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 OneGreatFamily Update - April 23, 2004

In This Issue:
Add Value to Your Family Tree by Interpreting Data Correctly

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Q&A: Know your Genealogy Terms!
  How can knowing genealogy terms add value to my family tree?
Technical Support: How to View and Export a descendancy
  How do I view or export an ancestor's descendancy?
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Site Activity Summary

  • 100,416 new individual merges!
  • 38,534 new individual hints!
  • 37,457 new family merges!
  • 8,594 new family hints!
  • 177 average individual merges per group
  • 32 average individual hints per group
  • 48 average family merges per group
  • 3 average family hints per group

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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Thank You to our Subscribers!

    Thank You!

    OneGreatFamily would like to thank YOU for helping our service grow to where it is today. OneGreatFamily has been developed over the course of five years to become an outstanding architecture for genealogical data and community research because of all the data you have submitted. Here are some statistics that show how OneGreatFamily has grown:

  • More than 70 million names have been submitted to OneGreatFamily
  • Between 1 and 3 million names are submitted to OneGreatFamily every month
  • More than 450,000 registrants have used OneGreatFamily to further their family history research.
  • More than 450,000 people visit OneGreatFamily each month
  • has been among the 7,000 top sites on the Internet for unique monthly visitors

    Most of the improvement in our service has been made possible by our subscribers. Our subscribers have made OneGreatFamily the best framework for genealogy content. Thank You!

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  •  Q&A: Know your Genealogy Terms!

    How can knowing genealogy terms add value to my family tree?

    by Chelsea Beattie - Marketing Manager

    Knowing your genealogy terms is an essential step when interpreting documents. You can add value to your genealogy by correctly placing and recording your genealogy data. Knowing genealogy terms can help to link persons to the right generation, parents, spouse or children. Understanding the language can help to break down your "brick walls."

    Many of us might be wasting time looking for important documents or information about our family simply because we don't know how to interpret the information we have already found. Below is a list of common genealogy terms used. There are many other resources you can look to when interpreting documents, such as dictionaries and genealogical reference books.

    Abstract: Summary of essential facts in a document or record.
    Ahnentafel: List of ancestors in numerical order
    Ancestor: person from whom you are descended in a direct line
    Ascendant: Ancestor
    Biography: The history of a person's life
    Burial record: A formal account normally kept by a church of burials that occurred in their congregation.
    Census record: A government sponsored enumeration of the population in a particular area; contains names of household members, their ages, citizenship status, and ethnic background etc.
    Collateral ancestor: Descended from the same ancestral stock but not in the direct line
    Collateral families: families with whom your ancestors intermarried and moved.
    Descendant: A person who is an offspring, however remote, of a certain ancestor or family
    Emigration: The process of leaving one's home country to live in another country
    Family group report: A form which contains dates and places of birth, marriage and death about family members - a husband, a wife, and their children.
    GEDCOM: file format supported by most genealogy database programs for the exchange of genealogy information between different programs and computers
    Genealogy: an account of the history of an individual's ancestors or the descendants of a family
    Lineage: Direct descent from an ancestor
    Maternal: Related through one's mother.
    Paternal ancestors: Ancestors of one's father
    Pedigree chart: report showing an individual along with parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. for a specified number of generations.
    Primary source: Record created at the time of, or shortly after, an event by someone with personal knowledge of the facts, or the testimony of a person involved in the event
    Secondary source: Material copied or compiled from other sources or written at a later date from memory
    Surname: last name
    Vital records: Records of birth, death, marriage, divorce

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     Technical Support: How to View and Export a descendancy

    How do I view or export an ancestor's descendancy?

    The ability to view the descendants of an ancestor is a powerful and valuable feature of OneGreatFamily. A descendancy view can help researchers identify collateral lines to research or can lead to the discovery of living relatives who have descended from a common ancestor.

    Viewing the descendants of any ancestor is easy using the Genealogy Browser:

    1. Launch the Genealogy Browswer and find the desired ancestor in the pedigree (Starfield View)
    2. Select the desired ancestor within the pedigree by clicking on the box with the individual's name
    3. Click on the descendancy icon in the toolbar OR select View descendancy from the View menu within the Genealogy Browser
    4. The descendants of the selected ancestor will now appear to the left of the pedigree. Navigating in the Starfield View will often be slower when viewing descendants because of the number of descendants.

    OneGreatFamily also allows you to export the ancestors of a selected individual. Exporting your genealogy is a great way to back up your information and will prove helpful if you ever need to share GEDCOM files with others.
    1. Select "File" in your menu bar.
    2. Select "Export View to File" to create a GEDCOM file. The export screen provides you with a number of options to determine how much information you want included in your export. Select all of your specifications as outlined next.
    3. Ancestry/Descendancy - Your anchor likely has ancestry and descendancy. This option allows you to decide which you want to include in the export. In this tip, we're exporting by descendancy, so you'd want to be sure that button is pushed.
    4. Export to Path - Identify where on your local hard drive you would like to save the file. We recommend that you create a folder called "Genealogy" in your My Documents folder. Use the Genealogy folder for all your GEDCOM files.
    5. Number of Generations - Choose the number of generations you would like included in the export. Remember that if you choose a certain number of generations, this will include all of those generations both in depth and breadth of your anchor view.
    6. Include Private Date - Check the box to include any individuals that you have marked as private.
    7. Once you are satisfied with your selections click "OK" to export your file.

    We hope you will find OneGreatFamily a useful tool to trace the descendants of your ancestors.

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