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August 12, 2005

Monthly Subscriptions With Free Trial Available For A Limited Time

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Monthly Subscriptions With 7-day Free Trial Available Until August 22nd

Act Now To Take Advantage of this Limited-time Offer

For a limited time we are offering access to the complete OneGreatFamily service on a monthly or quarterly payment plan, including a 7-day free trial! If you have been thinking about signing up for OneGreatFamily, but prefer the flexibility or the smaller regular payments of a monthly or quarterly billing plan, act now before its too late.

Users who just want to try out the service enjoy the "no commitment" aspect of monthly subscriptions. Alternately, some users on a fixed income value smaller, regular monthly billings. Whatever your reasons, if you want a monthly or quarterly billing cycle with a 7-day free trial, we urge you to sign up now.

Of course, if you sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription now, you will be able to continue to be billed monthly or quarterly after August 22nd . You will be billed monthly or quarterly until you choose to cancel.

From August 11-August 22nd, you can choose the following three subscription lengths, each including a 7-day free trial:

  • Annual Subscription - Best Value! - 12 months for only $6.50/Month (billed $74.95 annually)
  • Quarterly Subscription - 3 Months for only $9.99/Month
    (billed $29.95 quarterly)
  • Monthly Subscription - 1 Month for only $14.95/Month
    (billed $14.95 monthly)

After August 22nd OneGreatFamily will only be offering the Annual Subscriptions, including a 7-day free trial ($74.95).

We hope that as a guest you have come to appreciate the unique service provided by OneGreatFamily. Consider all that you get when you subscribe to OneGreatFamily:

  • A full genealogy program that lets you enter, edit and print your genealogy information.
  • Patented multi-generational searching technology that works around the clock to search your family tree.
  • Access to one of the largest single, unified human family trees in the world, with over 100,000,000 names submitted.
  • Collaboration with tens of thousands of other genealogists and family history enthusiasts.
  • Protection and preservation of your precious family data by storing it in our secure system.
  • Peace of Mind-Even if you don't have time to work on your genealogy, you'll know that tens of thousands of others are continuing the work, and you'll benefit from their efforts.
The OneGreatFamily community is continuously growing and helping people further their genealogy. Subscribing is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer. We want you to take advantage of everything OneGreatFamily has to offer by subscribing today!

  • Subscribe to OneGreatFamily and for a limited time sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription.
  • Visit OneGreatFamily to see what new ancestors have been added to your family tree.

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  • How is OneGreatFamily Different From Other Genealogy Websites?

    OneGreatFamily Can Help You Find ALL Your Ancestors

    OneGreatFamily is a cooperative effort between you and the rest of the world. It is an online genealogical service which allows everyone to combine their knowledge and data to build one huge, shared database.

    OneGreatFamily is more than a simple collection of different family trees. Using breakthrough technology, OneGreatFamily is actually linking all of the family trees together into one great family.

    What this means to you:

    With the world working together on one database, each individual is able to leverage the effort and research of all OneGreatFamily users rather than wasting time duplicating research that others have already done.

    How It Works:

    After you enter what you already know about your ancestors, we begin searching for more of your ancestors. Once our search process starts, it never stops.

    A genealogist can only search for information about one ancestor at a time. The OneGreatFamily automated search engine continually looks for additional information and relatives for every one of your ancestors at the same time.

    As OneGreatFamily members add new individuals, our search process checks to see if any of them are your ancestors. Even if we find some of your ancestors today, we may find more in a week, a month, or a year.

    Once we find new information about your ancestors, we notify you by email and when you login to OneGreatFamily. You can see the new information about your ancestors in your family tree.

    As we continue to search for your ancestors, you can review the data we gather, add new data, and see what others are finding about your ancestors. OneGreatFamily offers a unique genealogy experience that will help you enjoy the journey and the results.

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    Lisa Lights the Way

    Homestead Records

    by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

    The first Homestead Law was enacted in 1862 and was intended to encourage settlement in the West. As with the Donation Lands, the only requirement was to live on and improve the land through cultivation. A very small filing fee was all that was required.

    Although only an estimated 780,000 people received patents under the Homestead Law, 2 million applications were made, dispersing approximately 285 million acres.

    Applicants initially had to be a head of household, over 21 if single, a citizen or have applied for naturalization, and had not "borne arms against the government". Single women and widows could apply in their own right. The final application for the certificate of patent could be made five years after the completion of the residency requirements. If a homesteader died, his widow or heirs could continue to qualify for the claim, meeting the same requirements.

    Subsequent laws enlarged and expanded the homesteading provisions - such as the one allowing Union veterans to apply their service time, up to 4 years, to the residency requirements. After 6 months, a homesteader could "prove up" and change his homestead to a cash-entry and pay for the land at $1.25 an acre. Once the final certificate was received, it entitled the claimant to a patent for his homestead.

    Homestead application records are only available at the National Archives. They have not been microfilmed. Copies can be obtained from the National Archives using NATF Form 84 which can be ordered online. Fees for the case files are $17.75.

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    Editor: Tracy Armstrong

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