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What Is An OGFN?

Every individual in OneGreatFamily's database has a unique number to identify them. We refer to that number as an OGFN, which simply stands for "OneGreatFamily Number". With an OGFN you can always immediately return to the specific individual within the database.

The easiest place to find a person's OGFN is by looking in the Selected Individual box in the Handprint, as shown here:

A good tip to know about OGFNs is that you can also copy and paste them out of the Details For: box. To do so, simply click on the Selected Individual. The Details For box for that person will open. One of the fields is labeled I-OGFN (which stands for Individual OneGreatFamily Number). You can double-click on the 9 digit number in the box to select it, type CTRL-C to copy the number. It is a good practice to copy and paste the number instead of writing it down because with 9 digits it is very easy to make a mistake.
You can use the OGFN in several other places within Genealogy Browser:

1. As an option to upload information by "Using Known OGFN."

2. Next to the name of every Anchor on your "Select Anchor" screen.
3. As you mouse over any individual in your Starfield.
4. Each time you manually add an individual you have the option to "add an existing individual" by using an OGFN.

OGFN's are helpful when sharing information with others. When you upload information using an OGFN you get both the information on the individual the number represents, and all of the ancestry and descendancy that is available on the individual.

Note: Uploading information using OGFN's is only available to subscribers. User settings must be set on "Advanced" in the Genealogical Expertise Level.

Try It Out
Enter 501695521 in the "Use Known OGFN" field on the "Select Anchor" screen after you login to Genealogy Browser.

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