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 OneGreatFamily Subscriber Update - December 10, 2004

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  Your Gift to Them and Our Gift to You!
OneGreatFamily Survey

  Act Now—Time is Running Out
How a Happy Holiday can Help You With Your Genealogy
  There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!
One Great Genealogy Site Award
  Dutch Genealogy
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Site Activity Summary
  • 480,496 new individual merges!
  • 148,704 new individual hints!
  • 169,136 new family merges!
  • 73,315 new family hints!

    Activity Per Group
  • 186 average individual merges
  • 45 average individual hints
  • 62 average family merges
  • 11 average family hints

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  • New at OneGreatFamily

    Your Gift to Them and Our Gift to You!

    For most of us, the word "family" brings to mind holidays, reunions, summer vacations and visits to Grandma and Grandpa. But for many of us, that word - family - takes us no further. Few of us have memories of great-grandparents and we may not even recognize the names of ancestors before that. That our experience with our families is limited to only those we've met and known in person is unfortunate - and unnecessary.

    Our families, even those members who lived generations before us, are the stuff we are made of. They are our roots, our beginnings and they influence our lives in ways we may not even understand.

    This holiday season, give your loved ones the precious gift of learning more about themselves - by finding out more about their family history. A gift subscription to OneGreatFamily could be the most meaningful present you'll ever give anyone.

    Imagine the look on your best friend's face when she finds a record of her great-great grandmother's emigration to the United States. Or when he realizes that one of his ancestors was a decorated officer in the Revolutionary War.

    As a member of OneGreatFamily, you already know the joys and benefits of collaborating with other genealogists from all over the globe in locating your ancestors and merging your own family tree with the world's first true global family tree - found at

    Now you can share those benefits as well as the fun with as many friends and family members as you wish - EACH FOR HALF THE PRICE (50% off) of a regular subscription.

    Best of all, you can buy as many as you like. No need to pick or choose amoung your family and friends—buy a subscription for everyone on your list. But time is running have to take advantage of this opportunity before December 31st when the offer expires!

    This is our way of thanking you for sharing the news about OneGreatFamily's revolutionary service, and for helping us in building the world's first global family tree.

    As a current subscriber, purchase gift subscriptions for 50% off!

    OneGreatFamily Survey

    Act Now—Time is Running Out

    Thank you to all who have participated so far in the OneGreatFamily survey! We are grateful for your input and are reading your responses and working to find ways to incorporate your ideas and needs into our service.

    If you have not yet participated in the OneGreatFamily Survey, there's still a week left for you to make your voice heard. Our survey will end on December 17th, so please take just a few minutes of your time to tell us how we can better serve your needs.

    By filling out a short questionnaire, you will help us understand exactly how you use OneGreatFamily and what other services or improvements you'd like to see. Sharing your ideas is simple and fast.

    Just click on to participate in the OneGreatFamily Survey.

    If you have any questions on how to complete or submit the survey, feel free to contact us. Be sure to look for a summary of our key findings in a future newsletter.

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     How a Happy Holiday can Help You With Your Genealogy

    There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

    That statement is true in so many ways, and one of those ways is when it comes to researching your family history!

    Spending time in your old home town for the holidays will do more than bring back happy memories. It will be a great chance for you do a little digging for treasure about your own family's past.

    The holidays are a wonderful time for listening to the memories of older members of the family, hearing about how the generations that proceeded you spent their Christmases and New Years. Many grandparents or great-aunts and uncles will also be able to share the memories their parents told them. Take good notes - or better still, tape these visits so that you can refer back to them for information and for the fun of listening to some of the more colorful stories again and again. And don't forget to preserve them for your own posterity!

    Open the old family Bible or photo albums and get everyone involved in remembering events like births, christenings, baptisms, and funerals. Often, just reminiscing about these events will bring up long forgotten facts that can help put the puzzle of your family history together.

    Spend a quiet afternoon at your hometown library, newspaper, courthouse or even take a stroll through a local cemetery and see if you can locate any names, dates or documents that might fill in some of the gaps in your family's records. It's surprising how much of a paper trail is there for the asking if you just go looking.

    The holidays have always been about family. Be sure to spend time with the loved ones who are gathered around you during this wonderful season. But don't forget those who have come before and marked the way for you. Find out who your ancestors were, where and how they lived. When you get home and start the fresh New Year, you can enter all these wonderful new facts into the OneGreatFamily database and perhaps begin another branch on our great global family tree!


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     One Great Genealogy Site Award

    Dutch Genealogy

    Do you have Dutch ancestors? is an excellent resource for anyone whose ancestral lines trace back to Holland. The site has many databases, products and tools for learning about your Dutch Ancestry. The site features databases of christenings and court and notary records for South Holland. The site also includes a records timeline and a document of common Dutch first names.

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