Your new connection device...

In order for you to interface with thousands of other users on the same ancestors, OneGreatFamily has developed special genealogy communication tools. These unique tools are used on the Internet and are all part of the "Genealogy BrowserTM."

Think of it as a connection device, like a phone, that provides a link between you and other users.

"They say some day all the software we will ever use will be on the Internet rather than in our PC's. This philosophy has just become a reality for the genealogical community., is the next step - possibly the ultimate step - in placing family trees on the Internet."
  -Gary Mokotoff (Avotaynu - Jewish Genealogy)

When you view your genealogy at OneGreatFamily, you will find little icons in your pedigree. Understanding what the icons mean is like understanding how to use your telephone.

Here's how it works.

ConflictsExclamation points will connect you with other people you've never met who are working on the same line you're working on! An exclamation point appears when someone else's record was a 99% + match with your record and both have been merged together to eliminate duplication.


Gen-BulbsLight bulbs are like emails of distant cousins who are waiting to be contacted. A light bulb will appear when your data is a possible match with someone else's information but was not automatically merged.


Gen-BoltsLightning bolts appear (without the fire and smoke) when your information on an ancestor conflicts with someone else's information on the same person. One of you may have an incorrect birth or death date and the other may have the original birth certificate.


Note: When you click on any of these icons in your pedigree you will be able to view the other's record including any notes, research, citations and multimedia that may be connected with it and will be able to "collaborate" (via email) with each user.

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