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 OneGreatFamily Update - January 2, 2004

In This Issue:
Make Completing or Starting your Genealogy One of your New Year's Resolutions!

New at OneGreatFamily:
  A New Year and a New OneGreatFamily!
Q&A: Start off the New Year with a Bang!
  How do I start my genealogy experience with OneGreatFamily?
Technical Support: Quick Start
  We have made getting started even easier!
One Great Genealogy Site Award
  Colonial Ancestors Database
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Last Week at OneGreatFamily . . .

Site Activity Summary

  • 159.527 new individual merges!
  • 49,586 new individual hints!
  • 51,581 new family merges!
  • 15,971 new family hints!
  • 142 average individual merges per group
  • 31 average individual hints per group
  • 41 average family merges per group
  • 3 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.
    OneGreatFamily wants to hear from you. Please send us your success stories and your recommendations for new features.

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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: A New Year and a New OneGreatFamily!

    Happy New Year!

    One Great Family would like to wish you a happy New Year! OneGreatFamily is planning to implement many new features this year that will make your genealogy experience more enjoyable in every way. So make getting started or completing your genealogy one of your New Year's resolutions today!

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     Q&A: Start off the New Year with a Bang!

    How do I start my genealogy experience with OneGreatFamily?

    by Chelsea Beattie - Marketing Manager

    Most of us are already starting to make our New Year's resolutions. Make starting your genealogy one of your top New Year's resolutions to accomplish! Genealogy is now an easy task to get started on, especially when using OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily wants to help you learn how to do genealogy the right way. The best way to do genealogy is the OneGreatFamily way! Many times individuals spend hours and hours searching for names that others have already found. When you use OneGreatFamily you can find names that have been automatically placed into your family tree without any work done by you! The only step that you need to make to get started is submitting any family names that you may have. Once those names are submitted you'll see your family tree grow faster than you even expected!

    With the holidays behind us, most of us are a little concerned about spending the little money we have left after buying gift after gift. OneGreatFamily is a service that can help you save money getting started with your genealogy. It's a smart idea to try OneGreatFamily before you travel all over the world or pay someone else to research your family tree. You can save money on family tree software, travel expenses, photocopies, mail, professional assistance, and data access. The annual prescription is less than $6.25 per month. OneGreatFamily does not charge for its Genealogy Browser Software or user-submitted data. We only charge for the unique functionality that we provide, such as adding new individuals to your family tree or showing you where your family tree differs from the family trees submitted by others.

    So make it a goal this year to start and maybe finish your genealogy! Imagine having your genealogy completed by this time next year!

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     Technical Support: Quick Start

    We have made getting started even easier!

    by Ryan Long-Technical Support

    OneGreatFamily is reaching out to those who are new to genealogy or OneGreatFamily to make getting started easier than ever. OneGreatFamily recently released a Family Tree Creation Wizard that helps people enter the first three generations of their family tree before registering as a member of OneGreatFamily.

    This new form also allows those who have GEDCOM files to submit their family trees at the time of registration. Their family trees are then waiting for them when the registration process is completed.

    The new Family Tree Creation Wizard will help get more people started using OneGreatFamily and increase the number of records available for merging and matching.

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     One Great Genealogy Site Award

    Colonial Ancestors Database

    The Colonial Ancestors Database contains genealogy information and documents about ancestors in the thirteen original colonies. The database contains information about colonial ancestors posted by our visitors. Some of the records contain the email address of the submitter. You can contact the submitter to exchange information.

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