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 OneGreatFamily Update - October 28, 2004

In This Issue:

Family History Month: A Reminder for our Guests
  Subscribe Today and Save During Family History Month!
Family History Month: Accelerate Your Genealogy Through Collaboration

  How can collaboration help me save time, money, and effort?
Technical Support: How Do I Collaborate With Others Using OneGreatFamily?
  How do I collaborate with others using OneGreatFamily?
Success: OneGreatFamily helps turn strangers into family
One Great Genealogy Site Award
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily

Site Activity Summary

  • 247,644 new individual merges!
  • 67,757 new individual hints!
  • 78,985 new family merges!
  • 26,776 new family hints!
  • 141 average individual merges per group
  • 34 average individual hints per group
  • 41 average family merges per group
  • 5 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.

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  •  Family History Month: A Reminder for our Guests!

    Subscribe Today and Save During Family History Month!

    OneGreatFamily would like to thank our many guests for supporting us and our service. We hope when using OneGreatFamily that you have come to appreciate the service we offer and are now interested in subscribing to OneGreatFamily. Subscribing to OneGreatFamily is the only way you are able to use all of the resources and tools we offer.

    If you have not taken advantage of our Family History Month Special we encourage you to do so. We have even extended our special offer through October 31st to make sure that all guests get their chance to save while seeing how powerful OneGreatFamily will be to their family tree.

    Our prices for subscriptions through October 31st are the following:

    1 Year (billed annually) $74.95 - Now only $59.95!
    3 Months (billed quarterly) $29.95 - Now only $19.95!
    1 Month (billed monthly) $14.95 - Now only $9.95!

    This promotion will end October 31st.

    Subscribe to OneGreatFamily in October in honor of Family History Month
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     Family History Month: Accelerate Your Genealogy through Collaboration

    How can collaboration help me save time, money, and effort?

    One of the promises of OneGreatFamily is that you can meet and collaborate with family from around the world. The act of creating or submitting your family tree using OneGreatFamily is the beginning of a collaborative experience, but OneGreatFamily provides a number of means for collaboration!

    So, what is collaborating? Collaborating is when people working on the same project at the same time, each making changes to the shared data, and finding who made the changes and when the changes were made. Collaboration can be very worthwhile if basic ground rules and common courtesies are followed. The following are some ground rules to follow:
      • Before you collaborate with others, organize any information you have already gathered and try to validate as much of your own information as possible. Your collaboration will be appreciated by others if you have your own information to bring to the table.
      • When collaborating, it is important to know the difference between evidence and conclusions. Instead of entering your conclusions first, look at your evidence and make assertions from the evidence and further assertions on top of those. In the end your evidence should support your conclusions.
      • Make sure you have detailed information on how, when, and where you found your information.
      • Invite and accept as many individuals as possible to collaborate on your tree. The more people that collaborate on the same family tree, the more accurate your family tree will become.
      • Make sure the genealogy program that you use allows you to add, edit, and delete the unwanted information inserted into your family tree. (OneGreatFamily allows you to delete any information you don't agree with without impacting other users.)
      • Always check to see if your information is accurate by going to the original family source if possible.
      • You will generate better relationships with the people you collaborate with by updating them about new data found.
    OneGreatFamily is designed to allow members to communicate and work together to build their family trees. Using the "Collaborate" feature saves you time and effort. OneGreatFamily believes that collaboration is essential to prevent duplication.Working on your family tree in OneGreatFamily is collaborative by its very nature.

    Whether or not you communicate with distant family through email, you are still collaborating every time you use OneGreatFamily. You are adding individuals to the human family tree that will some day result in hints, merges, and collaboration for others who are also using OneGreatFamily. To verify information OneGreatFamily provides a list of the original submitters you can contact. Collaboration is an essential tool that will accelerate this process and prevent duplication.

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     Technical Support: How do I collaborate with others using OneGreatFamily?

    How can I collaborate with others using OneGreatFamily?

    Are others working on your family tree right now? You can find out by seeing what other groups have family trees that include your ancestors. Follow these simple steps:
    1. Launch the OneGreatFamily Genealogy Browser
    2. Select an ancestor on whom you would like to collaborate
    3. Click on the ancestor in the Handprint View to see the Individual Details
    4. Click on the "Collaborate" button found in the lower-left corner of the Individual Details box
    5. Click on the "Owners" tab on the "Collaborate with others" window. This window will show your group and any other group that has a family tree with this individual
    6. Expand the groups to see individuals by clicking on the (+) sign to the left of the group name
    7. Click on an individual's username to view the user's name and email address and to send the user a message
    8. If you have an email application, such as Outlook, clicking on the "Send" button will open a new email message to send. If not, you will need to copy the other person's email address and paste it into the "To:" field of your email application
    Whether or not you communicate with distant family through email, you are still collaborating every time you use OneGreatFamily. You are adding individuals to the human family tree that will some day result in hints, merges, and collaboration for others who are also using OneGreatFamily.

    We hope you enjoy collaborating with other genealogists through OneGreatFamily.

    Visit OneGreatFamily today to collaborate with others researching your family tree!
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     Success: OneGreatFamily helps turn strangers into family
    The following experience demonstrates how OneGreatFamily can lead to remarkable discoveries about family relationships:
    I am the mother of 3 and had a ruptured appendix last summer just the week before we were going to see my husband's family.

    We had always thought that my husband's family was just a few households of mostly older people remaining. I had hoped to someday make a family tree to preserve what there was of our history. A few names that my husband's father remembered were all I had to start with, as his father died when he was very small and his mother kept few family ties to them. I was so happy to have survived that I determined to get serious about this project while I was recuperating.

    I was amazed at the progress made once I joined One Great Family. The information I found also reshaped what we thought was the history of our family. So many interesting lives!

    What was most unexpected though, was the impact of the research on a stranger.

    An elderly lady in poor health visited our little church with her granddaughter. She thought that she and an older brother were about the last of their generation. They were orphaned and raised separately by relatives in distant states. The loss of family was very hard on her.

    When we met, she told me that my name was also her grandmother's name, and some weeks later brought me papers her mother made for her, detailing all the family names, dates, relationships and places that she knew.

    I copied it and then got to work. I found one woman from the early 1800s that led me to tie all the family together. Our family is huge! We had no idea!

    Best of all, we both have something we have not had . . . family right near by. What a blessing!
    - Mrs. Victoria Fahringer

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