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 OneGreatFamily Update - September 2, 2004

In This Issue:

What's New: New Site Design at OneGreatFamily!
  Visit to see our new site!
New Improvements at OneGreatFamily
  We're Listening to YOU!
Technical Support: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  We're Ready!
One Great Genealogy Site Award
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily . . .

Site Activity Summary

  • 135,231 new individual merges!
  • 44,196 new individual hints!
  • 47,498 new family merges!
  • 10,581 new family hints!
  • 105 average individual merges per group
  • 30 average individual hints per group
  • 32 average family merges per group
  • 3 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.

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  •  New Site Design to be Live Soon

    Visit to see our new site!

    By Dale Munk, CEO of OneGreatFamily

    I am pleased to announce that we are upgrading the look and feel of our website. These changes will make your experience simpler and more enjoyable while you research your family tree. OneGreatFamily is more committed than ever to providing you with the most powerful and productive genealogy tools available anywhere.

    Our ongoing goal is to help you build your family tree as fast, as accurately and as easily as possible. Whether you are a seasoned genealogist, or a beginner just starting to find your family's place in history, we can help you build your family tree. Every day our database grows larger and our computers attach thousands of family members to existing pedigrees making OneGreatFamily more capable of helping you trace your ancestral lines.

    We welcome your feedback about our new site, because we want it to be easy and convenient for you to use. Please click here and fill out the form with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

    Visit OneGreatFamily to see our new site!
     New Improvements at OneGreatFamily

    We're Listening to YOU!

    We're very interested in improving our product and services here at OneGreatFamily. That's why we've listened to YOUR requests and made the specific site changes that you requested most often. Here are just a few of the changes we've made:

    Streamlined the Home Page and several of the heavily trafficked pages on the site: Many pages are simpler and less cluttered, making it easier to find the options you seek.

    GEDCOM export improved: Many major and minor issues in exporting your family data from OneGreatFamily were identified and corrected.

    Genealogy Browser stability improved: Some users experienced instability in the Genealogy Browser arising from aspects of their PC's configuration. Most of these have now been addressed and the Browser will be more stable on those configurations.

    This is just the start of our effort to significantly improve your experience while using OneGreatFamily. We'll be letting you know of the next round of improvements in future editions of this e-newsletter. So, till next time-happy researching.

    Visit OneGreatFamily to see your family tree

     Technical Support: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

    We're Ready!

    If your computer is running Windows XP, you may have recently heard about a significant update Microsoft is releasing that is referred to as Service Pack 2 (SP2). Many users are asking if they can anticipate any problems with OneGreatFamily if they install the update.

    The good news is that we have addressed incompatibilities between OneGreatFamily and SP2 in this release. We have tested the Genealogy Browser with the version of Service Pack 2 released by Microsoft and it works just fine.

    Send your technical support question to our team
    Visit OneGreatFamily and expand your family tree today!
     One Great Genealogy Site Award

    The Free Genealogy Directory

    The Free Genealogy Directory is a site that is building the best list of free genealogy site resources on the Internet. You can research your family tree, locate your ancestors, find genealogy software, and other genealogy resources.

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