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Need some help with your genealogy? is dedicated to gathering the world's genealogy into one human family tree. You may, however, have specific research needs that go beyond the resources currently available within OneGreatFamily.

OneGreatFamily provides you with links to some of the best services available. Each site has been reviewed and selected by OneGreatFamily based on site content and the ability of these sites to fill specific genealogical needs.


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  • Genealogy Research Associates

    Since 1985, Genealogy Research Associates has helped people trace, compile, and publish their family histories. Their mission is to simplify the research process, provide practical educational training, preserve primary original documents, and create innovative information technologies. They educate on how to complete your genealogy, help find records, locate professional researchers, and help you get organized.

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    Four out of ten Americans have an ancestor who came through Ellis Island - that is a lot of people! More than 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Information about each person was written down in ships' passenger lists, known as "manifests." Manifests were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States. Now you can search these millions of records for information on individual Ellis Island passengers by visiting

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  • Nationwide Gravesite Locator

    Nationwide Gravesite Locator (Sponsored by the US Department of Veterans Affiars) is a website where you can search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in VA National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker.

    The Nationwide Gravesite Locator includes burial records from many sources. These sources provide varied data; some searches may contain less information than others. Information on veterans buried in private cemeteries was collected for the purpose of furnishing government grave markers, and we do not have information available for burials prior to 1997.

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  • Family Tree University

    Family Tree University, brought to you by the publishers of Family Tree Magazine, makes learning how to trace your family tree fun and rewarding. You can complete lessons on your own schedule within your class session (usually four weeks). In each class, you'll get guidance from an experienced instructor and be able to interact with other students. You'll complete exercises that will help you make new discoveries about your family's past. And you'll have access to a library of resources and how-to material to expand your knowledge during and after the class.

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  • Genealogy Tip of the Day

    One of the best Genealogy Blogs I've seen lately is which is written by Michael John Neill who is also known for his website Casefile Clues.

    His blog gives you short but very informative and interesting tips each day. The tips give you something to think about, maybe something you have not thought about before.

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  • Encyclopedia of Genealogy

    The Encyclopedia of Genealogy is a free-content encyclopedia created by its readers and it available to everyone, free of charge. The Encyclopedia of Genealogy serves as a compedium of genealogical tools and techniques. It provides reference information about everything in genealogy except people. The encyclopedia provides explanations of terms found in genealogy research, including obsolete medical and legal terms. It will describe locations where records may be found. It will also describe how to research Italian, German, Polish, French-Canadian, Jewish, Black, Indian and other ancestors.

    The Encyclopedia of Genealogy will serve as your standard genealogy reference manual. The Encycopedia of Genealogy is sponsored by Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (

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  • is a directory of online death indexes listed by state and county. Included are death records, death certificate indexes, death notices & registers, obituaries, probate indexes, and cemetery & burial records. You can also find information here about searching the Social Security Death Index online.

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  • Cinnamon Toast Genealogy

    Research your surname or find records by region, record type, or religion at CinnamonToast Genealogy. This site is an excellent resource for genealogy records and information available online.

    The site provides visitors with 9921 links to other sites and contains links or information on more than 153,000 surnames.

    Take some time to enjoy the site's genealogy explorer search functionality or submit your own genealogy website to its growing index.

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    If you are looking for news and genealogy events, visit They have a calendar of Family History Expos all around the United Sates as well as a Blog, Podcast and Videos taken at previous FamilyExpos.

    The website also has many tools, information and links to help you with your genealogy. The owners of are dedicated to helping you find your ancestors.

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  • Blue Monocle Photos

    Blue Monocle Photos specializes in producing high-quality modern photographic prints of histrocial photographs of cities, towns, landscapres, and more. Most of our prints mainly come from the period of 1860-1930.

    Old photographs are a wonderful window into our history showing those places most important and interesting to us: our towns, our ancestry, and our common heritage. Visit Blue Monocle Photos to see historical photographs of the places where you live and learn about what life was like for your ancestors.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. is a free, searchable database containing over 90,000 Genealogy Photo Records for you to search for FREE. Post your own family photos to share and help solve photo mysteries. is a web site devoted to helping you visualize your heritage!

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  • My Ancestry Guide: The Complete Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry

    New genealogy e-book that will teach you the secrets to successful genealogy research!

    Readers of this e-book will find the information and the resources that are needed to begin your family tree or for the seasoned genealogist to provide the guidance needed to find even the allusive ancestor. Genealogy is the research of ancestors and included in that research should be how they lived, what their religious views were, what they did for a living and other information about this person that was a member of your family so far in the past.

    My Ancestry Guide: The Complete Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry is filed with the information to help the genealogist find the places they might have missed when looking for the allusive ancestor, such as ancestors that went west in search of gold or the child that was left an orphan and is under the radar for the normal census research.

    Even experienced genealogists need to refresh their research knowledge from time to time and this is an e-book that will do just that. My Ancesry Guide: The Complete Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry has the topics that are easily forgotten by the experienced genealogist and ones that will provide the person new to researching their family tree with the tips to get them off to a great beginning.

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    The heart of the history of any New England town can be found in its cemeteries. is a collection of photographs and historical information of colonial cemeteries and gravestones of New England in southern Maine, southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts.

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    A team of professional genealogists with experience, knowledge and access to billions of records is ready to assist you in United States, Canadian and European research! We conduct family history and genealogy research in archives across the world, including the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Our staff of full-time specialists is well-versed in the record collections of archives across the world. We know which records are readily available and which will best meet your research goals. ProGenealogists specializes in researching and documenting family histories, including: immigration, European origins, Canadian origins, lineage societies, United States colonial research, and Medieval British research. We can also help with detailed and thorough genealogy record searches, too.

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    Summer is a perfect time to get together for a fun family reunion. Visit the web's most popular family reunion planning website - They offer such resources as planning software, a FREE newsletter, links to other reunion sites, and books that offer planning ideas. If you are planning a reunion, you can also announce it in their FREE reunion registry, or you can check to see if your family has already announced a reunion. Family-reunions are a great way to communicate with your family about your genealogy, so start planning your family reunion today with!

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  • Yesteryear Memories

    A photograph captures a special moment in your family history. Don't let it fade away. As experts in our field of digital photo restoration, photo retouching and photo enhancement services our main focus is to ensure that those special memories or moments preserved in time, remain more than just paper and chemicals.

    When you place your trust - and your photographs - into our hands, you can rest assured that we will treat your memories with the same care and attention to detail that we would apply to our own. At Yesteryear Memories, our clients benefit from our industry expertise, personalized attention, and the sense of ownership we apply to each enhancement, photo restoration, or digital retouching project. Click here for a free, no-obligation price quote.

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    If you're a passionate genealogist, chances are that you've visited a cemetery or two. is of tremendous value to genealogists because it's a website devoted to publishing cemetery records and materials.

    These vast resources are compiled from government agencies or submitted by site visitors, and can help to locate burial grounds all over the globe. If you need help tracing your family history, or just want to learn something about cemeteries in general, we highly recommend

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  • Genealogy Today

    Genealogy Today has been publishing unique information and offering innovative services since 1999. The regular columns and articles provide free guidance for those just getting started, and the newsletter and databases offer value to more experienced visitors.

    Genealogy Today has been committed to keeping genealogists informed of the latest resources and research techniques. Year after year, the site has expanded the information in its searchable databases and local genealogy directory.

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  • is designed to provide consumers with an easily accessible marketplace for large-format wall hangings, placing special emphasis on personalized genealogy charts and photos reproduced on canvas. You can accent your home decor with stunning, full-color, genealogy charts filled with family photos, or showcase your professionally printed genealogy charts and make copies for your family members for family reunions.

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  • is a site where you can search High School & College Yearbooks, Graduation Programs, Reunion Booklets, Class Rolls, Alumni Lists, School Photos & Memorabilia. Browse the collection by state or type the surname you're looking for into the search box at top right.

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