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Need some help with your genealogy? is dedicated to gathering the world's genealogy into one human family tree. You may, however, have specific research needs that go beyond the resources currently available within OneGreatFamily.

OneGreatFamily provides you with links to some of the best services available. Each site has been reviewed and selected by OneGreatFamily based on site content and the ability of these sites to fill specific genealogical needs.


"One Great Genealogy Site" Award Winners
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  • National Genealogical Society

    In honor of the NGS conference held next week we would like to feature the National Genealogical Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1903, is the premier national society for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced family historian. The National Genealogical Society is a dynamic and growing membership of individuals and other groups from all over the country-and the world-that share a common love of the field of genealogy. Whether you're a beginner, a professional or somewhere in between, NGS can assist you in your research into the past.

    The rich melting pot of ethnic diversity that is the United States includes countless personal histories just waiting to be re-discovered. NGS can be your portal to this endeavor with its ever growing selection of research services, educational offerings, premier annual conference, member services, and numerous books and publications. NGS has something for everyone!

    GenealogyBank supplies individuals interested in family history research with over 300 years of U.S. newspapers, government documents and other historical records in all 50 states. GenealogyBank contains over 224 million family history records including obituaries, birth, marriage, death notices and much more.

    With over 4,300 U.S. newspapers from all 50 states, GenealogyBank is the fastest growing newspaper archive for family history research.

    Newspapers from the 1600s to the present day offer over 27 million obituaries and more than 115 million articles. Each article is a single digital image that can be printed and preserved for family scrapbooks.

    ·  GenealogyBank can be found at:

  • Roots & Routes

    Roots & Routes is about family history, heritage travel and more. Our idea is to use the cultural connections, great migrations, settlements and symbolic landscapes of North America to inform these popular avocations and make them more meaningful.

    ROOTS & ROUTES offers:

    • "do it yourself" heritage theme tour maps and links
    • public history events listings
    • cultural connections
    • family history "how to" info
    • educational resources
    • conservation and preservation success stories
    • grassroots reportage and contributions

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    This website offers free access to many Every Name Indexes for county histories, vintage yearbooks, directories, and other similar publications.  

    Putting together an Every Name Index is no small task involving many hours of preparation. My Every Name Indexes are uniquely cross-referenced specifically with the genealogist in mind to record even the most minor reference to an individual or surname.

    Visit the Free Databases for access to Every Name Indexes for Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. New databases and states are added frequently so check back often to see what is new!

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    GenealogyPro is the directory with the largest choice of independent genealogy related services and products including: professional genealogists, adoption and missing people researchers, translators, military and historical researchers, heraldry specialists, heir and estate researchers, photographers, and more!

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  •, a free genealogy old photograph archive of old pictures of people and places.  Search our collection or browse through the surname index or the newly added photos section, below.  You'll find over 20,000 old photographs, representing over 36,500 surnames and thousands of families, maybe even yours.  Add your family's photographs - known or unknown and make connections with relatives and long lost cousins.

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  • Ancestral Findings

    Ancestral Findings provides a large genealogy database that allows individuals to look someone up by birth records, land records, state records, death records, census records, military records, marriage records, family trees, passenger/immigration records, and more! This site will provide two free searches per day. Free Databases are also available.

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  • Canadian Genealogy Centre

    Do you have Canadian Ancestors? If so you should visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre to discover information about your Canadian roots and family history.

    The site contains passenger lists, Canadian censuses, western land grants, WWI service files, marriage, employment and divorce records. There is a wealth of information at this website.

  • JMK Genealogy Gifts

    JMK Genealogy Gifts has unique merchandise, clothing & gift ideas for everyone with an interest in genealogy & family history. Genealogy has a culture, humor and sense of community all its own. Finding a gift for someone lucky enough to be part of the genealogy community can be difficult. From humor and quotations to the inspirational and weird - we have it covered! So go on, find the perfect genealogy gift for yourself, a friend or a loved one. Genealogy themed presents : t-shirts, mugs, buttons, tote bags and more. Serving customers in 11 countries across 6 continents.

  • GenAnswers

    GenAnswers is a brand new free genealogy question and answer community web site that allows people to find anwers to their genealogy related questions share their knowledge with other members by answering questions. Gen Answers relies on the input of its members to ask and answer questions. To encourage participation and give credit for the best answers, GenAnswers awards points for actions you take. You can't buy anything with your points, but they do allow show everyone how much you have contributed to GenAnswers.

  • AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African American genealogy, to researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular and to genealogical research and resources in general. It is also an African Ancestry research community featuring the AfriGeneas mail list, the AfriGeneas message boards and daily and weekly genealogy chats. AfriGeneas provides resources, leadership, promotion and advocacy for the mutual development and use of a system of genealogy for researching African related ancestry.


    Many of us have been caught up in the world of blogs. How many of you have found If you haven't come across this site you should check it out. It has fun and informative information for genealogists. There is also a nice list of categories for the archived blogs. Genealogy Blog was started in 2003 as a place for genealogists to come and find the best the Internet has to offer for genealogists.

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  • Ancestor Genealogy Photo Archive

    Ancestor Genealogy Photo Archive

    Ancestor Genealogy Photo Archive is a free genealogy database of family photos containing online vintage photographs. Many of these photos have been submitted by our visitors to help you find your ancestors and surnames. Others were found in antique stores and flea markets, and posted here in hopes of reuniting them with family members. Your ancestors could be among these genealogy photos.

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    Newspaper's goal is to become your complete resource for family history research using newspapers. Our site continues to grow with an average of over 900 new items added each month and currently contains over 70,000 abstracts and extracts from historical newspapers. These articles range in size from a single entry to an entire newspaper issue, all provided by site visitors and made available to you free of charge.  This database continues to grow with the daily submission of news items by site visitors like you.  Please visit "Submit an Article or Link" to learn how you can contribute your news items.

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    Ultimate Tributes is today's answer to archiving the memories of our loved ones. Your archive is custom designed by you and can include photos, poems, stories and news clippings. You owe it to your future generation to provide insight into the character, personality and accomplishments of their family members. Our core product is our "ultimate tribute memorial site" and it is basically a digital version of a scrapbook or photo album you have cherished through the years.

    We connect family, friends and generations by memorializing the life, history and spirit of those that have gone before us.

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  • is a helpful resource for genealogists. There is so much free information on the internet that it's becoming very complex to find your ancestors. is a site that categorizes and organizes genealogical information.

    Even looking beyond genealogy, Linkpendium is one of the largest human-edited directories to resources on the Web. The Linkpendium collection includes 8,631,057 links specialized to genealogical information.

    The links are divided into two collections. There is a 7,660,180 link surname collection, categorized by almost a half-million surnames from around the globe. There is also an American locality collection, categorized by the American counties and similar geographical entities.

    On average, 100,000 links are added each month. Check out to see if you can find any of your ancestors in this extensive genealogy directory.

    Visit Today!

  • is a unique online repository designed to help researchers find and document cemetery records AND maps. Interactive maps that show each grave's location allow the visitor to visualize families, and fill in the missing pieces to the family puzzle.

    We encourage you to contribute to by inviting your local cemetery to participate, by using the on-line mapping tools to add smaller cemeteries, and by sharing photos and other information with the online community.

    We hope will help provide you with the answers you seek.


  • is a great starting point for everyone who wants to learn more about their family's history and further their family tree. With countless of hours of their own research and investigating, they have come up with some of the best resources and solutions to enhance your ancestry research.

    The main goal of is to provide our visitors with useful information and first-class genealogy resources. By including a Forum on the site, we hope that genealogy enthusiasts from all walks of life will get to know each other and assist one another on their amazing journeys through history.


  • The Mayflower Society

    More than one hundred years ago, a group of descendants of the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, saw the need for a national society to honor their memory. The intention was to remember these Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony, in what was then called the northern part of Virginia.

    Today there are tens-of-millions of individuals descended from these brave souls. It is the goal of The Mayflower Society to join together people who share this heritage and to carry on the memory of our Pilgrim ancestors.

    If you are interested in in becoming a member of The Mayflower Society, please visit
  • JewishGen


    JewishGen is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide. Its most popular components are the JewishGen Discussion Group, the JewishGen Family Finder (a database of 400,000 surnames and towns), the comprehensive directory of InfoFiles, ShtetLinks for over 200 communities, and a variety of databases such as the ShtetlSeeker and Jewish Records Indexing-Poland. JewishGen's online Family Tree of the Jewish People contains data on over two million people.

    Created to assist those researching their Jewish ancestry and based on the concept of free sharing of information, JewishGen is staffed primarily by volunteers. To learn more about what JewishGen offers anyone researching Jewish ancestry, we invite you to explore


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