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December 15 , 2005

Why Should You Give the Gift of Genealogy?

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Why Should You Give the Gift of Genealogy?

Give the Gift of Family this Holiday Season

For most of us, the word "family" brings to mind holidays, reunions, summer vacations and visits to Grandma and Grandpa. But for many of us, that word - family - takes us no further. Few of us have memories of great-grandparents and we may not even recognize the names of ancestors before that. That our experience with our families is limited to only those we've met and known in person is unfortunate - and unnecessary.

This holiday season, give your loved ones the precious gift of learning more about themselves - by finding out more about their family history. A gift subscription to OneGreatFamily could be the most meaningful present you'll ever give anyone.

What better gift to give this Holiday Season than the gift of genealogy?

But what exactly could that gift be? Of course, you could print out a nice family tree or create a special tribute book. These would be cherished by family members. But as someone who does genealogy, you know that the true gift is to get involved in discovering your family's history. Genealogy can be a rewarding lifetime endeavor that enriches not only yourself but others. And genealogy is even more fun when you work together with other family members. Whether collaborating on a hard-to-find ancestor or sharing fun facts you’ve each identified, working together with family members on your genealogy is a wonderful experience.

This Holiday Season, we want to make it easy for you to give the true gift of genealogy. As a subscriber to OneGreatFamily you will be eligible to get the gift subscriptions at tremendous savings:

  • Buy 1 annual gift certificate and we will discount the price by $35 so you pay $39.95. That’s 47% off the list price of $74.95 and is a great deal.
  • Buy 2 annual gift certificates and each will cost $29.95, for a savings of $90. That's 60% off and a super deal.
  • Buy 3 or more, each annual subscription will cost only $19.95. This means you can buy five annual subscriptions for under $100; and you save $275! Buy 10 for under $200 and save $550.

You could give a gift subscription to your family members or to your friends at the local genealogy library or society. Think of the joy and satisfaction they would have from collaborating with you on your family tree.

Your friends and family members can experience the joys and benefits of collaborating with other genealogists from all over the globe in locating your ancestors and merging your own family tree with the world's first true global family tree - found at

These low subscription prices is our way of thanking you for sharing the news about OneGreatFamily's genealogy service, and for helping us in building the world's first global family tree. Take advantage of this offer now, because it expires this Sunday December 18th

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Are there Thousands of People Hiding in your OneGreatFamily tree?

See Up To 512 Generations of Your Family Tree

As the only Internet-based collective family tree, OneGreatFamily handles your precious family tree data differently than other PC-based genealogy software.  All of your data is always stored on our central computer systems (and therefore, backed up regularly as well).  The power in this system is that everybody in the world is always working with the absolute most up-to-date information.  As soon as a change is made in our system by anyone in the world, our central system is updated and that information is automatically distributed to anyone else who is working with that information. 

But this raises an interesting question.  How much of your family tree do you want to see when you open Genealogy Browser™?  Although it is tempting to say, “All of it”, the truth is that it takes time to download tens of thousands of ancestors over the internet.  To address this issue, Genealogy Browser has a maximum displayed generation setting built right in to give you total control.  In fact, there are two settings in Genealogy Browser that affect the number of generations displayed.  The first setting is the maximum generation displayed (Or Max Generations.  Max Generations means what it sounds like, i.e. the maximum number of generations to be displayed.  If your tree has 20 generations, but Max Generations is set to 15, you will only see the first 15 generations, and the last 5 will not be shown.

The second setting is called the Limit Button.  This setting is turned on and off by a button, named the temporarily limit Starfield view button, located in the tool bar of Genealogy Browser.  When this button is off, the system uses the Max Generations value to determine the number of generations to display.

However, when this button is toggled on, the system instead uses the value assigned to Limit button.  The temporarily limit button can be very helpful when you want to change anchors or lookup someone outside your Starfield. 

Genealogy Browser automatically defaults to Limit button setting of 7 generations and a Max Generations value of 13; and it defaults to having the Limit button turned on.  You can toggle between the Limit and the maximum by clicking on the button labeled "Temporarily limit Starfield View".

Many subscribers to OneGreatFamily don't realize you can change the Limit Button and Max Generations, which will allow you to see up to 512 generations of your family tree at once. Many subscribers are surprised to discover thousands or even tens of thousands of previously "hidden" ancestors on OneGreatFamily after changing this User Preference.

To change this User Preference, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log into OneGreatFamily
  2. Choose your group and launch the Genealogy Browser
  3. Select "User Preferences..." from the File Menu
  4. Select "Settings" and increase the Max Generations setting to a higher value - up to 512! (You will want to be careful with this setting, since each generation will take more time to load onto your computer.)
  5. Click the "OK" button.
  6. Double-check that the "Temporarily limit Starfield" button (located in the toolbar in the Genealogy Browser above the Starfield) is not selected.

After changing this preference, you may have to wait some time for the Starfield to build. Your wait time depends on the number of generations you choose to display and the amount of information available at OneGreatFamily.

Everyone can see the size and shape of their family tree on OneGreatFamily; however, only subscribers will be able to see the names of anyone who has been added to their family trees through the matching and merging process.

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Lisa Lights the Way

Bounty Land

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

“If you do this for me, I’ll do that for you.”  As children most of us made “deals” like this all the time.  In essence that is exactly what the bounty land acts were.  Men wanted land and the government wanted soldiers – the deal – you fight in the war and the government will give you a certain amount of land.

One thing there was plenty of in the early years of America was land.  When the United States was founded, the original colonies turned over much of their land to the federal government.  With the government wanting these areas settled and also needing a military force to help preserve and protect the young nation, the concept of bounty lands for military service was a good deal for all.  Bounty land warrants were given from the colonial period up until 1858.  In 1863 the rights to take possession of bounty lands was discontinued.  Different acts were passed during this period of time and the amount of land granted, varied. 

Bounty land was given by both federal and state governments.  Bounty land was received for service in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars and the Mexican War.  All bounty land, except that issued for service in the War of 1812, was assignable – it could be sold, and most of it was!

The main information you will get from a bounty land record is the legal description of the land received.  Some have death dates and information about heirs. If your ancestor received bounty land, the records can be ordered from the National Archives.  You can order copies online or by using NATF Form 85 you mail in a request.   Information about ordering copies online and about obtaining copies of the order form NAFT Form 85 can be found at

One Great Genealogy Site Award

Genwriters - Writing For Future Generations

Genwriters was created as a forum to bring together web-based and print resources to assist genealogists in writing their family histories. A well-written family history is more than lists of names, dates and places. To add interest and substance, a family history should be written against a well-researched social history backdrop. Genwriters presents resources to assist you with your basic genealogy research. Read articles about organization, notetaking and interviewing.

  • Visit to start writing your family history.
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