Genealogy Research

You can access the genealogy research that others have already done on YOUR family tree! (For heaven's sake... don't waste your time starting from scratch!)

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. Yet, as genealogy has become the #1 hobby on the Internet, thousands of new comers like you are starting from scratch because they don't know where to find the genealogy that has already been done.

There is a solution.

It is so simple that you actually learned before you started school... it's called SHARING.

You have just discovered a powerful genealogy database that is shared and built by people like you all over the world.

Every single name, date, place, picture, biography and video clip has been submitted by people like you. In fact, the database started without a single name. and today, users in over 80 countries have submitted over 21 million names.

And we've only just begun!

So what does a "shared" worldwide database mean to you???

It means someone else may have already entered tens or even hundreds of your ancestors.


Why You Will Love OneGreatFamily
  1. Genealogy Research: You can access the genealogy research that others have already done! (Why reinvent the wheel?)
  2. Genealogy Search: You can search for ALL of your ancestors . ALL of the time! We work for you even while you are sleeping.
  3. Genealogy Experience: You can easily collaborate with family and meet distant cousins.
  4. Family Tree Software: You can build your own family tree online . in 10 minutes!