Maria Theresa Habsburg-Lotharingen
Birth date:
1 NOV 1773
Birth place:
, , ,
Death date:
  29 MAR 1832
Death place:
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Habsburg-Lotharingen Family

Father: Frederick Ferdinand Duke of Modena
Mother: Mary Beatrice d'Este of Modena
Spouse: Victor Emmanuel I King of Sardinia
Jospeh Franz of Modena
Maria Theresa Habsburg-Lotharingen
Josepha Habsburg-Lotharingen
Leopoldine Habsburg-Lotharingen
Francis IV Duke of Modena
Ferdinand Habsburg-Lotharingen
Maximilian Hoch Habsburg-Lotharingen
Antonie Habsburg-Lotharingen
Karl Ambrosius Grand Primas of Hungary
Marie Ludovika Habsburg
Maria-Beatrice-Victoire-Josaphine of Sardinia
Maria Theresa Princess of Sardinia
Maria-Anne-Caroline-Pie of Sardinia
Christine of Sardinia