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September 15, 2005

OneGreatFamily Will Save You Time and Money

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OneGreatFamily Will Save You Time and Money

OneGreatFamily is One Great Genealogy Service

Most of us today seemed to be constantly strapped for time and money. We all know that searching for our ancestors is really important, but the costs and time involved can seem overwhelming. We at OneGreatFamily can help!

OneGreatFamily is a service that can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting started with your genealogy - not to mention saving you hours and hours of time as well.

Researching one ancestor alone can take years and cost hundreds of dollars! Now, you can get a start on your genealogy from the comfort of home. Here are a few costs to consider when researching your family tree:

  • Family Tree Software ($20-$120)
  • Travel Expenses ($$$)
  • Photocopies, Mail, etc.
  • Professional Assistance
  • Backup hardware ($50-$100)
  • Data Access on CD-ROM or Online ($200 and up)

Right away, saves you money on Family Tree Software. The included, downloadable Genealogy Browser™ is a full fledged family tree software package with several unique features that really help.

Next, OneGreatFamily saves you money by automatically backing up your family tree to our servers, providing you with piece of mind that your work is not in jeopardy from accidents.

Finally, OneGreatFamily can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel, photocopies, professional assistance and data access fees. Remember that an annual subscription to OneGreatFamily only costs $6.25 per month when you sign up for an annual subscription!

Here are a few examples of how OneGreatFamily saves you money:

  • efficiently eliminates duplicate family trees and relationships by creating ONE FAMILY TREE. Elsewhere the internet has spawned a data duplication floodgate, which wastes your time as you wade through thousands of duplicate records.
  • provides you with access to the largest collective family tree available - for one low price.
  • Access data and collaborate with people from all around the world from the comfort of home . . . or wherever you have access to the Internet. Spend some time on OneGreatFamily before you take that trip to your ancestral homeland!
  • Online collaboration can help you save hundreds of dollars on correspondence, photocopies, and other expenses. Documents, photos, and other information can be stored electronically on OneGreatFamily or sent to distant family members you meet on OneGreatFamily via email.
  • Gather as much information as possible on to make sure your money is well spent if you decide to hire a professional researcher for further assistance.
  • OneGreatFamily includes access to MILLIONS OF NAMES, many with corresponding events, sources, notes, photos, biographies, and other supporting data. More data is added daily.
  • Don't waste time and money sifting through billions of names to find your ancestors before you see what information is available for YOUR ANCESTORS on

OneGreatFamily does not charge for its Genealogy Browser Software or user-submitted data. We only charge for the unique functionality that we provide, such as adding new individuals to your family tree or showing you where your family tree differs from the family trees submitted by others.

Why spend hundreds of hours searching for information that others have already found? Instead of duplicating research that is already done, you can now spend your time conducting new research or simply verifying information others have provided.

OneGreatFamily's business is focused on facilitating genealogy growth and discoveries by providing personalized access to the shared human family tree.

  • Visit OneGreatFamily to learn more about this unique genealogy service.

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  • OneGreatFamily is the Greatest Thing to Happen for my Genealogy

    Success at OneGreatFamily

    We are pleased with the high praise OneGreatFamily continues to receive from our customers. OneGreatFamily provides success for new and experienced genealogists alike.

    "This is the greatest thing that has happened for my genealogical research."

    --Dr. John W. Burr

    "When I first started, I didn't even know my great-grandparents' names, so I didn't think I would be able to "go" very far. . . . It has been a GREAT source of enjoyment to my family (who was not at all interested before!) and me."


    Have you had a success using OneGreatFamily you'd like to share? Send it to us today

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    Lisa Lights the Way

    Military Records

    by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

    Like most people, I hate war; like many women, I hate war movies, so I find it interesting that I have such a fascination with military records.

    If we chart the wars that America has participated in and add the possibility that our ancestors may have served in the regular army during times of peace, military records will be of interest to almost every researcher.

    There are three main types of military records created by the federal government: military, pension, and bounty-land. There are many other records, regimental histories etc., that will be discussed in future issues and, of course, if your ancestor served in the Confederacy or state militia, state records must also be searched. (This will also be covered in a future issue)

    Military records do not usually give birth information or list relationships, and death information will only be given if your ancestor died during the time of service. Military records, however give information about the places, battles, etc. that involved your ancestor. They can also give you clues to other records, for instance if they were hospitalized, became prisoners of war, or were transferred to another regiment. Occasionally a military record will give you a physical description of the serviceman.

    Pension records can be a real help for a genealogist. You never know what you might find. One of my ancestors was asked to list his wife and all his children, living and dead with their birth dates, his marriage date, if he had a former marriage - it was an amazing amount of material! Of course not every person that served in the military will have applied for a pension.

    Bounty-land was land awarded for military service. These can help you identify where your ancestor may have lived but we must remember that these warrants could be sold. If someone owned bounty land it is not proof that the person served in the military. No bounty land was issued after the Homestead Act of 1862.

    The web site gives information on how to obtain copies of these records from the National Archives.

    One Great Genealogy Site Award

    Colonial Ancestors Database

    The Colonial Ancestors Database contains genealogy information and documents about ancestors in the thirteen original colonies. The database contains information about colonial ancestors posted by our visitors. Some of the records contain the email address of the submitter. You can contact the submitter to exchange information.
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