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July 7, 2005

Over 100 Million Names Submitted to OneGreatFamily

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Tremendous Growth at OneGreatFamily

Growth from the branches down to our roots!

Now there are even more reasons for you to join OneGreatFamily--over 100 MILLION reasons!

That's right! To date, over 100 million names have been submitted to OneGreatFamily—and we continue to grow! Every day genealogists and family history enthusiasts everywhere are submitting names and dates to our shared family tree. No wonder OneGreatFamily is THE largest single unified global family tree available online!

Most importantly, as you know, OneGreatFamily is all about collaboration. When ANYONE works on OneGreatFamily, they are also working on your tree and when you work on your tree you are collaborating with others. Think of it! There are over 600,000 people behind those 100,000,000 names – and all of them are people you can reach out to as you work on your family tree with OneGreatFamily.

Isn’t it time you planted your family tree at OneGreatFamily, and joined the hundreds of thousands who are working together to create our one single global family tree?

Lisa Lights the Way

Federal Census Records

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

In 1974, I actually had to travel from Texas to the National Archives in Washington DC to gain access to the 1900 census. We used to have to search through an entire county - house by house. Now with a few strokes on a keyboard or a quick trip to the library, you are usually able to find the census record you are interested in – census research has come a long way and it is a great boon to the genealogist!

Federal Censuses began to be taken in the U.S. in 1790 and were taken every ten years thereafter.

The first census just listed the head of the household and some statistical information about the family (how many girls, how many boys etc.) Each census year the statistical information became a little more definitive.

In 1850 the census takers were instructed to list every member of the household with his or her age and birthplace. Each census thereafter became a little more comprehensive. In 1880, the birthplace of each person’s parents was listed. Tragically, almost the entire 1890 census was destroyed by fire in 1921 and a few of the very early census records are missing.

By law, census data cannot be made public for 72 years. So far, the government has released all the census records through 1930, and almost all of these have been indexed.

In 1885 due to additional funds available, the government allowed each state to take an additional census if they desired; only Florida, Colorado, Nebraska and the territories of South Dakota and New Mexico availed themselves of this opportunity.

Census extraction forms are available online or at genealogical supply stores and make the work of extraction very easy. Be sure to document everything—the exact date the census was taken, the enumeration district etc.

Be creative as you search for a name; try every possible variant. Evaluate census records carefully. They are a secondary source since you do not know who gave the information and the records are full of errors. They are, however, a great resource for putting families together, tracing their migration pattern, finding where an ancestor lived, etc.

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Success at OneGreatFamily: It Works!

The following success story shows what can happen when OneGreatFamily finds information in your family tree that can be matched and merged with others:

I have been a member since May of 2003. I entered a new ancestor on August 6, 2003 -- a Katherine Saunders b 1480 in Surrey, England. I checked my tree, British Family Lines, the next day. It had grown from this 1 new ancestor (which was generation # 17 and a total of 126 ancestors) to generation 118 and 1443 ancestors!!!

I am so boggled, I don't know where to start! Just looking at all the names, the unbelievable antiquity, the history, and the famous people -- it is incredible and so exciting. I never dreamed it would work like this. I thought I may get lucky and get back to maybe 1000AD.

Thank you so much for your wonderful program and site. It has brought so much pleasure to my family and myself. Much more researching to go on other family lines! Happy researching!

Kind Regards, Diane Goldsmith

One Great Genealogy Site Award

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