tools in order to get the most from our service. We want you to experience the satisfaction of finding lost ancestors and getting connected with distant cousins using OneGreatFamily's Genealogy Browser.

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring 4 new tutorials that will guide you through the unique features Genealogy Browser has to offer you. The first video is an overview of Genealogy Browser that explains what makes Genealogy Browser unique, introduces you to the Handprint and Starfield concept, and shows you how to surf your family tree.

There are 2 ways to view the new tutorial:

#1 - Screen resolutions of 800x600 (file size of 1.8MB):

#2 - Screen resolutions of 1024x762 or greater (file size of 1.1MB):

One last point: All these tutorials will be on the site soon, but for now you can only get to them through these links above. We hope you find the tutorials very useful and would appreciate any feedback. Look for more tutorials to come! Enjoy!

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Research Your Genealogy With the Entire Family

Involve All the Members of Your Family

Doing ancestor research together as a family is a great way to involve everybody in a shared hobby. Ancestor research draws on the family knowledge and stories of the older generation, while younger family members can contribute useful computer and Internet skills to the ancestor research project.

Doing ancestor research together is a great way to schedule family time. Here are some ways that ancestor research can bring your family together:

  1. Ancestor research starts at home. Even small children can ask Grandma and Grandpa for stories about their families, though they may need your help recording information. "What was it like when you were my age?" can elicit some memorable answers.
  2. Make visits to local libraries, museums, and archives. Family adventures are an exciting way to pursue your ancestor research. Take family members of all ages to visit a local history museum so older relatives can explain the common objects of yesteryear to younger folk.
  3. When you know a little more about your family tree, plan vacations around ancestor research. Compile a list of houses, cemeteries, and places of historical interest connected with your family history. A trip to Ellis Island has much more meaning and interest when you know the names and stories of some of your family members.
Whether you're an expert at ancestor research or just starting out, offers the chance to add entire branches to your family tree. You may find a lost ancestor or an entire forest of new connections. Share the fruits of your ancestor research with other members of your family. Our families, even those members who lived generations before us, are the stuff we are made of. They are our roots, our beginnings, and they influence our lives in ways we may not even understand.
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Lisa Lights the Way

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors (CWSS)

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

Over this past year, Lisa has provided OneGreatFamily members with valuable information and tips on how to find their ancestors. This is her last article for the weekly OneGreatFamily newsletter. We wish her the very best and will miss all her expert advice and entertaining articles!

Years ago, I walked around the Vicksburg Civil War site and was awe struck at what had occurred there so many years before.  While in the visitor's center, I was given a handout.  It talked about a new program the National Parks wanted to implement.  They were making plans to have a data base that included the name and basic information for every person that served in the Civil War, both Union and Confederate.  I was awe struck again—what a boon it would be for genealogists! I could hardly believe that day would ever come, but it did!

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System can be accessed at:

The summary of the site states:  “The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War. The initial focus of the CWSS is the Names Index Project, a project to enter names and other basic information from 6.3 million soldier records in the National Archives. The facts about the soldiers were entered from records that are indexed to many millions of other documents about Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration.”

“Other information includes: histories of regiments in both the Union and Confederate Armies; links to descriptions of 384 significant battles of the war; and other historical information. Additional information about soldiers, sailors, regiments, and battles, as well as prisoner-of-war records and cemetery records, will be added over time.”

Some prisoner of war records for Fort McHenry (Confederate) and Andersonville (Union) have already been added, as well as the Poplar Grove National Cemetery.

Since new data continues to be added, you may want to add this site to your favorites if you have civil war ancestors.  Unfortunately, there is not a Soundex for the search, so be creative in using various spellings when you enter your ancestors name(s).

I have enjoyed writing for OneGreatFamily and regret that time restraints prevent me from continuing.  As a genealogist, I see much value and possibilities of OneGreatFamily.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award

The founders of Rootweb have just created another great site that will be a helpful resource for genealogists. There is so much free information on the internet that it's becoming very complex to find your ancestors. is a site that categorizes and organizing genealogical information.

Even looking beyond genealogy, Linkpendium is one of the largest human-edited directories to resources on the Web. The Linkpendium collection includes 3,516,226 links specialized to genealogical information.

The links are divided into two collections. There is a 3,033,240 link surname collection, categorized by almost a half-million surnames from around the globe. There is also an American locality collection, categorized by the 3,000+ American counties and similar geographical entities.

An average of 100,000 links are being added every month. Check out to see if you can find any of your ancestors in the new genealogy directory.

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