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  • How to Include More Than One Spouse for an Individual

    Do you have people in your family who have been married more than once? If so, you will want to make sure that you record all of their marriages, especially if they have children from each marriage. You will want to do this to make sure the children are recorded under the correct marriage. To add an additional spouse you will first want to go to Genealogy BrowserT. Here is how to get there:

    Go to and login with your username and password. Next, select the Family Dashboard tab. On the Family Dashboard page you will see a picture of a family. Adjacent to them are 2 gray boxes, the second one says Advanced Tree Editor. Click on Advanced Tree Editor. This will launch Genealogy Browser.

    Once Genealogy Browser has launched, make sure the person you want to add an additional spouse for is in the individual box. You will see the first spouse in the spouse box. Click the down arrow next to the spouse and click on "select here to add a spouse."

    You will then be able to add the spouse and the marriage information. When the correct parents are in the selected individual and spouse boxes, you may then add their children.

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  • Family Info Box: Add Marriage Info

    The Family Info box is located in the Handprint in Genealogy Browser. It is located between the Selected Individual box and the Spouse box.

    When you click on <<Family Info>>, a new window will open that contains the information for that family. This is where you can enter information relating to the family, such as the date of the marriage. From here you can also create a family group sheet by clicking the Family Group button. When you do a new window will open with the Family Group sheet.

    By clicking on the Collaborate button you can see who else has contributed information about the family and contact them to share information. By simply selecting a group and then clicking on a name, you will be able to e-mail them and begin working together to build your family tree.

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