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 OneGreatFamily Update - September 19, 2003

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See more ancestral information at OneGreatFamily!

New at OneGreatFamily: Well Received in Orlando
  OneGreatFamily attends FGS conference
Q&A: Available Information on Your Ancestors
  What information is available on my ancestors at OneGreatFamily?
Technical Support: Supporting Religious Events
  Can I view religious events in OneGreatFamily?
One Great Genealogy Site Award
  Your Family Legacy
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Site Activity Summary

  • 235,632 new individual merges!
  • 81,060 new individual hints!
  • 82,649 new family merges!
  • 33,252 new family hints!
  • 147 average individual merges per group
  • 50 average individual hints per group
  • 47 average family merges per group
  • 9 average family hints per group

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    Which of the following genealogy challenges does OneGreatFamily best address?

    Finding others who may be researching common ancestors
    The ability to see the size and shape of a family tree
    Wasting time searching "billions" of duplicate or irrelevant records
    Finding new relevant information based on current research
    Wasting time duplicating research that has already been done
    Other - None of the above

  •  New at OneGreatFamily: Well Received in Orlando

    OneGreatFamily attends FGS conference

    OneGreatFamily attended the annual conference of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) in Orlando earlier this month. Hundreds of avid genealogists stopped by our booth to learn about OneGreatFamily and how the service provides rich, ever-expanding information on genealogy lines.

    Many of those present took special interest in how OneGreatFamily, by matching and merging duplicate information, provides researchers with access to collateral lines of ancestors and descendants. This collateral information is useful to provide migration and relationship clues that help fill gaps in a family tree.

    Those attending the conference were amazed at the ability to view an entire family tree at once and to view all available information for an ancestor without looking up multiple records. Researchers also appreciated the ability to collaborate with others on common ancestors and see who had submitted the data to OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily will be attending many other genealogy conferences in the future. We look forward to meeting more OneGreatFamily members at these conferences.

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     Q&A: Available Information on Your Ancestors

    What information is available on my ancestors at OneGreatFamily?

    by Jim Ericson - Marketing VP

    OneGreatFamily provides access to information that can provide detailed profiles of your ancestors. OneGreatFamily goes beyond names and events to allow members to share biographies, notes, citations, photos, scanned documents, videos, and more.

    Genealogy is more than simply identifying ancestors and their vital information. Genealogy research means learning everything you can about your ancestors. This information can include photos, key documents, written descriptions and biographies. The information can also include significant religious events that go beyond birth and death information.

    All of these information and file types are supported and viewable within OneGreatFamily. When using Genealogy Browser, simply double-click on any individual in your Starfield or Handprint view to see what details are available for your ancestors.

    Several icons that appear on the right side of the "Individual Details" screen provide access to more information related to that individual. These icons, which appear below the icons for hints and conflicts, include notes, biographies, a research log, citations, and multimedia files.

    Clicking on any of these icons will display what others have shared related to the individual. You can also add your own information after clicking on an icon to make your insights available to others.

    If you have selected religious preferences (please refer to the following article below), you will also see corresponding tabs for the preferences you have selected on the "Individual Details" screen.

    Clicking on the "Family Info" box in the handprint view will provide these same options for your selected family. The "Family Details" screen also lets you see available marriage information for the selected family.

    OneGreatFamily has been designed for more than simply holding the names of everyone who has ever lived in one family tree. The service is also intended to let people share all of the important information that helps others understand who these ancestors were, how they lived, and what made them unique.

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     Technical Support: Supporting Religious Events

    Can I view religious events in OneGreatFamily?

    As you research your family, you will find that your ancestors belonged to many different religions. Religious events are important to genealogists because they provide detail about the beliefs of their ancestors and because these events are often the only records by which other information can be inferred or estimated. For example, a christening date often provides the basis on which a birth date may be estimated. The same is true of burial dates for death dates.

    The OneGreatFamily Genealogy Browser offers four unique religious tabs for recording, displaying and researching the religious events in your ancestors' lives. These preferences can be turned on or off using the Settings tab on the User Preferences box. You can access the Settings tab by selecting [User Preferences] from the [File] menu in Genealogy BrowserTM. Currently available religious tabs include Catholic, LDS, Jewish, and Protestant.

    After selecting one or more religious preference, a tab for each religion selected will become visible when editing an individual's information in Genealogy Browser. The edit screen is activated by clicking on the selected individual in the Handprint View or by double-clicking on any other individual in the family tree.

    The Catholic tab offers text fields to record event information for baptism, first communion, confirmation, and last rites. The proper naming of these events will help others know where additional information may be found.

    The Jewish tab features information for barmitzva/batmitzva, circumcision (for males), and religious name information. A checkbox also allows you to highlight if the ancestor was a holocaust victim or survivor.

    The Protestant tab contains date and place information for the baptisms and confirmations of your ancestors.

    The LDS tab makes temple ordinance information available to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These events include baptism, child sealing, and endowments. A "Busy in Temple" marker allows you to alert other members that you are actively doing the temple work for a given ancestor.

    Selecting the LDS preference also provides a user with new icons in Genealogy Browser toolbar. Clicking on the "Qualified for Temple" icon will display temple icons next to ancestors with enough information for processing through TempleReady. Clicking on the "Ordinance Indicator" icon will display green lines where ancestors have been sealed together and square boxes around ancestors whose individual ordinances have been completed. Clicking on the "Export Individuals to GEDCOM" icon will allow you to export a GEDCOM file that only contains those individuals for whom temple work can be completed.

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