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  • OneGreatFamily Will Save You Time

    OneGreatFamily Can Speed Up Your Research!

    With all of our busy schedules we don't have much time in the day to do the things we really like to do, such as spending time with those we love. Working on our genealogy is something we often can't spend as much time on as we would like because of other obligations. So when we do have a few moments to spend, it is important that we be as efficient as possible. Using traditional research techniques is essential, yet much time can be saved if we can see the work that others have already done. We save time in not pursuing dead ends already explored, or in focusing on pursuing evidence for a lead someone else uncovered. OneGreatFamily was created to make researching as efficient as possible, saving time and money.

    OneGreatFamily searches for ALL your ancestors ALL the time. It identifies leads for both new ancestors as well as additional information about known ancestors. And it helps you zoom right in to focus on those leads. This process saves YOU hours or even years of time!

    To get started all you have to do is submit what you already know about your family tree. You can either provide us with a GEDCOM file or enter the information you have in Genealogy BrowserT. Include as many relationships as you can, even aunts and uncles. With more than 280 million names already submitted and between one and three million new names being submitted each month, you are sure to find research leads on your ancestors at OneGreatFamily . . . in the near future, if not today.

    Once your family tree is submitted, an automatic review process looks at each individual in your family tree and begins searching for individuals that are identical within OneGreatFamily. When OneGreatFamily identifies that two ancestors match, this means new information becomes available to you . . . on a specific ancestor or even an entire branch of your family tree! A match with someone else's data also provides a point for further collaboration within OneGreatFamily.

    OneGreatFamily also makes your own searching more efficient by identifying and merging away duplicate family trees and individuals. You don't need to spend hours wading through copies of the same family tree fragments submitted by dozens or hundreds of different people. OneGreatFamily presents you with a largely de-duplicated version of an individual or a family tree fragment, including conflicting vital information, alternate spellings, notes, sources and other important clues.

    OneGreatFamily also saves you time by allowing distant relatives to help each other grow their family trees through collaboration.

    So take the first step to efficiently working on your genealogy by first submitting your family tree. Remember, OneGreatFamily is working all the time, even when you can't!

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  • You Can Find Your Ancestors Even If You Are On A Budget can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Remember that an annual subscription to OneGreatFamily has an effective cost of only $6.67 per month provides you with three valuable services:

    1. Access to hundreds of millions of user submitted records combined into the largest single family tree available

    OneGreatFamily includes access to hundreds of millions of user submitted ancestors , many with corresponding events, sources, notes, photos, biographies, and other supporting data, with about  200,000 more ancestors submitted every week by genealogists from all over the world . Don't waste time and money sifting through billions of names to find your ancestors before you see what information is available for your ancestors on

    2. Powerful collaboration tools

    OneGreatFamily automatically indentifies ancestors you have in common with other genealogists, and highlights any differences in vital record or evidence information so that you can zoom in and easily review the differences.  Just by clicking a button, you can contact other genealogists to compare notes, review evidence, etc.

    Online collaboration can help you save hundreds of dollars on correspondence, photocopies, and other expenses. Documents, photos, and other information can be stored electronically on OneGreatFamily or sent to distant family members you meet on OneGreatFamily via email.

    3. Access to premium family tree software and your personal Family Dashboard

    Genealogy Browser is a full featured PC-based genealogy program that is included with your subscription.  It handles all the basics of entering, editing, sourcing and printing your genealogy data.  But it also has several unique capabilities not found in any other genealogy program, especially the Starfield view which allows you to view an entire pedigree tree on one screen.  Genealogy Browser is the best tool for viewing a family tree on the market today.

    Family Dashboard is a unique web-based interface that works together with Genealogy Browser to allow you to drill into your genealogy data in unique ways.  For example, quickly view all your ancestors with no identified parents, or all your ancestors born in France, or all your ancestors with one surname.  You can also view migration charts to identify the birth locations for a family line or identify ancestors that are missing vital record information.

    Both Genealogy Browser and Family Dashboard are included with your subscription.  You don't have to give up your current software to use these tools.  GEDCOM export will make it fast and easy to move your data from your current software to OneGreatFamily.  And you can do it every time you make a change in your current software.

    Finally, you never lose access to Genealogy Browser or Family Dashboard.  Even if you don't renew your subscription, you will still be able to use these powerful tools so you don't have to worry about stranding your data.

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“...One person can't possibly do all of the work alone. They need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service...”
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