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April 26, 2005

Springtime Promotion Extended Until April 30th

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Springtime Promotion Extended To April 30th

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Our Springtime Promotion was so popular earlier this month we decided to extend it. So, through the end of the month, you still have time to take advantage of these great savings. There is simply no better time then now to sign up.

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We are grateful for your continued support as we make the vision of providing the world with a common family tree a reality. We encourage you to subscribe to OneGreatFamily to more fully enjoy the benefits of this expanding service.

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What do visitors get with a subscription to OneGreatFamily?

OneGreatFamily is truly a unique genealogy service

Some customers have a hard time understanding what OneGreatFamily is and what is included in a subscription to OneGreatFamily. Some people erroneously believe OneGreatFamily is in the business of selling family tree data. Some of this confusion is created by competitors that charge fees to access their family tree collections or that sell family tree data that has been freely submitted back to customers on CD-ROMs. OneGreatFamily does not engage in either practice.

What is included in a subscription to OneGreatFamily?

If OneGreatFamily doesn't sell data, then what is included in a subscription? OneGreatFamily spent three years developing technology that automatically compares your family tree with the family trees that have been submitted by others. Where exact matches are found, the data are merged. Merges in OneGreatFamily create opportunities for people to collaborate on their genealogies, identify new ancestors, and discover conflicting information. As explained in past newsletters, OneGreatFamily's ability to preserve each person's view of the family tree is something that makes OneGreatFamily unique.

OneGreatFamily charges money for the added value the OneGreatFamily system provides in helping people around the world collaborate on one family tree This approach reduces duplication, makes identifying ancestors easier, and improves the ability of each member of OneGreatFamily to collaborate with others. OneGreatFamily provides each member of OneGreatFamily with complete access to the information they have submitted to the service. The Genealogy Browser allows anyone who is a subscriber or registered guest to edit or download their personal information.

Subscribers receive the added benefit of being able to view the names and information for individuals who have been added to their family trees through accepted hints and automated merges. Subscribers can also print wall charts and use a Genealogy Browser that does not display advertising.

OneGreatFamily is not in the business of selling user-submitted data. OneGreatFamily's business is focused on facilitating genealogy growth and discoveries by providing personalized access to the human family tree.

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Lisa Lights the Way

Migration (or Where in the World Did My Ancestor Go?)

by Lisa South, Certified Genealogist

John B. L. Soule wrote, "Go West, young man and grow up with the country." Horace Mann used that quote in an 1865 editorial and thousands heeded his advice. Actually, the United States was on the move from the very beginning. Understanding why and how people migrated is helpful in finding where your ancestors lived.

There are a variety of forces behind migration:

1. Trauma

  • Political trauma such as the many Tories migrating to Canada during the Revolution.
  • Religious trauma, such as the Latter-day Saints expulsion to the West.
  • Economic trauma, such as that caused by the Dust Bowl.
  • Sociological trauma, such as that resulting in The Trail of Tears.

2. New Opportunities

  • Gold
  • Cheaper or better land
  • Improving personal circumstances

If you suspect your ancestor migrated because of trauma, get into the history books and learn about the circumstances surrounding it. Some of you may need to learn all about The Trail of Tears, while others should find out where in Canada the Tories usually settled. The more you know about the trauma that forced your ancestor to move, the more likely you are to learn what records might have been kept and where they would be located.

Many of those that migrated in search of wealth or new opportunities were single men - which can sometimes make them a little more difficult to trace. When whole families or many families from a community moved together, they would leave a larger "paper trail" and are therefore usually easier to find.

Census indexes are good tools for locating where an ancestor migrated.

Often a family or group of families would move in search of cheaper or better land. Sometimes it would be a large group because of land lotteries (the Oklahoma Land Rush, bounty land etc.) Homesteading offered free land and many took advantage of this opportunity.

Land records sometimes give clues as to where a person migrated from. Homesteading records can be very valuable (this will be covered in a future issue of OGF).

Other records that might help establish your Ancestor's migration route are family histories (written or oral), journals, county or local histories, and military records.

Maps are essential for success. There are many maps available that show probable migration routes. As you study a map you can see if a mountain could be circumvented or if there was a waterway to get travelers where they wanted to go. As you search the records, plot a line of migration on your map.

To find your ancestor's records you MUST know where they lived.

Visit OneGreatFamily and work on your family tree.

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