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January 12 , 2006

We Still Need Feedback for the New Site

In This Issue:

Still Time to Provide Us Your Feedback on Our New Design

We need your input soon if you want to have an impact on our site design.

If you have already checked out the site and sent us feedback, thank you for your time. We know you are busy, and we really appreciate the effort you make to give us your reaction.

There have been many positive and constructive comments that have provided us valuable insight into ways we can improve the site. When the open comment period closes, we will provide you with key findings from the results in this newsletter.

If you haven't visited the new site, or provided us feedback, won't you please do that now? Our open comment period will only last a couple more weeks, after which we will make adjustments based on all the feedback we receive. We'd like your comments to be included in our final evaluation.

Right now only a few people who go to will actually see the new site. Everybody else will continue to go to the current site. But if you click here you will automatically be directed to the new site.

We are showing OneGreatFamily guests the new site because we need your feedback. Your input will let us know if we are on the right track with the new site design.

After you have checked out the site, there are two ways for you to give us feedback:

1. Send us an email at (or just click here) with your thoughts on our efforts. What did you like? What did you dislike? What is still unclear? How can we make it even clearer?

2. Take our survey by clicking here. The survey is short, and includes open ended questions where you can write any additional thoughts you have.

Our ongoing goal at OneGreatFamily is to help you build your family tree as fast, as accurately, and as easily as possible. Whether you are a seasoned genealogist or a beginner just starting to find your family's place in history, we can help you build your family tree. The most important things we hope to accomplish with this new site are to better explain what OneGreatFamily is, how we can help you in your genealogy, and how our site differs from other genealogy sites. We appreciate any input you can give us regarding whether or not you feel we achieve this goal with the new site.

Thank you in advance for your time in looking at the site and providing us with feedback.

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What's New?: See How OneGreatFamily Works

Our recently created demos walk you through OneGreatFamily.

OneGreatFamily is a very unique genealogy service. No other website today does for you what OneGreatFamily does.

But many site visitors have given us feedback that our website has not effectively explained this uniqueness. Other sites often say things that make them seem similiar to OneGreatFamily.

So in the new website design, we have incorporated a series of videos that quickly highlight the unique aspects of OneGreatFamily. This week we are spotlighting our introductory video, which is designed to give a very high level overview of OneGreatFamily. It is short--only about 30 seconds.

Click on the link to view the OneGreatFamily Introduction video:

Or, Visit OneGreatFamily to see the new site, check out the new demos, and view all the new ancestors added to your family tree.

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Lisa Lights the Way

Loyalist Records

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

Being a true “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, I looked upon loyalists as traitors when I studied the Revolutionary War – until I read Kenneth Roberts’ “Oliver Wiswell”. While this is fictionalized history, it gave me insight to the loyalist side of the war. I’m still an all American girl, but I realize there are two sides to every story and I can understand why some of our ancestors were Loyalists. In fact about 20% of all colonist were Loyalist and approximately 50% of New York were “King’s Men” as they were sometimes called.

Loyalists came from all walks of life, but the following were usually loyal to the English cause: British Officials, the wealthy who had much to lose, ministers of the Church of England, Indians, Indentured servants, and those of German descent (because George III origin was German).

The words Loyalist and Tory were, and still are, often used interchangeably, but basically, the Loyalist supported the King’s cause, while the Tories only sympathized with the British. Because of this, Loyalists were usually treated more harshly than Tories, having their property confiscated etc.

Loyalists were supplied with weapons, etc., by the British and made up about 50 British military units. When it became apparent that the English were losing the war, approximately 70,000 Loyalists left the country (this number varies depending on the source). They went to Canada (first Nova Scotia and then later Quebec and Ontario), Florida and the Bahamas. Most of them remained in those places, but in 1784 the American government allowed Loyalists to return without any penalty, so if you find an ancestor coming from Canada after the war, a search in Loyalist records would be worthwhile!

The Loyalists who stayed in Canada were allotted land according to sex, marital status and military rank. In 1789 the Order of Council (OIC) granted 200 acres to Loyalist children when they came of age. The Paris Peace Treaty required Congress to restore all this confiscated property.

There is a huge collection of Loyalist records available through the LDS interlibrary loan system. Visit a local branch of the LDS Family History Library and search the Family History Library Catalog. Place the word “Loyalists” in the keyword search and it will bring up a list of the records.

There are also large collections at:

The Loyalist Collection, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick

New York Public Library Loyalist Records

Surry, British Columbia Public Library

One Great Genealogy Site Award

Roots & Routes

Roots & Routes is about family history, heritage travel and more. Our idea is to use the cultural connections, great migrations, settlements and symbolic landscapes of North America to inform these popular avocations and make them more meaningful.

ROOTS & ROUTES offers:

  • "do it yourself" heritage theme tour maps and links
  • public history events listings
  • cultural connections
  • family history "how to" info
  • educational resources
  • conservation and preservation success stories
  • grassroots reportage and contributions
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