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Need some help with your genealogy? is dedicated to gathering the world's genealogy into one human family tree. You may, however, have specific research needs that go beyond the resources currently available within OneGreatFamily.

OneGreatFamily provides you with links to some of the best services available. Each site has been reviewed and selected by OneGreatFamily based on site content and the ability of these sites to fill specific genealogical needs.


"One Great Genealogy Site" Award Winners
One Great Genealogy Site The following sites have received the "One Great Genealogy Site" award from OneGreatFamily. Each week additional sites are chosen to receive this award. Please take a moment to nominate your favorite genealogy site to receive this award by sending an email to
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  • Over 970,000 names are available at Genealogy Today. They continue to add thousands of names every week to both our free and paid databases, which can be searched through our site search. What's great about the (paid) subscription databases, is that you can search the indexes for free, and all of the listings clearly cite the source down to the page number. They also have a free service called Surname Tracker that allows you to register your surnames and our system will send you an email when we find any information on them. To signup, just do a search, or visit
  • The Genealogy Register

    The Genealogy Register: Discover your ancestors with thousands of links to free online census records, passenger lists, vital records, obituaries, military rosters, surname homepages, and more!
  • The Genealogy Home Page

    The Genealogy Home Page boast more than 4,000 links to categorized sites across the Internet. Unlike other genealogy directories, The Genealogy Home Page is simple, clean, and extremely functional. From North American Genealogy to Newsgroups and Mailing Lists, to Genealogical Societies, you're sure to find a link to what you're looking for on The Genealogy Home Page.
  • Genealogy Research Associates

    Since 1985, Genealogy Research Associates has helped people trace, compile, and publish their family histories. Their mission is to simplify the research process, provide practical educational training, preserve primary original documents, and create innovative information technologies. They educate on how to complete your genealogy, help find records, locate professional researchers, and help you get organized.
  • is FREE genealogy database of scanned and transcribed documents containing ancestor's names for your genealogy research. While these are not official genealogical records, or even records that prove relationships, they are documents that provide insight into the everyday lives of your ancestors to enhance your genealogical research.
  • GenealogyPro

    GenealogyPro is the directory with the largest choice of independent genealogy related services and products including: professional genealogists, adoption and missing people researchers, translators, military and historical researchers, heraldry specialists, heir and estate researchers, photographers, and more!
  • is a genealogy topic site hosted by and run by genealogy professional, Kimberly Powell. Kimberly Powell has built a comprehensive environment around genealogy topics, including the best new content available, relevant genealogy links, How-To's, forums, and answers to just about any question you may have about genealogy. March is Women's History Month, which celebrates the accomplishments of famous and ordinary women throughout American history. Visit today to help celebrate the lives of our ancestral and historical women.
  • Many genealogists find that, at some point in their research, all roads lead back to Great Britain. When you need a good resource of UK information, Genealogy Database is a source you'll want to bookmark. The guestbook & testimonials on the main site is evidence its popularity. It's an immense volume of work carried out over several years, and displays excellent site navigation with many FREE databases.
  • Many of us have been caught up in the world of blogs. How many of you have found If you haven't come across this site, created by, you should check it out. It has fun and informative information for genealogists. There is also a nice list of categories for the archived blogs.
  • is a site updated daily with helpful advice, articles, and links all dedicated to the online genealogy sector. Searching for that missing family history fact or just thinking about starting your family tree? It's all here, so search away.
  • is a free genealogy biography database with biographies for your genealogy research. The site also offers links to other online biography sites to help you find your ancestors and surnames. The links directory includes thousands of online biography sites. You will find links to sites with collections that contain numerous biographies in each collection. You will also find links to individual biographies as well. You can search for your ancestors by entering a name or location, or you can see a list of all genealogy biographies in the database. The free genealogy database of biographies is growing rapidly, so check it out today!
  • Need a unique gift for the hardcore genealogist? Have you been searching everywhere for a cross-stitch pattern of your family tree? Do you want to find crafts, prints, games, stickers, and other genealogically themed products and items? Then surf on over to
  • The Free Genealogy Directory

    The Free Genealogy Directory is a site that is building the best list of free genealogy site resources on the Internet. You can research your family tree, locate your ancestors, find genealogy software, and other genealogy resources.
  • Find Your Female Ancestors

    Find Your Female Ancestors: The website,, has a unique section titled, "Find Your Female Ancestors." As many of you may have discovered, female ancestors are often hard to find. Because of name changes and lost marriage records, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to find your female ancestors' lineage. You will find a free genealogy database containing female ancestors submitted by visitors to help find your female ancestors and surnames.
  • is a search tool to help you locate free genealogy databases and transcriptions on the web. You can search by location (country, state, province, county, etc.) or type of record (census, passenger list, marriage, etc.).
  • Family Tree Digest

    Family Tree Digest: Attention! Genealogists and Family Historians! Looking for Tips, Tactics and Up-to-Date News to Simplify Your Research? Our FREE monthly newsletter, Family Tree Digest is just what you need! Every month we have articles covering a wide range of topics: newly-available resources, and research tips and tricks to help you break through those brick walls that arise from time-to-time.
  • The Family History Network

    The Family History Network formerly Everton Publishers, has been serving the needs of genealogists for almost 60 years. FHN is devoted to assisting people through the publication of Family History Magazine formerly the Everton's Genealogical Helper. The Family History Magazine is a bi-monthly instructional periodical that will help you discover your roots by breaking down genealogy into three distinct areas: researching vital statistics, gathering related details and the preservation of life's stories.
  • Family Tree DNA

    Family Tree DNA is a site that offers DNA testing to make genealogy discoveries. The site boasts more than 500 family projects with more than 2000 family names and provides a list of ways DNA can help in genealogy. Genealogy by genetics is the greatest addition to Genealogy since the creation of the Family Tree! The value of Family Tree DNA testing is our ability to help find "Genetic Cousins" by comparing the results of as few as two people.
  • - Summer is a perfect time to get together for a fun family reunion. Visit the web's most popular family reunion planning website. They offer such resources as planning software, a FREE newsletter, links to other reunion sites, and books that offer planning ideas. If you are planning a reunion, you can also announce it in their FREE reunion registry, or you can check to see if your family has already announced a reunion. Family-reunions are a great way to communicate with your family about your genealogy, so start planning your family reunion today with!
  • Families Reunited

    Families Reunited is the number one site to reunite with members of your family who you have lost contact with, or have yet to meet. Do you have relatives who you have never met or have lost contact with? Have you ever wondered where they are? Just think, you might have a whole new family you never knew you had. So if you are looking for members of your family where better to start looking than here at families Reunited. We can help you to find your relatives using our advanced database search features.
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