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 OneGreatFamily Update - November 14, 2003

In This Issue:
Building Relationships Using OneGreatFamily

New at OneGreatFamily:
  OneGreatFamily to Attend Senior Technology Showcase
Q&A: Building Relationships Using OneGreatFamily
  In what ways does OneGreatFamily help me find and build relationships in my family tree?
Technical Support: Reverse Engineering Your Family Tree Using Collateral Lines
  How can OneGreatFamily help me find who I am related to?
One Great Genealogy Site Award
  The Free Genealogy Directory
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Site Activity Summary

  • 134,183 new individual merges!
  • 39,312 new individual hints!
  • 55,011 new family merges!
  • 11,819 new family hints!
  • 132 average individual merges per group
  • 30 average individual hints per group
  • 49 average family merges per group
  • 4 average family hints per group

    If you didn't receive a GenMail telling you about new merges in your family tree, your tree wasn't affected by this activity. You may want to add new individuals or information to your family tree to improve the likelihood of matches and merges taking place.
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  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Latest News, Senior Technology Showcase

    OneGreatFamily to Attend Senior Technology Showcase in Salt Lake City Area

    OneGreatFamily has been invited to participate in the Senior Technology Showcase, a conference that will take place on November 20 and 21 at the SouthTown Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. More than 5,000 attendees are expected to learn how to use technology to improve life.

    OneGreatFamily will be located in the exhibit hall and will be providing three scheduled classes on online genealogy Saturday, November 21.

    Those who are interested in receiving training or learning more about OneGreatFamily are invited to stop by.

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     Q&A: Building Relationships Using OneGreatFamily

    In what ways does OneGreatFamily help me find and build relationships in my family tree?

    by Chelsea Beattie - Marketing Manager

    OneGreatFamily is the only genealogy service that makes it possible for all to see how they are related to the rest of humanity. By using OneGreatFamily you are able to connect to the largest family tree online and see relationships build in your family tree. Halvor Moorshead, editor and owner of Famiily Chronicle magazine commented that, "Genealogy has been compared to a jigsaw puzzle with no boundary edges and an unpredictable number of pieces." OneGreatFamily makes it possible for you to find those puzzle pieces (family names) and extend the edges of your puzzle (family tree) by connecting those pieces together.

    OneGreatFamily's service goes beyond the others by not only giving you names of your direct descendants, but by also showing your collateral relatives as well. A collateral relative is a blood relative (or adoptive relative) not in the direct line of ascent, but of the same ancestral family. Cousins are an example of collateral relatives. Because OneGreatFamily is able to display collateral relatives in your family tree, you can see how you are related to "the rest of humanity." Many individuals have been able to trace their family heritage to famous people using OneGreatFamily. OneGreatFamily also offers a fun service that allows you to see family trees of famous people, such as Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, and Elvis Presley. Try it out!

    To find more relationships or start finding relationships through OneGreatFamily, start by entering your family tree or submitting a family tree. OneGreatFamily will automatically identify common ancestors and tie your family's branch into the largest single family tree available online. Before long you will be able to see more of your direct and collateral relatives that have been made available through OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily gives you the ability to build ancetral relationships and can also help you connect with your distant living relatives. When new names are added to your family tree, you can see a list of the others who are also researching these "new" ancestors. The ability to collaborate with distant relatives who share common ancestors is one of the unique features that makes OneGreatFamily a powerful genealogical tool.

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     Technical Support: Reverse Engineering Your Family Tree Using Collateral Lines

    How can OneGreatFamily help me find who I am related to?

    by Ryan Long-Technical Support

    A family tree is a pretty basic concept to understand; two ancestors have children, their children have children, and so forth down to the present day with you and me. Each set of children is what we refer to as a generation. Each generation adds more branches to the tree.

    Your direct ancestral line comes through only one of the children of each of your ancestors. Did you ever stop to think about the descendants of the other children? Not only will you find that many other researchers connect to your same ancestors, but you may even connect to the same ancestor more than once! Depending on how many generations back the common ancestor is, there may be hundreds or thousands of descendants alive today. One may be your neighbor, your friend, or even your spouse!

    When submitting your family tree to OneGreatFamily, make sure to include as many relationships as possible. These relationships provide the primary source of information for OneGreatFamily to be able to match your genealogy with those that have been submitted by others. Accurate dates and places for events, while important, are not as valuable as actual family relationships.

    How do I reverse engineer my family tree?

    Let's start with reverse engineering a smaller family tree to better understand the concept. Suppose your grandparents on your father's side had five children. Being a child to any one of the five children would make you a cousin to the children of any of the other five siblings. The concept of "reverse engineering" your family tree is to look at all of the collateral information that is available in your family tree. Start by tracing your family tree back to a common ancestor (your grandfather in this case). Now, instead of looking at your father and your family, trace the descendancy of one of his siblings.

    With OneGreatFamily, you can easily "Reverse Engineer Your Family Tree" and see just whom you are related to. Collateral lines often help fill gaps with your own direct ancestral line.

    What are the benefits of reverse engineering my family tree?

    Reverse engineering your family tree allows you to find relatives that you otherwise may not have found. Families tend to migrate together, so finding a brother, sister, or cousin of your ancestor may lead to the discovery of records for YOUR direct line ancestor as well. You can also see if any of your direct line ancestors have any famous descendants by tracing the various lines of descendancy. Some of the most exciting relations that you can find are relatives that are still living today!

    When using this technique, don't limit yourself to just your family tree. You may want to reverse engineer the family trees of prominent men and women to see who else you can find using the tree . . . maybe even yourself!

    With OneGreatFamily, not only can you trace these lines to your distant relatives, but you can also communicate with many of them! When you find a living relative, or any ancestor for that matter, you can use the Collaboration feature to get in touch with the submitter.

    For those genealogists who are dedicated to finding their direct ancestors, reverse engineering can also be particularly helpful. While you may be stuck on a certain line, having data on the siblings and children of the ancestor you are looking for can aid in finding data for them.

    Many people enjoy genealogy because of the stories and information they learn about their ancestors. The reverse engineering technique can increase that learning by making it possible to gain knowledge about your "very-extended" family. By knowing about your ancestor's immediate family, you can learn more who they were.

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