Ferdinando Iii Gd of Tuscany
Birth date:
6 MAY 1769
Birth place:
Florence, , ,
Death date:
  18 JUN 1824
Death place:
  Florence, , ,

Gd of Tuscany Family

Father: Leopold Ii King of Hungary
Mother: Marie Louise of Spain
Spouse: Luisa Maria of Two Sicilies
Maria Theresia of Austria
Franz I Emperor of Austria
Ferdinando Iii Gd of Tuscany
Maria Anna Abbess of Theresian
Karl Ludwig Duke of Teschen
Alexander Leopold Capt-Gen of Hungary
Albrecht Johann of Austria
Maximilian Johann of Austria
Joseph Anton Capt-Gen of Hungary
Marie Klementine of Austria
Anton Viktor Viceroy of Lombardo-
Maria Amalia of Austria
Johann Baptist Jose Vicar of the Empire
Rainer Joseph Joha Viceroy Lombardo-Ven
Ludwig Joseph Gen Field Marshal
Rudolf Johann Joseph Prince Archbishop
Leopoldo Ii Gd of Tuscany
Maria Theresia of Tuscany