Anne Howard
Birth date:
ABT 1341
Birth place:
Wiggenhall, Norfolk, , England
Death date:
  AFT 1397
Death place:
  Fairlight, Susex, , England

Howard Family

Father: Robert Howard
Spouse: Robert Pashley
Alexander III King of Scotland
2nd Baron Monthermer Monthermer Thomas
Margaret Ap Jorwerth
Thomas De Montheimer
Helen of Wales
Helen of Wales
Gladys Verch Llewellyn Prss North Wales
Gwladus Ddu
Clare Elizabeth De Clare
Isolt de Mortimer
Mary De Monthermer
Thomas Montherner
Edward Monthermer
Helen Verch Llewelyn
Margred Verch Llewelyn Wales
Angharad Verch Llewelyn
Gwenllian Verch Llewelyn
David\Dafydd Ii Ap Llewelyn
Margaret Verch Llewellyn
Robert Howard
Anne Howard
Robert Pashley