Eleanor Rose Conway
Birth date:
9 JAN 1731
Birth place:
Port Conway, Caroline, Virginia, United States
Death date:
  11 FEB 1829
Death place:
  Montpelier, Orange, Viriginia, United States

Conway Family

Father: Robert Garrett
Mother: Rebecca Catlett
Spouse: James Madison
Eleanor Rose Conway
Betty Garrett
Constance Garrett
Bryan Garrett
Sarah Garrett
Sarah Garrett
Winfred Garrett
Ann Good Garrett
Thomas Garrett
Frances Henry Garrett
Betsy Garrett
John Garrett
Catlett Garrett
Patsy Garrett
Mary Garrett
Stephen Garrett
William Garrett
William Garrett
John Garrett
of the Usa Madison James
Sarah Catlett MaDison
Francis Madison
Reuben Madison
William Madison
Nellie Conway Madison
Eli Madison
Frances Taylor Madison
Elizabeth Madison
Molly Madison
James Lyle
Madison William
Elizabeth Madison
Frances Madison
Eleanor Conway Madison
Fnu Madison
Mary Frances Madison
James Madison
Catlett Madison
Ambrose Madison
Elizabeth Madison