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 OneGreatFamily Weekly Update - May 24, 2002

In This Issue:
New Family Group Sheets, Genmail, and More!

New at OneGreatFamily
  Improvements to GenMail Service
  New Family Group Sheet Available
  Interface Enhancements for Hints and Conflicts
Question and Answer
  How can I link to
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Success Story

I am currently trying to do genealogy research . . . and OneGreatFamily is one of the best genealogy sites there is.

John Robertson

OneGreatFamily wants to hear from you. Please send us your success stories and your recommendations for new features.

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Which of the following best describes your experience in researching your family tree?

I am not interested in family history
I have never searched for an ancestor or done any genealogy research, but I'm interested
I have spent some time searching for names online, but I haven't done anything else
I started researching my family tree online and offline within the past year
I started researching my family tree within the past year, but only online
I started researching my family tree online and offline 1-3 years ago
I started researching my family tree 1-3 years ago, but only online
I started researching my family tree online and offline more than three years ago
I started researching my family tree more than three years ago, but only online
I started researching my family tree offline some time ago, but I am new to online research
None of the above

 New at OneGreatFamily

Improvements to GenMail Service

OneGreatFamily continues to work on your genealogy while you are away from the computer. This effort results in matches and merges with other family branches found at GenMail is a free service provided by OneGreatFamily to let you know the results of our ongoing efforts.

OneGreatFamily launched a new "friendlier" version of GenMail earlier this month. The new version provides a summary of what has been happening in your family tree as a result of OneGreatFamily's ongoing efforts. The new version includes the first 20 names of individuals who have been merged. Each merge may result in the addition of new individuals to your family tree and in new collaboration opportunities.

Links are provided in GenMail to a complete report of each individual affected. This report is only available to subscribers.

After a new GenMail is sent, OneGreatFamily starts compiling a list of changes for the next batch of GenMail messages. These messages are now being sent on a weekly basis.

If you have not received a GenMail, you may need to add more information to your personal family tree. Adding information to your family tree provides more potential links to the OneGreatFamily database.

Please look for additional improvements to GenMail soon!

See a Sample Genmail
See a Sample Details Report
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New Family Group Sheet Available

OneGreatFamily is responding to a request we have heard from several customers by providing printable Family Group reports. These reports are now available through Genealogy BrowserTM.

To access the Family Group report, please follow these instructions:
  1. Login to OneGreatFamily and launch Genealogy Browser
  2. Find the family for which you want to create a Family Group report
  3. Click on the "Family Info" button found between the selected individual and the individual's spouse in the Handprint View
  4. Click on the "Family Group" button found on the Family Info dialog box
  5. You will then see the Family Group report for this family. You can then preview and print the Family Group report for your records.
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Interface Enhancements for Hints and Conflicts

You can now access Hints (light bulbs) and Conflicts (lightning bolts) in Genealogy Browser easier than ever. Clicking on these icons from the Handprint View now lets you review the information in question. Prior to this improvement, access to these features was only available after clicking on an individual to view the Individual Details.

A second change to Genealogy Browser expands the area that can be clicked from the Handprint View to include the Individual Header. Previously, clicking on this area provided no action.

We have also made a few wording changes to make the process of reviewing Hints and Conflicts easier to understand. These changes are especially helpful to those who are new to the services and features found at OneGreatFamily.

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 Question and Answer

How can I link to

Linking to OneGreatFamily is simple. Many people have chosen to set OneGreatFamily as the first page they see each time they go on the Internet. Others have chosen to include OneGreatFamily as a bookmark (favorite site) to always have the site easily available. Still others provide links to from a page on the Internet. We'd like to help you link to to provide easy access to this unique resource.

Start or Home Page

You can visit OneGreatFamily automatically each time you go on the Internet by setting as your browser's home page. Here are some simple instructions for those using Internet Explorer:
  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu
  3. Select the "General" tab (usually default)
  4. Enter "/" in the space provided for your Home page
  5. Click on "OK" at the bottom of the dialog box
After making this change, the next time you click your "Home" button or launch Internet Explorer, you will be taken immediately to

Favorite Site

You can also add OneGreatFamily to your list of favorite sites or bookmarks to make the site easily available when you are on the Internet.
  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Go to
  3. Select "Add to Favorites" from the Favorites menu
  4. Choose a name for the favorite, such as and click OK
You can now find in your list of favorites. You can then select the shortcut to at any time from your list of favorite sites.

Web Site Link

You can easily add links to a web page you maintain using HTML code. You can also choose to become an affiliate of This option allows you to receive compensation for referring new subscribers to from your page.

Here's how the affiliate process works:
  1. Visit the Affiliate Program page on
  2. Apply to become an affiliate
  3. Receive your application acceptance
  4. Visit a special page to choose from a number of banners, buttons or text links to include on your web page
  5. Follow the simple instructions to put your links live
That's all there is to it! You can then earn money as you refer your site visitors to

Become an affiliate today!

 One Great Genealogy Site Award

Have Hungarian roots? This site, also called Radix, is dedicated to genealogy research in Hungary. The site provides links for professional research services in Hungary and provides access to a few Hungarian databases as well.

Visit (Radix) to research your Hungarian roots today!
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