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 OneGreatFamily Update - January 30, 2004

In This Issue:
Increasing Speed and Stability at OneGreatFamily

New at OneGreatFamily:
  Increased Speed and Stability at OneGreatFamily
Q&A: OneGreatFamily Listens to You!
  How does OneGreatFamily continuously provide a better genealogy experience for me?
Success: OneGreatFamily Takes Line from Grandparents Back to Adam!
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One Great Genealogy Site Award
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily . . .

Site Activity Summary

  • 154,276 new individual merges!
  • 64,127 new individual hints!
  • 54,657 new family merges!
  • 18,923 new family hints!
  • 108 average individual merges per group
  • 31 average individual hints per group
  • 35 average family merges per group
  • 5 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.
    OneGreatFamily wants to hear from you. Please send us your success stories and your recommendations for new features.

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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Increased Speed and Stability at OneGreatFamily

    New Hardware and Updated Genealogy Browser

    OneGreatFamily has just installed new hardware that will increase the speed and overall performance of our service. We have also launched the latest update for Genealogy BrowserTM that will improve the product's stability. These changes show our ongoing dedication to our customers and should improve your experience using OneGreatFamily.

    The new hardware was deployed in anticipation of new features soon to be launched. The recent focus on speed and performance has really paid off, making our service more enjoyable for guests and subscribers.

    Most of us hardly have time to sleep, let alone work on our genealogy. OneGreatFamily was created for the very purpose of saving people time by offering a fast service that would automatically locate new names and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submit your family tree to let us search for ALL of your ancestors. You can also conduct a search to find specific ancestors within our database. OneGreatFamily is often able to provide information on dozens or hundreds on unknown ancestors in less time than it takes to find just one ancestor using other genealogy sites. With OneGreatFamily, you don't have to search for the "needle in the haystack." Our superior system and Genealogy Browser offer fast, stable results that can help you find new ancestors, see how you are related to those ancestors, and contact others who have that person in their family tree to find out more information on those ancestors.

    There is no limit to the amount of helpful information you may be able to find with OneGreatFamily, so submit your family tree today!

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     Q&A: OneGreatFamily Listens to You!

    How does OneGreatFamily continuously provide a better genealogy experience for me?

    by Chelsea Beattie - Marketing Manager

    OneGreatFamily has grown to become one of the top destination sites for genealogy in only two years. How have we done it? By listening to you! We remain focused on providing the best collaborative family tree service available. Great strides are made to improve the service day after day, month after month. We are committed to continuously provide you with more value and a better experience.

    We have listened to our subscribers and guests and have developed and implemented many new additions to our site, such as the new pedigree and family group charts, increased speed, and an easier to use interface. We have also developed some amazing plans that are soon to be implemented in the next few months, so look out for those!

    We offer many services here at OneGreatFamily that help assist our subscribers and guests, such as our Technical Support and Customer Service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions between the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday. We are always interested in any suggestions you may have on how we can make your genealogy experience more enjoyable.

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     Success: OneGreatFamily Takes Line from Grandparents Back to Adam!
    We are pleased with the high praise OneGreatFamily continues to receive from our customers. OneGreatFamily provides success for new and experienced genealogists alike.

    Dear One Great Family,

    When I first started, I didn't even know my great-grandparents' names, so I didn't think I would be able to "go" very far. Thanks to OneGreatFamily, I actually have one of my lines running all the way back to ADAM! . . . I don't know how factual this line is, but it has been a GREAT source of enjoyment to my family (who was not at all interested before!) and me. And if anyone can beat this story, well . . .


    Have you had a success using OneGreatFamily you'd like to share? Send it to us today!

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     One Great Genealogy Site Award

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