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February 4, 2005

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New at OneGreatFamily: Changes to OneGreatFamily Newsletter

Do you notice something different?

No, we didn’t get a haircut (although we could use one). But we have updated the visual look of the OneGreatFamily weekly newsletter to match our new of OneGreatFamily site design!

We hope receiving OneGreatFamily News each week has helped you learn about our unique genealogy service. OneGreatFamily is committed to providing you with the most powerful genealogy tools available anywhere. Our weekly newsletter alerts you to changes at OneGreatFamily, answers technical questions to help you with our genealogy service, gives you great tips on how to find your ancestors and much more!

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What has OneGreatFamily concluded from our recent survey?

We’d like to thank all of you who responded to our recent survey! By analyzing your responses, we can see what your greatest needs and interests are and we are now developing ideas that will meet those needs.

We will be sharing more results with you as we work our way through your answers, but we thought we’d start now by sharing the results of two key questions.

The first was, “What do you like most about OneGreatFamily?” This was a written response question, so we got a lot of great insights. Here are a few that seem representative:

* It makes a difficult thing like genealogy EASY - even for someone like myself!
* I like when I am adding new family members and that box pops up and says families have merged and it finishes filling in the blanks.
* Searches are easy and fruitful
* The fact that I was able to store my grandmother's Book of Remembrance under her name for all my numerous cousins to also enjoy.
* I like the fact that you are searching for my relatives all the time even when I am not online.

It was heartwarming to us that so many of your responses matched what we have always considered the strengths of OneGreatFamily.

Your kind remarks are appreciated, but often what makes us stronger is constructive criticism. So the second question we’ll share with you today is, “What do you like least about OneGreatFamily?” This also was a written response question, and again we got a lot of helpful feedback. The following comments highlight the number one concern expressed:

* That your services are not free.
* You have to pay for it.
* Cost - I'm cheap
* It costs.
* It costs money
* having to pay
* I don't like paying for information I've supplied.
* It costs to do research

We appreciate the sentiment behind these comments, and we know that you make great sacrifices of your time and means to do this work. We are also aware that many of you are retired or otherwise living on a fixed income. We share your sentiment that it would be wonderful if we could offer OneGreatFamily for free, but naturally there are costs inherent in running any kind of service company.

Your subscription fees pay for the computers that do the 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 52-weeks a year searching that we do on your behalf and the storage necessary to hold everyone’s family tree information – not to mention the building those computers sit in, electricity to run them and people to maintain and upgrade them as more of you contribute additional information. Internet costs and equipment add to the expense.

We are committed to keeping the costs of OneGreatFamily as low as possible. And we believe that at a cost of only $75 per year, OneGreatFamily truly represents the best service at the best price available to help you grow your family tree.

Your responses have greatly helped OneGreatFamily find ways to better serve your needs. We thank you again for participating in our online survey.
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How do subscribers benefit from using OneGreatFamily?

OneGreatFamily Provides a Unique Service to Family Researchers

We would like to thank our subscribers for helping OneGreatFamily get where it is today! We hope that OneGreatFamily has been able to provide you with helpful information, resources, and tools that have saved you time, money, and effort. We’d like to take a moment to remind you of some of the benefits of subscribing to OneGreatFamily.

1. OneGreatFamily automatically matches and merges identical individuals in its database to remove duplication and to allow opportunities for collaboration.

2. OneGreatFamily offers free, powerful software for viewing, organizing, and saving your family tree. OneGreatFamily does what no other family tree service or software program does by letting you see your entire family tree at one time.

3. As a subscriber to the OneGreatFamily service, you can view the details on every ancestor who is added automatically to your family tree.

These are just a few of the benefits your receive as a OneGreatFamily subscriber. OneGreatFamily is continuously finding ways for our subscribers to recognize the value available to those who subscribe to this excellent genealogy service.

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One Great Genealogy Site Award is FREE genealogy database of scanned and transcribed documents containing ancestor's names for your genealogy research. While these are not official genealogy records or genealogy records that prove relationship, they are documents that provide insight into the everyday lives of your ancestors to enhance your genealogy research.

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